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Lindsay Lohan -- Coming to an Inbox Near You

8/13/2010 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Do you or someone you know love Lindsay Lohan so much you'd like to email her around as a virtual gift to your friends? Then boy are you in luck!


Eight days before she checked into jail, LiLo shot a series of Facebook videos for a company called Cameo Stars. The "celebrity messages" (which went live at midnight) come in several varieties -- such as Happy Birthday, Message to the Troops ... and the "Casual Poke."

It's a Facebook term, get your mind out of the gutter!


No Avatar


When is enough is enough of Lindsay?

1475 days ago


You are so right Mightymad....
She could have done much better for herself.

1475 days ago


That's pretty sad. If she had any career at all left, she wouldn't be taking such pathetic jobs.

1475 days ago


Wow, she is going all B-list.

1475 days ago


This wh***s mother is on the TODAY Show blaming everyone for her daughters troubles! What a flippin' moron! No blame on LiLo's part it's the judge, the internet, the tabloids and the day of the week! The Judge played "hardball" yeah and your point? She committed a CRIMINAL offense! Served 14 of 90 day prison sentence. It is blatantly apparant that part - "a BIG part" - of the problem IS her media hungry parents! The whole family should be locked up!!!

1475 days ago


Lindsay Lohan should be required to serve the same number of day as a normal person. Just because she is an entertainer(???), doesn't mean anything. Her mother thinks she was hard balled by the judge. I commend the judge for taking a stance. We have too many people thinking because they have money that they are above the law. Dinah Lohan needs to understand that when you party with your children you give them them the idea that it is ok. As a parent you should be setting an example for your children. I thinK Lindsey should have served the entire 90 days in jail. I*f the judge had not sentenced her to 90 days in rehab, she would be out doing the same thing getting drunk, driving, and god knows what else. She needs to be an adult and take responsible for her action. She is not going to change until she hurts or kills someone. Hopefully she gets it. Some how I doubt she will get it until something serious happens.

1475 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

LMFAO. What's next, sex toy info-mercials?

"Hi, I'm Lindsay Lohan here to tell you all about the new 'BUZZ 3000', the only vibe that has a kick start and backup deep cycle battery for ALL NIGHT fun! Sam & I swear by it!"

1475 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

What's on her feet? They look like garbage bags. F'ugly.

1475 days ago


I wouldn't buy anything that has Lindsay Lohan's face on it. It's like feeding the fat cow money she doesn't deserve. She won't even make it to the B list, she'll be all the way down at the "D" list with the rest of the losers.

1475 days ago


once the greeting thing takes off, it might be good. for those that still love and admire Lindsey. I would have her dress sexier and less though. my opinion.

1475 days ago

Chillidog Phil    

Cool ♥

1475 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Pretty darn cute! Hey, she should be on Dancing With the Stars! Now THAT would be interesting, AND it would definitely develop her inner character!

1475 days ago


She is very cute. More importantly she is very talented as an actor. She'll be back making feature films as soon as she gets out.

1475 days ago


Why won't she just start escorting. She can get top rates: 2K an hour, 10K a night. she is already a celebrity whore just get it over with and drink seed for money. its not like she doesn't do it for access now.

1475 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

Yeah whatever, go away you gravel voiced hag! Enjoy your post jail dry out in the nut ward!

1475 days ago
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