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Slater's Emergency Beer -- Twice in a Blue Moon

8/14/2010 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the secret identity of the two beer bottles Steven Slater allegedly grabbed right before he activated the emergency slide and made his heroic escape -- Blue Moon.


According to multiple eyewitnesses, Slater swiped the two BMs during his theatrical departure on Monday -- the newest brew on the airline's in-flight beer list.

The bottles usually go for about $6 on board -- but we're guessing Slater got a very special employee discount.


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"Heroic escape"? Please! Stop using any form of the word hero in connection with this douche.

1494 days ago

Don't Question Authority!!!    

That figures, Blue Moon is a chicks beer.

1494 days ago


I will have to agree with BIGMONEYBLEZZY TMZ DOES SUCK I GO TO RADAR ONLINE MORE OFTEN THAN HERE WHO CARES ABOUT MEL GIBSON AND LINDSY LOHAN ? How many BULL**** stories do you have to report? but Max is why I watch TMZ for, he should be on camera More not Harvey ( pass the matza Balls ) Levin oh yeah its his show forgot but put Max on MORE!

1494 days ago

Hugh Jass    

that the robinson's family cat had kittens is very important to them and to all cats concerned

1494 days ago


So f'in sick of this dumb ass story. Who gives a f*ck about this drama queen. I hope he gets sexually assaulted in prison for making me see these damn articles about him every day. For some reason the TMZ staff writers are obsessed over this nobody but it doesn't seem like most of the viewers give a damn. Shut the f*ck up about this bi*ch already.

1494 days ago


I think he should be jailed and fined. jet blue should have gotten rid of his sorry ass years ago.

1494 days ago


At last count about 70% of those polled, at the NY Times website, believe he is too much of a liability to be a stewardess again.

Theft should be added to the charges. I can't believe a bunch of idiots started a fund for him before knowing all the facts.

1494 days ago


It astounds me how everyone is idolizing this guy for throwing a temper tantrum like a 2 yr old. Whatever happened to being mature professional and walking the moral high ground? His behavior is an indication that he has extreme emotional problems and most likely is an alcoholic. When I heard his mother was proud of all came clear. Immature parents raise immature children.
The mature & professional and all together more beneficial way to handle this issue would have been for him to have her met by the authorities at the gate. They would have arrested her not only for interfering with a flight but also assault. If handled this way, the passenger would have gone to jail, not him. The passenger would have to deal with the legal hassle and expense, not him. And lastly, and most rewarding, he could have sued her for damages.
Instead, he lost his job, got arrested, will have to pay for legal fees and fines (without a source of income). Lastly, from the MANY articles, being a flight attendant has been his only job his entire adult life. Well now he is black balled from all airlines. What job does he think he will get in this economy with this track record? I will tell you what job.....NONE!
This guy is an immature moron who should be chastised not glorified.
The UFC guy who knocked out the woman beater is a true folk hero.

1494 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

Blue Moon is an excellent choice, great beer.
Not the choice of rednecks like Bud Light.
I hope they give him an endorsement.

1494 days ago


Still think the passenger involved should be arrested and charged. Jet Blue does not support their employees on that score.
If safety is an issue so is being able to work in an environment without fear of being harmed by the public. Who is the passenger Jet Blue?

1494 days ago


The cops have interviewed passengers on the flight and none of them say he had a big argument with a passenger. The guy is a big liar who seems to be mentally unstable. I can't believe some people say this guy should get his job back and talk as if he is their hero. Pathetic.

1494 days ago

ed hardy    

Why is this guy a hero? He activated an emergency device for no good reason. He should be charged with a terrorist act!

1494 days ago


Jet Blue is better off without this diva and lots of people looking for jobs!

1494 days ago


OMG,did you see this? They are making this guy into a hero, but this is really scary. What if the pilot had a meltdown? Check this story out

1493 days ago


I dig this commercial with the 2 beers in it

Friggin' funny!

1450 days ago
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