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American Airlines: Don't Even Think About It

8/13/2010 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

American Airlines isn't taking any chances of a repeat of the whole, "Hit-me-in-the-head-and-I'll-grab-a-beer-and-activate-the-slide" incident.

American Airlines Announcement

Before taking off yesterday, the pilot on Flight 345 from New York to Chicago got on the intercom and told passengers, "Flight attendants take great pride in their work. Please respect the job that they do. They are here for your safety first and service second."

Then, in a clear reference to the Steve Slater/JetBlue incident, the pilot said, "If they need you to stay put or need your assistance, please obey their orders.  When they ask you to sit down, you will sit down."

A bunch of passengers started snickering. They got the joke.


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Maui Girl    

Wow!!! What a bunch of cluless people. I work for an airline (not a flight attendant, but as customer service in a mjor airport). Everyone knows there are rude flight attendants, however they pale in comparassion to the passengers that fly. You would not believ the things that happen. Why do we excuse bad behavior on either end? BTW if you really think flight attendants are just your waitress and you are in a resteraunt I feel sorry for your ignorance. Countless people have had heart attacks, strokes, and many other medical emergencies on flights. And you guessed it, flight attendants have saved their lifes. I don't think it is too much to ask to be polite when you fly. It is stressful for all involved.

1540 days ago


That's funny

1540 days ago

Donna Caruso    

To the person who thinks flight attendants are just waitresses: hopefully you won't have a heart attack on my flight. I might just be too busy serving coke to do CPR.

1540 days ago


Oh AA, your flight attendants suck. Every time I've flown AA and sit in an aisle seat, I end up with bruised elbows because the Flight Attendants a**es are so wide that they keep hitting me when walking past.

1540 days ago


If police cars have dashboard cams running, why NOT airplanes? these flight attendents consume alcohol and so do the passengers while flying. why does there have to be a BAR on a plane? soda, coffee, water, tea will do just fine and cut downs the unruly mouths.

1540 days ago


My family and I are frequent flyers and stopped flying US based airlines many years ago because of the rudeness of the flight attendants. No doubt passengers are rude as well they should be dealt with appropriately. But most of passengers are well behaved and should not be treated badly by a flight attendant having a bad day. Unfortunately this whole thing is a symptom of "me first" attitude that is seen everywhere.

1540 days ago

son of sam    

Let me say this, All airlines will in force this rule! You can run to another airline anymore. F/A' do NOT know who you are period! Unless you are a frequent flyer. If you don't want to comply with the safety instrustions, take Grayhound. You can act a fool while traveling with them or take the train which is more exspensive than flying. Have you heard of a rucus on trains from unruly passengers? I think not.
The pilot is right he is in command and people now days think they can get a cheap fare and do as they please but a rude awaking will be the outcome.
I bet you $100K if there is an emergency in air or a decompression you are going to be the bet-in-call of a flight attendand. You talk smak now because reality has not happened but should you be in a situation at 35,000 feet in the air, are you going to act out with bad behaviour? I can answer that for you, NO!
I know as I have been a flight attendant since the 80's when the pay was good and the hours were shorter. The more senority you have based on hire date the better trips you have.
Again, after 9/11 pasengers were scared ****less to board a plan so they dropped the airfare and this is the result.
And yes, we are allowed to cuff you butt and have authorities waiting at the gate to when you deplane to arrest your bad behaviour.

1540 days ago


ADDRESSING COMMENT #11 - Flight Attendants are there "primarily" for your safety!! You should be glad that drinks are served "90% of the time" because you really would'nt want to see what flight attendants are actually trained to do!! If that minute posibility comes up and there is an emergency evacuation, you "Ms. Christtina G" will be thanking your lucky stars for the flight attendants who saved your ass!!!

ADDRESSING COMMENT #12 - Get lost!! You and your damn bags!!!

1540 days ago


Bullsh*t!! The flight attendants aren't there for my safety first and service second. They're there to serve,,period. It's like saying the waitress at Dennys is there for my safety first.

1540 days ago


THANK YOU TO COMMENT #33 AND #39!! FINALLY, people who speak the truth and know what they are talking about!!!!

1540 days ago


Doesn't the pilot's attitude in the message display exactly the sort of ignorant, disrespectful attitude that pisses people off? I realize most people on this site were probably never on a plane in the eighties but I'll tell you this much. It was a completely different experience. Flight attendants were more of then not polite, people were free to move about the plane after take off, pilots would come back and chat with passengers. Now it's like sitting in a classroom with one of those rude as hell teachers who just loved to act like a control freak and yell at you. And please, don't cry "but things are different now because of terrorists!". There were terrorist attacks all over the world and in the US long before September 11th. Planes were hijacked, buses blown up, hell the Olympics was attacked for gods sake. No one gave up their freedom, no one gave pilots and flight attendants the right to treat passengers like garbage, no one hid in fear of flying. It's a sad state of affairs the way America is today, everyone scared of their own shadows, no one wants to be free and people are more then willing to give up their entire lives for a tiny little but of safety that could have been gained a million other ways.

1540 days ago


To everyone saying flight attendants are there for your safety - meaning they are trained to deal with rude passengers....why didn't Steven Slater put his training to good use and deal with the passenger instead of endangering others with his reckless behaviour. Surely the training the flight attendant receive would teach them to be calm and deal with unruly passengers in a appropriate way. And look, Steve Slaters story seems to be made up - looks there was NO rude passenger - he made it up:

1540 days ago


What happens to the plane? Doesn't the slide have to be repaired before it can be used again? Or is that not possible? There has to be a better way to vent frustration about unruly passeengers that what this FA did.

1540 days ago

Lynn Trinoskey    

No, flying isn't what it used to be. The service isn't either because all the food was taken away and now the airline does what it is supposed to do...take you from point A to point B. You don't expect a flt when you go to a restaurant. Passengers board with their cell phones sticking out of their ears and deplane the same way. Getting them to turn the phones off it an impossible and they have no regard for any safety rules because something like the Hudson River landing could never happen to them. Rudness is abundant...but 90% of it is on the pax side.

1540 days ago


For all of you who say only the F/A's are rude or that they are there to serve you first, are probably rude yourself, young and inexperienced in both travel and life, or just a real jerk.
Stay home with your mama or take a bus, we will all be much happier!
Those who are respectful people thought what the pilot said was fine... those who were annoyed...gotcha! you ARE the jerk he was addressing...grow up and act right!

1540 days ago
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