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American Airlines: Don't Even Think About It

8/13/2010 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

American Airlines isn't taking any chances of a repeat of the whole, "Hit-me-in-the-head-and-I'll-grab-a-beer-and-activate-the-slide" incident.

American Airlines Announcement

Before taking off yesterday, the pilot on Flight 345 from New York to Chicago got on the intercom and told passengers, "Flight attendants take great pride in their work. Please respect the job that they do. They are here for your safety first and service second."

Then, in a clear reference to the Steve Slater/JetBlue incident, the pilot said, "If they need you to stay put or need your assistance, please obey their orders.  When they ask you to sit down, you will sit down."

A bunch of passengers started snickering. They got the joke.


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Christtina G.    

Based on the comments from the flight attendants here, it's easy to see why you are so unpopular with the public these days. What a bunch of princesses! You save lives? Please. Don't we all. Fellow passengers have saved the day far more often than flight attendants. Get over yourselves. You are trained to handle in-flight emergencies, yes. But you spend most of your time playing waitresses (and some of you do it very badly). Don't blame the passengers for that, talk to your bosses. I'd rather you sit in your little backwards chairs, and just shut the F up unless there is an emergency. I'll bring my own water bottle, thank you.

1428 days ago


Another words: Although you pay our salary we get to treat you as hostages while onboard..Enjoy your flight.

1428 days ago


Other people are not your servants. No matter how much money you have, you don't own Steven Slater and you don't own me. I bring your food with a smile because my choices are to Work or Die. Working in the service industry is a daily act of subservience and humiliation, but "all these things I do, are waiting for you"

1428 days ago


America **** Yeah

1428 days ago

Jet Black    

Here's an don't like the service on aircraft, you think the pilots are bus drivers and the FA's are waitresses...then do this: FLY YOURSELF! Seriously, you try it. If you can't handle the rules, then get your own aircraft, and do the flying yourself.

If you can't do that, then sit down, shut up, and fasten your damn seatbelt.

1427 days ago


I have been on a lot of flights; and I cannot remember the last time I saw a flight attendant do anything rude to a passenger.

I have seen a few passengers think they are special and the rules shouldn't apply to them, and mouth off to the flight attendants.

I always try to be polite and respectful, and flight attendants have always been nice and helpful back. Try treating people with respect; they are not here to be your scapegoats!

1426 days ago


With due respect to both passengers and flight attendants, I think it is necessary to step back and gain some perspective. Passengers are indeed paying for a service, and expect to receive this service. But therein lies the rub... there is a discrepancy between what the passenger perceives to be the service and the service for which s/he is paying. An airline fare has as its primary objective to move the passenger from point A to point B. It is true, comfort and safety are also expected; much like a train or chauffeured vehicle, a standard has been set. Comfort and safety, though are sometimes mutually exclusive. There are times when comfort has to take a backseat to safety. This is where I tend toward the mindset of the light attendant:

I am a teacher. As a teacher, my job is to teach a classroom of students. From English to math, it is my responsibility to educate young minds. In an ideal world, this would be my only task in the classroom: to create new and innovative ways to explore the material, and plan thoughtful and engaging lessons. HOWEVER, this is not all that my job entails. Though it is ancillary to my prime objective, I must also manage misbehaviors. There shall always be students who, whether out of a selfish desire or out of a lack of understanding of the greater good, that they feel entitled to behave in a manner that is disrespectful to me and other students. I therefore need to manage my time in such a way as to appease these students, please the other students, all while moving these students to their next academic destination. At times, yes, it gets unnerving, and certainly, I do not condone Slater's reaction, but to demean the tasks of a flight attendant is to ignore the multi-tasking inherent in their jobs.

I hope you see the parallels I have explored. The service industry is not an easy one, but I'm sure it would be far more palatable should all involved act a little less like the students I teach, and a little more like the adults they are.

1426 days ago
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