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Steven Slater Story: Fuzzy Wuzzy

8/13/2010 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Slater may have made up the whole story about a passenger attacking him on the JetBlue flight ... this according to sources involved in the investigation.

Steven Slater Story

Sources are telling us investigators still have not identified the elusive female passenger who allegedly went off on Slater ... curious to say the least. 

We're told the airline and Port Authority investigators are not at all convinced the incident ever occurred.  As one source connected with the investigation put it, "Crazier things have happened."

One source familiar with the situation tells TMZ investigators think some of Slater's story just doesn't track.  

Slater's lawyer could not be reached for comment.



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in this day in age with camera phones and such why is there no video or pictures of this i find it just an excuse on his piss poor customer service

1532 days ago


LOL, i noticed his supporters have dramatically shrunk in numbers, As soon as this idiot went from hero to zero in 5 seconds. I hope they make him foot the bill for this crap he pulled.

1532 days ago


Another gay drama queen lying for attention.

1532 days ago


I wonder if tmz ever checked to see if this guy had tried to get on any reality shows.I just saw on the news some couple who was on the plane said they never saw any woman hit him in the head.This would be sooo funny if this was all BS.He will find a few new boyfreinds in jail,thats for sure

1532 days ago


As I´ve been saying, we need ALL the facts before we come to a conclusion about this story.

1532 days ago


Petulent Fairy acting up.

Posted at 9:34 AM on Aug 13, 2010 by Ken



1532 days ago


Some hero America! I thought this story sounded odd from the beginning. Slater is just another foul tempered flight attendant who was having a bad day and took it out on a plane full of PAYING passengers and then had the balls to blame his temper tantrum on an imaginary passenger. I hope JetBlue kicks him to the curb and he does jail time for his lying, boorish behavior.

1532 days ago


he may still be married to chatty cathy who's loving the attention as much as he is.

btw, i thought he hated jetblue but he wants to go back to work for them? what a dumbazz.

1532 days ago


You have to wonder why he didn't have this woman arrested instead of bailing the airplane.

1532 days ago


His face looks like those baby chimpanzees you see at the zoo....

1532 days ago


did he tell the investigators her seat number? easy enough to track her...if she exists. BIG, HUGE if.

1532 days ago

Oh well    

This is to funny, all the people that thought he was a hero. Hes a jerk, and you followers are fools....... Taken in by a fruitloop....... HA HA HA

1532 days ago


Either people saw the woman stand up to get her stuff before the plane stopped or they didn't.
Either he told her she had to sit down or he didn't.
The rest is irrelevant.

1532 days ago


Go back and look at my comment right after this broke . . . I said this was just a Balloon Boy hoax and now even Harvey who was saying he was on Team Slater is even starting to report it. Remember how right at the beginning it was reported that a passenger had said Slater's story was B.S.? Even TMZ wrote something about that guy contradicting the whole "assult with an overhead compartment" story. But he was forgotten and everybody bought this new Balloon Boy hoax hook, line and sinker. I also said that I bet this guy has been trying to get on reality TV shows for years now and if TMZ would look into it, I bet they could find the evidence.

1532 days ago


I can't believe people care about any of this. The american public will buy anything! They are facinated with the most idiotic nonsense.

1532 days ago
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