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More Evidence Slater Concocted JetBlue Blowup

8/13/2010 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A passenger on Steven Slater's JetBlue flight tells TMZ there was no evidence of any altercation between Slater and a passenger before the now-famous flight attendant got on the loud speaker and then got on the slide.

Steven Slater Evidence
Gib Mendelson tells TMZ ... he was sitting in the middle of the plane, near an emergency exit.  Gib says, "The first indication we had of the issue was his [Steven] coming on to the PA system with his diatribe.  I did not see anything that precipitated the meltdown."

Gib adds Slater was in a bad mood during the flight -- "He obviously had a bad day."

As we first reported, authorities have not yet identified the passenger who allegedly went for the overhead bin prematurely and then cussed out Slater.  Several people involved in the investigation tell us flatly ... they doubt Slater's story.


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edward przydzial    

can we close drama queen down already? pathetic. sissy wants attention...

1467 days ago

edward przydzial    

i wonder if he was a 'straight' man if tmz would be so interested... this is what hollywood panders to. this is not even a worthy news event and we all know it's a homosexual hissy fit of a hoax...

1467 days ago


As for comment are a complete moron. I hope to never have you on one of my flights. The real story will surface, eventually. Oh, and as for that mystery passenger...OF COURSE she doesn't want to be recognized, she knows full well she was in the wrong.

1466 days ago


Jetblue damage control. Forget everything you've heard from anyone. Go to the crewmembers who were working that flight. They are the first source and when the s*** hits the fan.....they will tell it like it is. Professional crew members will not tolerate bad passengers or come to the defense of a less than professional co worker. Want the facts.....ask them first. As for some of these passengers, only a few will have first hand knowledge of what occurred at each specific time and each specific location on the plane. Like a puzzle. Alot of these passenger comments are just personal attitudes, not facts. And sadly, many people who fly live a life of less exposure and will not be able to get past the fact that this person is gay.

Mid 1990's. Airline hiring explosion due to the tech and stock bubble, a few folks got hired for flight attendant positions who shouldn't be working at the worst restaurant in any given town. They are here to stay. So the flight attendants of yesterday are all in the process of ending out the last 5 years of their service career remaining for now only due to the recession and some have pension benefits coming. When these professionals who do care ( maybe not as much lately due to the crappy customers ala cheap and bad airline business models ) leave the industry, the bottom will fall out. It's started. As bizarre as this incident is, true or not true, I wasn't there, this is probably going to be the best of the bad news you will hear. This is the tip of the iceberg. You get what you pay for people. You must pay for quality, the passenger and the airline executives do not want to pay these better wages of yesterday, so the pleasant civil travel experience of yesterday is now on the verge of extinction. So maybe that cheap ticket wasn't worth it all these years. Personally, I'm ready to sit back and watch it all unfold. Even pilots have had it, they are finding different professions. So to the cheap flying public, have a " safe " flight or maybe I should just say good luck !

1466 days ago

Andi-Kingwood, TX    

What a CROCK! This guy is milking his 15 minutes 4-sure! I hope the FEDS prosecute his sorry @SS to the fullest extent of the law! But hey let's face it the law of the land 4-now is LIBERAL DUMB@SS DUMOCRAPS so I doubt that will happen...

1466 days ago


Wow as I read more and more into this story, "the balloon boy" story came to mind. Our first reaction was to support this guy only to find out it was all a hoax.

He should get what the Richard Heene got, jail time and a nice hefty fine for wasting everyone's money and time. Jetblue has to pay to replace this very expensive slide as well as vouchers to all the passengers for their inconvenience, then there is a huge waste of tax payers money for the police to step in and interview each and every passenger. I'm sure these passenger had other things a whole lot better to do that be stuck there for hours upon deplaning. All because this guy wanted to be famous!

1465 days ago

Kimberly W.     

WOW no one could tell he was a LOSER before he got his 1 hour of fame!!!! LOSER JUST FOR ATTENTION!!! HOW SAD !!!!!

1464 days ago


Are you sure he wasnt onreality tv before? he look like the steven who had a commitment ceremony on whos wedding is anyway. jeffery bloom was the events planner.

1463 days ago


I agree with #9 who appears to be a pilot. Over my 76 years I have flown the world over, and I have yet to meet a stewardiss/ aka flight attendant who was not professional and nice. if one guys flips his cork over one incident and be set off the way he was, maybe he needs help, but all in all as a ret chief of police with many uears in the business, dealing with people, I can tell you a flight attendant has a hard job and they do the job well so put this where it belongs, in the catagory of employee/employer and give it up

1460 days ago


His ex-wife said she saw him before the flight and he already had the injury on his head. He appears unstable and unfortunately he used that day to have a melt down.

1459 days ago
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