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Mel's Alleged Mistress:

I Have Text Messages

8/15/2010 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claims to have been Mel Gibson's mistress at the time of the now-famous January 6 blowout says she was badgered by Mel's bodyguard to keep her mouth shut ... this according to sources who have been in touch with the woman.

Sources say Violet Kowal claims she was communicating with Mel on January 6 about his blowup with Oksana Grigorieva

In the days following -- January 7, 8 and 9 --  Violet Kowal claims she was contacted by one of Mel's bodyguards.  We're told Kowal says the bodyguard sent text messages, warning her that she couldn't talk about the incident and that she should "disappear" for a price.

And sources say Kowal -- who is now repped by Gloria Allred -- has phone records and text messages.

Sources also say ... Kowal claims to have an email she received recently from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, the Sensitive Case Unit, informing her they wanted to speak with her.  So far, we're told, Kowal has not met with anyone from DCFS.


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The person in the middle photo is a guy, right?

1497 days ago


Wow, what an industry these whores have built! Heaven forbid a PORN STAR not get in on the action.

Really? Seriously?

I wish these men would tell them to go to hell and divulge the secrets themselves to end this non-sense.

Hell, Mel wasn't even married at the time, and so what if he was with the Russian gold-digging whore.

1497 days ago


I thought Oksana was the "mistress".

1497 days ago


I posted something to this effect some days ago about the DV laws and what I think OG is gunning for. If it's the part of CA Code that you read where a parent cannot be awarded custody (these words are not verbatim, but that's what they mean) because of domestic violence, then yes, absolutely I think that is what OG is trying for. Is this what you are talking about. Like you, I did not listen to all of the tapes. As a matter of fact, I listened to very little of the tapes because they sounded staged to me. I have read all of the dirty details though. Anyway, she is hitting on each part of family code that would be to her advantage in a domestic violence matter before the judge considering custody. She is trying to build her case.

Posted at 11:43 PM on Aug 14, 2010 by fuddyduddy

(From previous board comments)

Thanks, fuddy. I share in those suspicions. What little I heard on the tapes sounded so staged. The out-of-context comments OG was making sounded exactly like she was reading from a script that addressed the various elements of the code.

1497 days ago


I just realized that my life is pathetic!! This Mel Gibson drama is the most excitement I have had in my life for the longest time. I can't wait to get on my computer in the morning and see the latest news. I swear I dream about this!! lol

1497 days ago


Mel Gibson's reputation is being trashed, that's all l see here, give the man a break, live your own life not his life for him. He is a multi talented Actor/Director who has brought pleasure to millions he also has a huge worldwide fan base, what's his personal life got to do with anyone or anything.

1497 days ago


we live in great times,don't we. A whore hires Aldred as attorney, apparently to prove she is a whore.

Posted at 5:35 AM on Aug 15, 2010 by J.GORMLEY

I would rephrase that to read: "A whore hires a whore as an attorney, apparently to prove she is a whore."

Allred is the biggest whore of them all.

1497 days ago


@Bitch - lol, I hear ya!

1497 days ago


morning all. I need to start getting up early for these new "stories' that appear in the middle of the night.

1497 days ago


"I see the point you are making TrixieLaRue, but women should always know better and take the high road, men or most men always think with their peckers first, whomever they are, can't be prevented, the male mindset. No I sure wouldn't go for a cheater or opportunist.

Posted at 5:44 AM on Aug 15, 2010 by Cat"

So what you are saying is that women are always to blame and men will never be held accountable because they have a penis? Sure must be easy to be a man.

1497 days ago


...who wants to place bets on a dingo story somehow eventually making it's way into this??lol

Hellnurse, Wondering, Shell, anyone?

....and sources further claim that said dingo was examined by pediatrician...

Posted at 1:45 AM on Aug 15, 2010 by lee

lol I'll take that bet, lee. You know it's only a matter of time. ha ha ha ha Can't get any more outrageous...or can it???

1497 days ago


team Mel !

1497 days ago


As Lisa says this is clearly a story cooked up by Oksana. Yesterday's story conveninently mentioned that a terminally ill baby sitter (therefore, in the end unverifiable for she will die just as authorities try to contact her) alledges that Mel was threatening someone on the phone on January 6th and was enraged. Today this ho comes forward and re-state her claims that she has slept with Gibson (so what? for 10 dollars??) and was the one he was threatening on the 6th. Too Convenient. Now we know that there is no limit to Oksa: since she won't get money from Mel (who is acting like the tough guy of Lethat Weapon tht I love!) she is bent on destroying him with flimsy lies. But to the police, it is becoming clear that Kowal and Oksa are working together.
Interestingly, eventhough Kowal has all of these PROOFS Gloria Allred is not coming and presenting her in one of her set up interviews. This shows that Allred knows that it's all bs and that she can be sued. They prefer to put a "source" forward that way Allred doesn't get burned when the chips fall. Now of course we see why Jaffe and Bergman both gave up on OKSA: THEY SAW THAT SHE WOULD DRAG THEM INTO THIS MIASMIC PILE OF DIRT IN WHICH SHE LAYS EVERYDAY AND THEY DON'T WANT TO RISK THEIR REPUTATION OR CAREER ON THAT HO STORY.

1497 days ago


Maybe … that … was THE SET UP. I always wondered what it was that mad Mel … that mad. I think maybe that Violet girl was the missing key. I think that Violet and Oksana are linked. If there was an extortion attempt taking place, it would not be a stretch.

My take on this is that … Oksana or ‘ whoever ‘ … set him up with the Violet and I think that on January 6th is when it all started to become clear to Mel. If the babysitter said he was already yelling ‘ I will destroy you ‘ to someone on the phone … not Oksana. Maybe the Violet was making the first threat and Mel found out that the Oksana was in on it between January 6th and February 18th. Mel came to the breaking point and that’s what we hear on that tape. If you think it so far fetched, think again at how some women hire women to set up their husbands to see if they are cheating. Take that scenario and add a twist, they didn’t only want to see if he would take the bate and cheat … they wanted to use it to extort money from him.

1497 days ago


If only we could figure out who was moving his lips and operating his vocal chords when he spewed all those incriminating hateful words that were taped. When we can figure that out we can prove he's a wonderful person. There is some russian mob boss that worked with the sister of a russian/american ventriliquist that was once in the same shopping center as his girlfriends, friends, sisters, aunt's, manicurist....we're almost there guys.....

1497 days ago
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