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Demi Moore -- Day Drinkin' and Belly Flashin'

8/17/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With one hand wrapped around a Corona bottle ... and the other wrapped around a friend's boob -- Demi Moore flashed her ridiculously toned physique outside a house party in Malibu this weekend.

The world's youngest looking 47-year-old was hanging with her husband Ashton Kutcher ... who appeared to appreciate her intoxicating demeanor ... but eventually confiscated the booze.

 Nothing wrong with a little summer day drinkin' near the beach!


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I nailed demi during the filming of Breakfast Club and she was drunk then too..guess once a drunk always a drunk.She looks happy now with the booze.

Posted at 5:10 AM on Aug 17, 2010 by you are wrong and I am right

Demi wasn't in the Breakfast Club. Your claims are dubious at best. Maybe you were the drunk one who just thought you were nailing a movie star! hahaha

1531 days ago


What is she trying to prove?

1531 days ago


Her face is aging faster than her body, she tries so hard to act younger than she is, couple years she'll be 50!! yikes

1531 days ago


Not sure what everyone has against Demi and Ashton. I think they look like they are enjoying life and not hurting a soul. Shoot, if I looked like her, I wouldn't be uptight about my body either. I say good for them :)

1531 days ago


I'm around the same age as Demi, if I had her body I'd be showing it off too. I'm no slouch but some things I would like to wear I just can't.

The definition of a cougar is a woman who trolls bars looking for younger men for a romp in the sack, no strings attached. The fact they've been married approx. 5 years does not make her a cougar.

In this day and age are we still calling Men, dirty old men, cradle robbers and every other derogatory statement when they marry women half their age and some even marrying women the same age as their kids. Oh wait, let me get that straight, older women are cougars, younger women are gold diggers. Sheesh, age is just a number.

1531 days ago


Wow you guys all have too much time on your hands. Who here has never had a beer during the day? Its summer time -time to be out and enjoying ourselves and loved ones. While i'm not fond of the outfit regardless of how bangin your bod is there is a time when you have to grow up and leave those kiddy clothes behind. Ashton while not the greatest actor knows how to make money producing. Sponsoring and social networking. he will never hurt for money let them enjoy their lives instead of praying they don't last so you all can bash some more. No wonder Hollywood is so toxic look how everyone reacts.

1531 days ago


..."the other [hand] wrapped around a friend's boob". Ummm. That's NOT Demi's hand.
That's her friend's OWN hand around her OWN boob, holding her OWN purse. Sheesh. Look closely at the photo before printing a lie.

Demi, you look beautiful.

1531 days ago


"...the other [hand] wrapped around a friend's boob". WTF?? That's her friend's OWN hand around her own boob, holding her own bottle. Duh. Look at the photo closely before printing a lie.

1531 days ago


Isn't she a recovering addict?

1531 days ago


All three of them look like they just enjoyed a round of group sex, and judging the way Demi is still grabbing her sex mates body parts, the drunken cougar wants more.

1531 days ago


Did anyone else notice that Demi got her a handful of the female friend??

1531 days ago


She's not hot now and never was. Just too manly. She is an "honorary" hot woman just like Pamela Anderson and everyone feels obliged to mention she's hot because they can't say she is talented.

1530 days ago


Saw her high school picture on popeater, no one her daughters are all ugly, let's just she has done a lot to herself even before she became famous, in the end genes don't lie, demi

What's even funnier is when these 2 losers do political commentary, telling us to vote for democrats and mocking Palin, haven't forgotten that dumb a** video they did for Obama after the election, some sycophant video with a bunch of other brainless celebrities promising to do what 'Obama asked of them".

Two has-been celebrity twits that deserve each other.

1530 days ago


Good for you Demi !! I cant believe all the "poopoo" heads on here slamming her for having some fun. She is pushing 50, has a body better than yours and the cash to keep it that way. Good for her!!!

1530 days ago


I have to say youre wrong calling her the youngest looking 47 year old but also i must point out the total humiliated look on Ashton Kutcher's face and he's pulling away from her too. Grow up woman. I wish he would see her track record only puts her with men she knew could help her in her career, her career is dead and she needs him to help her get back in the light.

1530 days ago
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