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Jesse James & Kat Von D -- More Than Friends

8/16/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What happened in Vegas between Jesse James and reality TV star Kat Von D is more than just a friendship ... TMZ has learned the two were "very affectionate" during a getaway this weekend.


Multiple sources pretty damn close to the couple tell us the two were seen getting all touchy-feely with each other at the Mandalay Bay hotel ... and had a romantic dinner at N9ne Steakhouse at The Palms.

But here's the rub -- if you know what we're sayin' --  they stayed at another very high end Vegas hotel.

Kat Von D's people are playing the "just friends" card -- but we're told "friends with benefits" is more like it.

His and her tats can't be far behind ... if they can find an open space.



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Mary Hale    

she is trash... She wouldnt be anything if it werent for miami ink. They gave her her start. I dont care if she is a good tattoo artist as a person she is damaged she will only get a certain type of guy who would want her. I could never ever see her with a guy of class

1528 days ago


One big **** and a walking **** .. a match made in who gives a **** hell !

1528 days ago


she works with a Mongol...he supposedly sports 81... F Kat Von D....SKANK!

1528 days ago


I thought she was back together with Nikki Sixx? I could have sworn I saw something about them being back together just a day or two ago. Hmmm.

1528 days ago


Oh cute... maybe they can have some little Nazi babies together.


1528 days ago


"99. she works with a Mongol...he supposedly sports 81... F Kat Von D....SKANK!
Posted at 6:53 AM on Aug 17, 2010 by MizzHell"

What do you mean by sports? Wears? Has tattooed on himself? Why would a Mongol "sport" an 81? Does he like getting beat up by both Mongols and Hells Angels?

1528 days ago

Randall Lind    

I can't stand Kat or L.A. Ink any more. They are all stuck up. I am glad Corey left.

1528 days ago


I thought she was Nikki Sixx's girlfriend.

1528 days ago


Kat D is one of the biggest whores out there. I would be scare to let her tat me as much as she enjoys spreading her legs as she does her ink. Didnt she email her husband to let him know her and nikki sixx were on their honeymoon? ewwwwww. anyone read the herion diaries? who would even get near that after she was with him. Karmas a bitch and both of ya are gonna get a visit!

1528 days ago

Helen Van Patterson Patton     

I used to like Kat when L.A. Ink first started. Now she simply comes off as an immature ego-maniac. Plus, she has a disgusting little anti-semitism incident in her past. She's nothing more than skanky white trash. I'll bet her over-used hole smells like dead fish.

1528 days ago


A cheat is a cheat and will always be a cheat. Ah, but, he's single now so that makes it okay but, she's supposed to be with Nikki or shall or shall I say WAS!!! Karma is a BITCH! Like I said, a cheat is a cheat who will attract a cheat and cheat….hey, maybe she was one of the women, yes, I said, womEn he cheated on Sandra with? Wasn't there, allegedly, more than one? He never did come out and say directly, NO. It was just one! Ha ha! Busted!! Nikki, dump her cheating ass! Jesse, if she's cheating on Nikki to be with you, don't you think she'll cheat….nevermind, you two make a wonderful couple! I hope you marry and be miserable together you filthy pigs. jmo

I don't know how Sandra got mixed up in Jesse's world in the first place. Such an odd couple but, to each their own and well, we see in the end, they go back to their own kind. Just too bad it took 5-7 years or whatever it was for her to find out though, she should have known better. They don't usually change. No matter how sweet or how charming. Hard lesson to learn but, now to have him follow her? Just for the kids and now she has to hear and read this crap and have the kids tell her about it? I don't know how she has the strength to deal with that on top of the rest. We all go on with our lives. These celebritys have to read and hear about who their ex's are now seen holding hands and getting cozy with at dinner?!?! Just YUCK!! I feel bad for them, actually. That's got to hurt!

1528 days ago


If it's true I'm totally surprised Kat would fall for this cheater...any woman has to be smart enough to know what he's been up to lately. Jeez Kat.

1528 days ago


OH well..... It keeps the 2 publicity whores in the TMZ news line as if to somehow make them relevant. If its true, so what anyway. Jess made his choice long ago when he Fupped With Sandy. Now its just business as usual with all the tatty white trash....

1528 days ago

Laura in Cancun    

Sad. I liked Kat Von D!! Sad to hear she's with this douche.

1528 days ago


Another whore bag, way to go Jesse.

1528 days ago
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