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Dr. Ryan's Cause of Death -- Blunt Force Trauma

8/17/2010 3:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Frank Ryan died of "blunt force head injuries" ... this according to the Ventura County Medical Examiner's Office ... which just completed an autopsy on the famous surgeon.

As for toxicology results ... officials tell TMZ the process usually takes "about 8 weeks" before anything can be determined.

As TMZ first reported, Dr. Ryan -- the surgeon who operated on a slew of famous Hollywood stars -- died yesterday after his Jeep veered off Pacific Coast Highway and rolled down a cliff.


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All the king's horses,
and all the king's men,
couldn't piece Frank Ryan
together again.

1506 days ago


Just because he tweeted earlier, doesn't mean he was tweeting on the road. Odd things happen in this world, he might have been avoiding someone else Who Was Tweeting!

Terrible tragedy, I'm happy though he fulfilled one of his life's goals. It may have been a simple endeavor but it meant something to him. Just one of many I bet. He had many more to come, life ended too soon! God Bless him.

1506 days ago


"He must not have been that big of a celebrity. How could they do his autopsy in a day? It took a month to get Micheal Jacksons Autopsy report."

There's a big difference in this case vs Michael Jackson's case. In Jackson's case, there was no obvious cause of death after they autopsied his body. It took 8+ weeks to get the cause of death because it was a drug in bloodstream that killed him. In Dr. Ryan's case, it was massive head trauma, which is going to be pretty obvious. Now they have to try and determine how he ended up having the accident.

1506 days ago


But the most important thing:

How's the dog?

1506 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

Is it just me or does everyone of his plastic surgery junkie clients look like a monster?
I mean Shauna Sand! REALLY??? He should have been in jail for that and also that whore Heidi Montag. Gene Simmons now looks like a hairy old jewish woman thanks to him and he even made himself look so femmy with that eyejob and ridiculous looking eyebrows.
He disfigured people for money.
It's sad that he died, just like any other accident victim, especially if it was his own foolish texting while driving that did him in. Any loss of human life, especially via "accident" is a tragedy but he was in no means a talented surgeon. If he was, his clients wouldn't all look like grouper fish and monsters. Shauna Sand is effin scary as hehll. He did that too her strictly for cash.
It is what it is

1506 days ago

Wendy R    

Why do people have to be so cruel in what they say. I'm sure most of you text and tweet too. Show some RESPECT! Didn't your Mama teach you if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. RIP doc!

1506 days ago


Are you sure about this? Did anyone see him alive since
Mel had his very strange accident Sunday night? How do we
know that Mel didn't clip this guy, knock him over the cliff,
then ram his car into the rocks to camoflage the damages?

Did anyone see the doctor on Monday???

1506 days ago


RIP. Sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

I hate to make a negative comment but I was thinking how ironic it was that the man could appreciate the natural beauty of the beach/dune/landscape and his dog but couldn't refrain from mutilating naturally beautiful women. Ego, hubris and possbly greed. RIP. (Of course his patients are crazy too...only in Hollywierd).

1506 days ago


I think many of you need to take a step back and look at the big picture.. Whether it was texting, loss of control of the vehicle or drinking was involved it really does not matter. He has left a lot of family and friends behind and we should pray for them as they are suffering a great loss... God has better plans for Dr. Ryan and that is life.. We all face the same reality of choices every day. Whatever he did does not matter it was in Gods hands in the first place!

1506 days ago


How tragic this is. But I want to know why he veered off the highway and over that cliff? What was he trying to avoid?

1506 days ago


Texting? How do any of you know? Were you in the Jeep with him? No, you were not. The only one that was in the Jeep knows the truth and it ain't talking.

1506 days ago


Texting? How do any of you know? Were you in the Jeep with him? No, you were not. The only one that was in the Jeep knows the truth and it ain't talking.

1506 days ago


It's obvious he wasn't wearing a seat belt.

1506 days ago


Not sure how credible this is, but I read (on another site) that investigators believe that Dr. Ryan was texting at the time he ran off the road -- they're saying this pic of the dog was tweeted at the time of the crash.. I'd wondered how one just "careens" off PCH unless there was a precipitating event of some sort. So tragic, so young, and seems like he was such a nice guy.

1506 days ago


Whoever the juvenile is that began their post with "LOL" (#15 as posted at 1:26 p.m. on 8/17) shows what a truly, self-absorbed horses %#@ they truly are. What grade are you in little one? Third? Probably not ... you're IQ can't be that advanced. Have a little empathy. I have no doubt if it was someone you cared about, you would be the biggest cry baby of them all. What a punk!

1506 days ago
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