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Oksana Grigorieva Leaves Court

8/18/2010 9:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva got more than she bargained for today -- a marathon court session lasting seven hours.

We shot this video of Oksana leaving the courthouse in downtown L.A. just before 5 PM. 

We're told among the items on the court agenda today ... a petition for increased child support, yanking baby Lucia's passport, and attorney's fees.


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She is much a nut as Mel is at this point. She framed him with those phone calls. Don't get me wrong I'm not one to promote a man hitting a woman. (If he did) She could have easily broke her own teeth. I have never seen a better example of a gold digger. I also never seen a better example of karma hitting Mel. Mel should have stayed with his first wife and family. Amazing how his First wife is standing behind Mel. Just shows there is still love there.
Either WAY She does not deserve anymore money. Get a Job!

1490 days ago


She is much a nut as Mel is at this point. She framed him with those phone calls. Don't get me wrong I'm not one to promote a man hitting a woman. (If he did) She could have easily broke her own teeth. I have never seen a better example of a gold digger. I also never seen a better example of karma hitting Mel. Mel should have stayed with his first wife and family. Amazing how his First wife is standing behind Mel. Just shows there is still love there.
Either WAY She does not deserve anymore money. Get a Job!

1490 days ago


@Andolini. You're correct! If she gives Mel a second look he would do her but very carefully I'm sure and this time mistakes will not be made. Just hope he's smart enough to f her in her ass this time for good measure.

1490 days ago


@Wondering. No need to worry about her sister. Rest assured when the round faced Ox gets her eviction notice, she'll take to her new profession as a handler and guide the newest whore torpedo,natalie right under some other American millionaire.

1490 days ago


Well,if that's a picture of the babysitter why don't we get some information about her so we can find out if she's really dead or dead in the sense of "I have no intention of being involved in anything so I'm disappearing in Cali or wading back over the Rio Grand" because of possible pending immigration or tax issues.
It's strange that she was so concerned and so ill that the Poxed One didn't see to shuffle her to the front of the line of her perjurers.

1490 days ago


I have long hair and would never walk into court with my hair hanging down and in my face. I would pull it back and braid it or put my hair in a bun. OG's hair= sloppy and unprofessional.Surprized?? No!Trying to look pretty for the judge.courtroom = professional and formal.

1490 days ago


9:56 AM on Aug 19, 2010 by lola Agree with Hellnurse. Oksana is using resources meant for others who have a greater need. Native.

1489 days ago


@Shyone (#104): A thorough defend of Mel Gibson, all arguments twisted the same way his laywers will probably do.

But Oxa’s delay of gong to the police, or using the tapes at all, could as well, as stated from many professionals, be a common way of behaviour for a rejected & abused lover & babymother (not to say that she was legally right doing so), but the motive could be less obscure than claimed by some.

Shyone avoids the question whether the tapes are fabricated or not, the major arguments against the tapes only refering to the fact, that the dialoge was a “private matter” & that the delay of bringing them into the case clearly proves, that Oxa’s claim, that she feared for her life, must be false.

Not necessarily so. Given an abusive behavior of Mel actually took place & she did not know whether it could happen again, she might have taken long term measures.

Now the pictures: Shyone & many others have made a long job trying to convince themselves that they must be false, as such injuries could not come from a stroke. I was once myself hit in on the mouth by a Communist policeman, the injuries to my teeth much like Oxa’s & there were no other visible signs in my face. So I dont buy the above allegation. Hopefully the jury will have more details to deal with than we have from ROL.

During this blog I have seen a few exaggerated remarks from Oxa’s defenders toward Mel & his team. But there has been much worse examples the other way round. Amongst them insults against Russians, immigrants, gypsies, people with brown eyes (“filled with s***”) & so on.

There are unnecessary insults from both sides, now let’s hope a human compromise can be found by a decent judge for the sake of the children at least.

1489 days ago


Unfortunately in your view -- INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY for both 'sides.' Name-calling is US/UK fair on both sides. No compromise on that one.

Tee hee

1489 days ago


Sorntoic -

Please link anything that shows that OKSANA EVER went to the police AT ALL.

The truth is she didn't. They, along with DCFS, actually had to go to her AFTER independently opening up case files.

THE DCFS case is supposedly either closed or about to be with a finding NO ABUSE and both parents cleared.

I think the more salient points about THOSE TAPES are about WHY OKSANA used the words and the order she did, where is the beginning of the alleged conversation, why are parts of various tapes of MEL saying the same words, same inflections, same word order, and WHY her voice doesn't sound like it is through a receiver of a phone, why there are clicks similar to what happens when separate tapes are spliced together, why any of the sound experts could find fades in the tapes and found overlays, and even more so

WHY did she chose to record someone she feared instead of contact police whose offices are actually very close to her residence? Why did she remark her sister "destroyed the tapes a long time ago" did her sister not believe she was in danger? How did her sister in RUSSIA even get a copy of the tape? What sense does it make to give it to a sibling in country you haven't visited in 17 yrs and NOT hand it to her attorney in the US? IF she had wouldn't he or she have explained the need of a TRO and immediately filed for one to protect the legal standing of the material? Why would she sit on the material and spring it on Mel and his attorneys during the May negotiations? Why did she NEVER carry them to the police but instead mishandle them or transfer them to someone directly with ROL or someone who could get them to ROL? Why didn't she sick her attorneys on ROL when she was first made aware the tapes were going public?

These are some questions - I actually have a full legal pad of them now!

Oh, and WHY if they are real has ROL put some kind of copywrite on them? Aren't they the property of Oskana Grigorieva?

And why would publicly destroying an ex-lover's reputation in any way solve a real domestic violence situation, wouldn't it just inflame the abuser?

Just wondering...

1489 days ago


@ sorntolc

The only person who put OG's or MG's children into this public dispute was OG. She could have pursued child support without making public statements involving the children, without leaving a trail of heartbreak for the baby and her relationship with both her father and mother, and without making her son fulfill the as yet unfilled role of star witness.

If OG transmitted the audiofiles either in edited or original form to anyone through her son's laptop, only she is to be responsible for involving him in that activity.

OG and TD are responsible for keeping their son in MG's home and involving him in what OG has termed at various times a great or an abusive relationship, i.e. her "relationship" with MG.

I am no immigrant attacker. I have spent 30 years representing American citizens, legal immigrants, naturalized citizens as well as people of all races, ages, religions, and ideologies with equal zeal as a lawyer.

One has to realize that any group of people has good people and bad people. Calling a bad person out for bad behavior and mentioning that their immigration status is not the same as accusing someone only because of their immigration status. Clearly OG's immigration status is unknown to us. She is, apparently, a Russian citizen with British citizenship as well and not an American citizen. Whether she has a green card/permit allowing immigrant to work legally in the US, I don't know.

Certainly her lifestyle of luring wealthy men into involvement by which they are obligated to support her children conceived without the desire of their fathers and born without the benefit of marriage is one which most Americans disapprove of whether done by American citizens or immigrants, legal or undo***ented. In some other cultures perhaps this career choice is acceptable or even admired. We all try to remember that OG is culturally the product of other countries. Her values seem alien and offensive to many Americans.

We can only react to her statements and actions by comparing them to people we admire and comparing them to OG's other actions.

Claiming not to want MG's money while living at his expense with her family and returning to the child custody Court as well as the court of public opinion with frequent (each month) claims of lack of money and asking for more is inconsistent and makes OG appear to be untruthful in the extreme.

As a mother who raised and sent to college four children on less a month than MG provides OG and as a mother who did so paying for all the expenses of a home, food, heating, clothing, transportation, education, etc leads me to believe that OG is squandering the money provided in child support.

Speculation as to OG's motives in making, editing or having edited, and releasing the audiofiles is affected by her lack of credibility. OG's mistake was to release serially all the audiofiles in the belief that she could get more money from MG. That was a fatal miscalculation. Now that all the accusations are public, there is nothing left for Mel to pay to prevent their release. OG really goofed up. She'll have to live with that mistake. Watch as she blames her lawyers for his -- just like she blamed her original lawyer when she had settler's remorse and wanted more than the original settlement.

Name calling is offensive, true, when engaged in by MG, OG, and any of their supporters. However, the English language contains certain terms to describe certain situations. There will always be a word describing women who use their bodies in exchange for financial benefits from wealthy men. When a woman acts as OG has for a period of decades, it is easy to accuse her of golddigging, whoring, etc. Only OG put herself in the position of earning that evaluation by living her life as she did.

Simply because people use those terms to describe OG's behavior doesn't make them bad people.

When you appear defending OG's lifestyle, there will be many here and elsewhere who believe you do so because you either act similarly yourself or believe that this lifestyle is acceptable or laudable.

Assuming as you do that MG physically abused OG and perhaps her children, you have to see that OG has never acted like an abused woman. She has acted without concern for physical safety for herself and her children but with all eyes towards ensuring her own financial benefit.

1489 days ago
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