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Oksana Grigorieva Leaves Court

8/18/2010 9:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva got more than she bargained for today -- a marathon court session lasting seven hours.

We shot this video of Oksana leaving the courthouse in downtown L.A. just before 5 PM. 

We're told among the items on the court agenda today ... a petition for increased child support, yanking baby Lucia's passport, and attorney's fees.


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I am heading to bed. But of course I will be accused of being on here all night by some people!! hint hint wink wink!!

Anyways, play nice kiddies!!



1496 days ago


Crazymom -

Take your pick!

In honor of Mr. Mel, they are of course all Scottish claymores.

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Paula, you might confuse Sunset with the facts and I won't get my Mel-check. How much do we get anyway? I need a new spatula.

1496 days ago


Sweet dreams to you MTT

1496 days ago

Paula Schultze    

Night Michael and Shell! Sleep well....

1496 days ago


Another interesting article that doesn't quote "a source" but actually has the name of a person Caroline Marcus that says Oksana is a liar.

1496 days ago


Night Michael and Shell sleep well. :D Another interesting day of debates. I'll play catchup here while you sleep lol

1496 days ago


is there nothing going on in the USA is there someone going through a red light somewhere come on you reporters dig up something, like whoopi golberg humping ted danson oh wait that's been done. Well back to the red light.

1496 days ago


Muppet, thank you for the link. Interesting read. Somehow, I'm not surprised at what they say about her.

1496 days ago



If you think that link is good, I just found one I thought was hilarious!! I'm still laughing at how well they nailed her!
This is a little bit of what was said,

Your Life Path is influenced by the number 5, Oksana, which indicates changing and off the beaten track destinies. Your activities are varied and placed under the sign of adaptability, and multiplication of resources. More than anyone else, you need to enhance your learning capacities and the broad-mindedness. You must cope as well as you can with changes and transformation occurring in your life. Indeed, Life Path 5 brings about destinies which are prone to twists and turns, as well as to upheavals. Therefore, your life's main orientation may vary considerably at certain stages, and if your destiny is that of adventurers whose course is fraught with obstacles, it may also turn you into an exceedingly unstable person through lack of nuance. You ac***ulate experiences and enrich your know-how with each crucial period. Your adaptation skills enable you to go through all the successive stages of your life without ever being destabilised by new situations.

If you want to read the whole thing here is the link.

Before people rip into me, I'm having a little fun looking at some offbeat articles on her as well for a giggle.

1496 days ago

Paula Schultze    

Muppet; Thanks for the link. Perhaps she is a pathological liar after all! That would explain a great deal. I once knew someone who had this illness. The wierd thing about them is they don't seem capable of distinguishing fact from fiction. When finally confronted with all his fabricated stories, he had a complete nervous breakdown. Ended up in a mental hospital for quite a long time. And Oksana's Mom recently said she was on the verge of a breakdown, so they called in the russian "soul healer".

1496 days ago


Got upset by a comment someone made elsewhere and responded on another site with this statement I thought Team Truth might find interesting and might want to add to:

Interesting thoughts you have on OG. You should, perhaps, read more about her background and the many increasingly wealthy & influential men she has lived off of without the benefit of marriage (although she did marry one fellow in Russia who is now a well-respected lawyer whom she and her mother accuse of being a worthless drug addict and then one fellow in England to get citizenship before promptly leaving him).

As to your first assertion that TD has nothing to do with this. False, his son lives in a home owned by MG’s company (the one that produced her CD & her videos that MG directed) which is providing it rent free to OG and her children and mother with a free car, insurance, and staff also paid by MG.

OG has asserted two things of import that drag/draw TD into this mire -- 1) that MG in front of witnesses at a party “threw” her son by TD “onto a table” suggesting that this was physical abuse by MG of her son. This supposed event occurred before the baby was born and, if it occurred should certainly have been reported to the police and TD. No reports of such an even were made until OG’s various versions of her alleged physical abuse by MG were not believed by the police and many others. Had MG abused the boy, certainly TD should have taken steps to have his son removed from such an abusive environment. Neither OG nor TD did anything to “protect” their son against the “physical abuse” from MG.

2) that her son by TD was present when MG allegedly physically abused her in January of 2010 (the reason she asserted to justify making the now infamous recordings which she released after being ordered by the court not to). Though claiming to be “in fear for her life” at the time of the asserted physical abuse, instead of calling the police, OG instead contacted a lawyer and started using professional sound equipment (handy to have it ready on such short notice) to record and then alter MG’s phone calls to her. Note that she only released these recordings after she had “settler’s remorse” and refused to go through with a multimillion dollar child support settlement agreement she had already signed onto when represented by a well known lawyer who no longer represents her. She claims so many different witnesses, none of whom pan out, and has so many different stories as to what occurred and her alleged physical injuries that it is hard to keep track. She only asserted her son as a witness after it was clear that the police were not impressed with her stories of what occurred. Her stories’ inconsistencies/contradictions are really impressive -- I say this as a lawyer who understands very well the value of consistency in one’s testimony and previous recorded versions of the same event. For TD to allow his son to live in a physically abusive environment and to be used as a last desperate attempt at coming up with a witness for one of the versions of her stories is not good parenting in my opinion.

Interestingly also, some sources suggest that OG allegedly received a substantial monetary settlement from TD in connection with her child support agreement by alleging he physically abused her also. But that agreement is confidential, as was the one OG signed with MG then later repudiated and got new lawyers by striking her in the face causing damage to her nose requiring revision surgery.

Second as to the assertion that OG was a wealthy singer before she met MG: OG was famous for inducing Timothy Dalton into fathering a child with her and for living with a long series of gentlemen who supported her. This was not the sort of thing I would call being “a wealthy musician” unless you call playing the jade flute “music.” She refused to marry him because he insisted on a prenuptial agreement which gave her no right to his wealth. She lived on the child support he pays for his son until she Mel. None of her claims to being a famous singer, composer, pianist (claiming at various times she learned to play at ages 11, 7 and most recently 3!). She claims to have invented a patented form of music notation to make reading music easier for children but no governments have issued any such patent. The CD & videos that she induced Mel Gibson to produce (at the estimated cost of $5 million) went no where.

I can understand completely that people are offended by MG’s use of politically incorrect terms in the English language by people in the public eye -- nonetheless this occurs with regularity. MG’s statements on the edited tapes were clearly intended to be private. California respects a person’s privacy and requires both parties on a tape to consent before such taping can occur. Thus, because OG taped illegally, she had to come up with a story that she was in “fear of her life.” Interesting, however, that she didn’t call the police for protection rather than making recordings to “sell” to MG and, if he didn’t pay her enough for them, to release to a celebrity gossip outlet. Interestingly enough, word is that the tapes were shopped about Hollywood to multiple outlets before one “bit.”

As to the physical abuse claims: look at the 3 pictures OG release carefully and you will see no evidence of physical abuse.

Claim of knocked out teeth: The picture offered as proof of dental damage shows absolutely no damage to the soft tissue structures around the supposedly knocked out teeth (in reality an undated picture shows one and a half missing tooth veneers and, as some assert, a pre-current plastic surgery revision nose).

Claim of black eyes:

The picture OG released supposedly showing black eyes, shows nothing more than an obvious blue vein on the lateral side of one eye -- typical of someone who has aging skin (she is at least 40 years old) or showing one of the side effects of botox -- no blueness or bruising in the eye lids upper or lower or anything remotely like what we call black eyes. The picture of the baby which OG offered as proof of a bruise on the child only shows a small round spot typically called a baby zit -- exactly like my children occasionally had when they were aged 1-6 months.

Claim of OG’s claim of a concussion:

As to OG’s claim she had a concussion from MG’s physical abuse which made her stay in bed for two weeks straight, why does she appeared dressed up and smiling hand in hand with MG with showing any black eyes, bruises, broken teeth or dizziness both going out to dinner in Hollywood and travelling with him to Europe for the premiere of a his movie in that time period?

OG now claims that she told both her dentist and MD that MG hit her in the head.

Why did neither OG’s dentist (who has sworn that OG told her MG hit her in the head) or the MD (whom OG says diagnosed her concussion) report the assault to the police as required by California statute? Perhaps because it never happened as she now says?

As a woman, a person, and a human, I abhor physical abuse of both people and animals.

As a woman, a person, and a human, I also abhor people who prey on others seeking their wealth.

As a lawyer, I find 1) OG’s multiple and inconsistent stories of physical abuse at MG’s hands, 2) her history of taking financial advantage of a long series of men to make her living, 3) her signing and then repudiating a significant financial settlement of her child support and other claims about MG and then releasing the altered/edited tapes, 4) her violation of the court’s gag order to inflict public personal and career harm on OG and his wife and children, 5) her release of pictures which don’t support her claims, and 6) involvement in charity scamming make her not believeable as a witness.

By contrast, MG has 1) demonstrated his use of pejorative terms, 2) a career of indisputable success in the movie business, 3) a still-wife Robyn who swears he was never physically abusive to her or any of their 7 children over their 30 year marriage, 4) never been accused of physical abuse of any child or woman before OG’s claims, 5) demonstrated his good parental attachment to this baby, 6) obeyed the court’s gag order, 7) protected his children from OG’s claims he abused them, 8) lived generosity towards many underprivileged through unpublicized charitable work, 9) featured many actors from discriminated groups in his movies including those which Hollywood would not make and which he financed entirely himself (e.g. The Passion of the Christ, Apocalypto), and 10) never said anything abusive about his wife Robyn (instead calling her “a saint” while readily admitting he is not one). These things make MG more credible to me eventhough I choose not to use the same terminology and pejorative terms that he does when in an obviously severe emotional state.

Further since OG alleged abuse of the baby in an effort to stop MG’s visitation (but also failed ever to report that to the authorities) the judge in the child support case reported that claim to Child Protective Services which made an investigation and found that MG had established a loving and good relationship with the baby and did not recommend any limits on his continuing visitation/custody with the baby. The judge in the child custody case relying on that CPS evaluation denied OG’s lawyer’s attempt to deny MG visitation with the baby.

Further, OG’s lawyers lied to the judge telling the judge that there was no child custody visitation agreement between the parties even though OG had previously signed one while represented by a lawyer. All this makes me not believe anything OG, any of her series of lawyers, or any of the series of PR folks say. It is interesting to see how frequently lawyers and PR folks quit on her or how frequently she fires them.

MG may have an obnoxious vocabulary, but using that vocabulary over the phone is not a crime. OG does not act like someone who has been abused.

As this all started when OG refused to allow MG have the agreed visitation with the baby on Father’s Day when she found out that he intended to spend that day with not only the baby but also with his other children and his wife Robyn. Why that sparked her moving to restrict or prevent MG’s visitation, one cannot say. She has said that her motivation has been (at various times) first because MG was not paying the child support agreed to, second (when the first excuse didn’t have a good PR effect) to protect the child, third because her lawyer hadn’t told her the conditions of the settlement agreement she had signed at the mediation, fourth to get MG to submit to psychiatric care, while all the time asserting that she wasn’t after MG’s money. Yet she has repeatedly asserted that she is broke and living on credit cards and MG isn’t paying enough to her.

Is OG upset because the money MG pays is paid in a way that she cannot abuse it, but is paid directly for housing, support, staff, car, medical care, insurance, etc. with the remainder doing to a trust for the baby administered by someone other than OG rather than in cash directly to her?

Is OG upset because MG figured out she was out for his money and has told her he will never marry her?

Is she upset because TD’s child support payments end in less than four years and she has no other visible means of support?

Does MG have problems -- yes. Did he have a serious alcohol-related problem in which he previously ranted politically incorrect manner? Yes. Did he complete all the conditions of his sentence for DUI so that the Judge praised him for doing more than was requested and demonstrating a serious effort to address his drinking? Yes. In fact the judge in his DUI expunged his conviction. Since then, has MG been proven to have returned to alcohol use or abuse? No. Did they cause the demise of his 30 year marriage? -- without a doubt. Will he be charged with domestic violence? We will see when the police which has indicated they have completed their investigation and the case is turned over to the prosecuting attorney to make the decision whether or not to charge him.

Does OG have problems -- yes. Will she be charged with extortion? We will see when the police complete their investigation and the prosecuting attorney makes a decision whether there is sufficient evidence to charge her.

Only time will tell what happens on the possibility of criminal charges.

If OG, as she claims, doesn’t want MG’s money --

Why has she asked for more than $15M of it? Why has she retained counsel to sue MG about “her” music? Why do her lawyers have another civil suit prepared to sue him for the domestic violence? Why is she asking the court to increase his child support payments? Why is she releasing information of a negative sort about MG when ordered by the court not to discuss the matters before it?

If OG, as she asserts, didn’t release the edited tapes of MG, who did and how did they get them when they were made by one person OG?

To me none of this makes sense. You clearly can make sense of this -- good on ya.

Now back to (other matters).

1496 days ago


Muppet, you're a hoot!

1496 days ago



If she doesn't get increased child support she will have to go back to prostitution.

Posted at 5:54 PM on Aug 18, 2010 by Paris

Did she ever stop?

1496 days ago


Team Mel and I just got home from my job, painting in a factory. Still got some blue paint on me.

1496 days ago
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