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Jen Aniston -- Credit Card Situation Was 'Not Cool'

8/19/2010 11:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston -- one of the  mega-stars allegedly scammed by a Beverly Hills "skin artist" who was arrested yesterday -- claims the whole situation was "not cool."


Aniston just appeared on "GMA" -- and explained, "We had a situation that was not cool so I just stopped going to her."

As TMZ first reported, U.S. Secret Service agents busted Maria Gabriela Perez yesterday for allegedly "skimming" credit card info from her famous clients -- like Aniston, Liv Tyler and Melanie Griffith -- and making more than $200k worth of fraudulent charges.

Aniston told GMA that her damage "wasn't to the extent of the other girls" ... but noted, "I knew something like this would eventually happen because there's no way you can get away with that. It's terrible."


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Who cares.

1504 days ago


I thought she called the other victims "girls", not herself...did I hear wrong? And I think the phrase "not cool" is just her way of downplaying ills that happen to her or awkward situations. I think she is savvy with her public persona and doesn't want to be overly bitchy so she calls things "uncool" (obviously wrongly thinking it sounds cooler to say it that way). Yes, she uses it too much but if that's the best her critics can come up with (that and the fact she works hard to keep a good figure/looks) they need to dig deeper. I have an idea: dump on her for not making action movies or having kids yet...oh, wait...

1504 days ago

solar panel    

J Aniston is far from dull. She can breeze through an interview. The problem in any interview is to hit the proper topics in the proper way, and having your credit cards abused is not fun and she's not about to give out any data. Simple. She's not going to have much to say about it. The interviewer was particularly dull, reminding me of those really dull conversations that sometimes must happen, such as two city workers discussing which curb design to use around the shopping mall. Ya, kind of dull. That "GMA" host needs a personality implant. He is not cool.

1504 days ago


She's the biggest phoney walking. She got out of "that world" about 5 years ago. What world - the world of getting facials? No way plastic lady. So what you're saying is you caught onto the lady long ago and got out - again BS. Then why didn't you report her then when you learned some "not cool" things were happening? If you're going to lie your butt off then at least rehearse it first and make up a credible story. You're trying to make it sound like you have a brain cell left Dumbo.

1504 days ago


"Not Cool" kind of like Angie sleeping with Brad when Jen was his wife.

Team Aniston all the way!

1504 days ago

solar panel    

All you people raining hail on Jennifer Aniston are just jealous and you love her but are too cowardly to express your feelings. You need to get into yoga, loosen up, groove out locally and get hip. Dig it!

1504 days ago


And to think there are people out there concerned about not getting enough food to eat! Poor Poor Jen!

1504 days ago


And to think there are people out there concerned about not getting enough food to eat! Poor Poor Jen!

1504 days ago


She's definitely not lying.. that mess was not cool at all and that lady better be glad she didn't do it to someone like Pink or some other bada$$ chick who would have gone back and stomped a mud hole in her a** LOL. Millionaire or not.. you just don't play with people's money!

1504 days ago


She is most certainly NOT a 'mega-star'. She's best known for a lame 90's sitcom, marrying Brad Pitt, losing Brad Pitt and a long string of unmemorable movie roles. Mega-star? ... give me a break.

1504 days ago


What do these celebs expect. Their ego's. They are ripe for rip off. "Skin Artist." Please. These celebs are FAKE EVERYTHING. Fake tan (always looks orange)fake hair, plastic surgery, botox, and the best is AIR BRUSHED AND PHOTO SHOPPED PHOTOS.

Just because they are dumb enough to think the more money charged the better it is. NO. They just have the money to get ripped off. Aniston your pushing 42 it's nature.

1504 days ago


A girl on the outside and a woman on the inside...Jen Anniston! I'd rather call her a friend any day than the emaciated vamp who makes violent movies (as the mother of a brood of children) who effed and a married man and, naturally, destroyed a marriage while both of them cowardly lied through their teeth about the ongoing affair. Hopefully, karma is just around the corner for Brad Pitt (just in case he hasn't suffered enough with her closed-door mental imbalance, yet).

1504 days ago


"not cool" was the same thing she said about Angelina Jolie ( ). Is anyone else SO sick of hearing about this woman? She has no talent whatsoever. Can anyone name a movie that she starred in that actually did well? Jennifer Aniston's time has come and gone.

1504 days ago

who dat    

Couldn't care less about Aniston, was over her years ago. Does anyone believe the Secret Service would investigate if you or i were scammed on our credit cards. Let's have a show of hands.

1504 days ago


No. 32 solar panel. Groove out and get hip????? Are you serious? My laugh of the day. There's no way I'm jealous of this "running scared - gettin old bag", She's a bore. And as for you, peace out dude.

1504 days ago
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