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Madonna Accused of 'Material Girl' Theft

8/19/2010 10:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A clothing company is taking legal action against Madonna, claiming the material girl has ripped off the "Material Girl" trademark.

L.A. Triumph, Inc. claims in a new lawsuit it's been marketing "Material Girl" clothing since 1997, selling millions of bucks worth of threads under its trademark.

According to the documents, obtained by TMZ, Madonna, aka Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, has jacked the name "Material Girl" for her junior clothing line Material Girl Brand -- which launched this year.

L.A. Triumph wants a declaration from a federal judge that Madonna's use of "Material Girl" creates "deception" in the marketplace. 

In addition to the declaration, L.A. Triumph wants the judge to order Madonna and her company to turn over all of the profits they've made from their clothing line.

We've called Madonna's rep.  So far, no comment.



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are you kidding? madonna is the "material girl" this is soooo ridiculous. someone is looking for publicity...ugh

1524 days ago


There can be SEVERAL people/companies owning the same trademark, as long as they are in different and non-competing businesses. Even if Madonna owned the trademark for music, that has no impact on somebody else owning it for fashion. For that matter, there's a Material Girl fabric/quilting store in Nebraska; *they* own the rights to the name for quilting goods. There's a line of shampoos and lotions called Material Girls; they've got their own trademark too.

If Madonna was not already operating a fashion business under the 'Material Girl' name before the clothing company, the clothing company gets first dibs. They can't sell music under the name, and she can't sell clothes.

1524 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Madonna is a freak...too bad I am not a gay Spanish dude...

1524 days ago


What is going on with the clothes this year. They are just awful. Who is designing these clothes. You would think the Madonna line would be great, but they are just as ugly as the rest.

1524 days ago


I wonder if Madonna has a trademark on the name Material Girl? If so, the clothing line should get sued. Is this such a thing as a de facto trademark? Everybody knows "material girl" refers to Madonna. Her song even said, "I am the material girl."

Posted at 6:38 PM on Aug 19, 2010 by pcox
okay so who gets the money from Ironman.
Black sabbath sang the song Ironman and even says it in the song..I am ironman
bet they dont get anything

1524 days ago


Madonna use to be known to alot of people as the material girl and has a song named material girl so the company that has the name could have very well took it from her.

As far as them suing you can not sue for profits made by Madonna just because the names are the same , you would only be able to sue for profits if the clothing were the same. The only thing you can do is take the person to court and demand they change there clothing line name.

Obviously that company is not very smart

1524 days ago

Michael Anthony    

Madonna ,I love you!

1524 days ago


L.A. Triumph, Inc...good luck on this one. This claim will be thrown right out of court! In fact, I'm betting that if Madonna pushes it...she can prove they have infringed upon her trademarked name. As others have said, she's been known as The Material Girl since the 80's. Stupid of them to even try to make this claim against her.

1524 days ago


madonna is irrelevant. how how long is she going to ride a catch phrase she put in a song? i think 25-30 yrs is enough, someone else beat her to the punch a long time ago.

1524 days ago


they should be thankful, people will want to buy madonna's marchendise

1524 days ago


What happened to her face. It looks like she ate ****. Go with the MJ thing and wear a mask. She is gross

1524 days ago


It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. I read all the case files for when Tommy Lee sued to get control over He ended up winning the case, which held similar merit in that he is a celebrity known forever as the brand "Tommy Lee."

You have to wonder if she can't countersue them for an infringement of some type?

1524 days ago

james hamlin    

i love madonna.she is the best!!!! she will win this!

1524 days ago


I can see if Madonna never uttered the word Material Girl or was never associated with the term, and then suddenly decided to start selling items under the name....BUT, that is not the case here. She wrote a song called Material Girl which was a huge early hit, long predating this other brand using the same term starting in 1997, which I'd made the case they STOLE from Madonna.

1524 days ago


she was hot in the 80's,not so hot this century

1524 days ago
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