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Kate Plus Back-to-School Shopping for 8

8/21/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin rounded up her eight offspring to take them back-to-school shopping at a department store in Pennsylvania today.
Let's hope she had a coupon.


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Fire Ice    

I may be the only one that think differently about Kate. She might have been bossey but I am sure he knew that about her way b4 the show. Now what is she suppose to do for money now that John is gone. Go back to being a nurse. If you had eight kid and was by yourself. How would you handle it... Would you sit there and let the state take care you or would you try and make money for yourself? If she goes back to being a nurse, do you think you would make enough money to take care of the eight, house, cars, schools, clothes and everything she has to maintain... 4real, put yourself in her shoe... Jon is a butt hole.. Period!!!

1437 days ago


As long as her kids are taken care of-who cares after that....

1437 days ago


my sister saw her at old navy and kate had the nerve to ask my sister to check in the back for a different size. Now mind you my sister doesnt work at old navy and was dressed in business attire because she was on her lunch break plus she had a purse. When my sister told her she didnt work there kate had the nerve to say to her oh you look like you worked here. What a bitch!!

Posted at 10:19 PM on Aug 21, 2010 by Carla Key

I saw Kate on this shopping excursion, it was around lunchtime. I asked her if Hooter's had hot Wings and she said, " how should I know", and I said I thought you worked there.

1437 days ago


Kate.....It is so sad to watch you literally begin to self-destruct over this past year. Why divorce Jon for running around, whoring, when you are looking as if YOUR value system is no different!! I honestly think that you are going to eventually lose your audience of moms because there are not very many moms who can relate to a woman who, sadly and honestly, looks like a hooker most of the time anymore. For your sake, and the sake of your children, please get some anger and grief counseling for yourself, and have a therapist help you with your emotional baggage from your childhood. You've got more class and potential than what you are showing the world right now, and I hope you get some help soon so that you can go on in life from this difficult place you've been. And start going to church will help you make things right in your life again.

1437 days ago


I've never watched the show. I don't think she looks like a stripper or any other sexual reference used here. I did see her on Dancing with the Stars. The luckiest person in the world is her ex. She was the meanest person and her dancing partner wanted to strangle her. She is pretty on the outside but has major demons in her soul.

1437 days ago

OMFG! Stop    

Her outfit is HORRIBLE for a shopping excursion with her children, when young chicks dress like that with the kids they are doing what khate is doing, looking for a baby the kHate lovers on here trying to trash Jon, he is staying out of the media, he doesn't have cameras on his kids that is the incubator doing that and at least the kids have fun when they are with Jon. Plus if Jon is such a deadbeat, not paying his child support do you honestly thing kHate wouldn't be all over my tv again crying her fake pity me Im a single mother and I have no money....

1437 days ago

Stay at Home Mom    

Go team Kate..... MINUS the new clothes. I have always supported Kate until lately, due to her new wardrobe !!! She looks like a cheap Vegas call girl. I hope that she gets her act together fast for the kids. PLEASE KATE.... it`s time to be a Mommy again.

1437 days ago


Check out

It's kept up to date by Aunt Jody and some of her family members who she has cut out of her life because she was scared of sharing the spot light.
I wish that evil woman harm. she's horrible to those children.

I have multiples as well as several other singleton children, yes it's stressful it has its up and downs, but my children NEVER look as miserable as those kids do. EVER!

There is something deeply wrong with her, and she is going to do something crazy to keep the spotlight on her, because she's addicted to the attention. I hope it doesn't endanger any of the children. :(

1437 days ago


I think she looks awesome. She is a young mother trying to support her young children. I just love how every one sits at home at there computers being so judge mental of her as if your life is so perfect and drama free. It is always easy to talk about another persons life, when the when the truth is you should be dealing with your own.

1435 days ago


Did anyone notice on entertainment tonight when kate was interviewing maragret cho (the one thats going to be in dancing with the stars) kate accidently got bump and she had a attitude face, she looked like she got mad. than she continued to put her fake smile on real quick.i have DVR i backed it up than put it on slow motion forward and noticed it. ET needs to quit hiring people like her kate has issues. i don't think she's all there sometimes. i think she's in kates world. now she wants to be an actress, she can't even act. she gave advice to bristol palin for dancing with the stars, she can't even dance.hopefully bristol didn't take her advice.

1428 days ago


I am sooooo sick of kate and her kids. I think the show should be cancelled!!!!!! Kate looks like a piece of trash. I would be ashamed if I was her child and my mom looked like that. Kate has no talent. I think the show and money went to her head and other places.

1415 days ago


They're unhappy cause they hate being followed around and having paparazzi in their face all the time! I don't agree with some of her fashion choices sometimes but nobody is perfect...who cares!

1413 days ago


Kate I would bang you

1401 days ago


I do not care if she is a bitch or not I would still f her

1401 days ago



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