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Gloria on Tiger Divorce:

He Broke a Lot of Hearts

8/23/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred is weighing in on the news Tiger Woods' divorce is finalized.

She tells TMZ: "Tiger Woods’ marriage appeared to be over long before it became final today. He has broken his wife’s heart and the hearts of many others. His apparent lack of honesty in his relationships doomed his marriage and caused a break that could not be repaired. I wish the best for Tiger’s children, Elin and Tiger as they all start a new chapter in their lives."

Allred continues, "Tiger can begin again but he should never forget the human wreckage that he has left behind and the fact that he has still not been fully accountable for the suffering that he has inflicted on women."


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Gloria has stole from a lot of people's wallets.

1487 days ago

Ms. Martinez    

Prostitution is illegal in this state and others as well but someone got 10 million for what? Massage therapy? Tiger was a follower of his idol...his Father...and like Father like son...he just followed in his foot steps..he just didn't have a wife that was like his for Elin ....a nanny to Tiger's ex wife....not bad for a couple of years why feel bad...she's made more than she would have in any other cir***stance.....and has two beautiful children as well.....

1487 days ago


HIS lack of honesty?! You are a piece of dirt just like all your whore clients. You would have to live under a rock to not know that he was a married man with kids. They acted like sluts so they get to deal with the consequences.

1487 days ago


Tiger is not fully accountable for the human wreckage? What should he do Gloria? Hack off us nuts so you can wear them around one of your turtlenecks. Should he do that before or after he writes out your check and the checks of all the whores you represented.

The only human wreckage in this is his wife and children. You and your whores were the vultures that picked on Elin and her children's bones.

1487 days ago


Human wreckage? Women aren't dummies. They know when they get involved with a married man, mostly likely they are being used. That is total BS. As for his wife? Yes, he is responsible for her feelings. She was cheated. Happens everyday.

1487 days ago


The ho bags got what they deserved, they knew he was married. In fact they got off easy, it is his poor wife and childred who have paid the price for the STUPID actions of others.

1487 days ago


Gloria should always remember: how do you bait a tiger? With another *****.

I have no sympathy for any of the women she represented. They were like hound dogs, onto the scent and couldn't say no.

1487 days ago

Don Martin    

I don't know who I hate to see flapping lips worse, Al Sharpton or Gloria the Ambulance Chaser, but if either actually ever had a cause that wasn't attached to a payoff I would be amazed.

1487 days ago


Anyone who is familiar with animal husbandry is familiar with animal nature and sexual desire and heat. For instance, a cow in heat will jump a fence if she smells a bull in the wind. She will travel miles, literally to get laid. These women knew he was married, but had no boundaries.

1487 days ago


First of all the only heart he broke was his wife heart all other bitches knew how famous he is and knew he was married all they wanted was fame and money that is it. They all knew he was married!!!!

1487 days ago


#70 ouy No, that's being to nice to Gloria lol!!
There isn't a woman out there now who doesn't know hey, screw a married celeb, tape him, film him, keep his txts and e-mails and if he doesn't leave wifey for you or dumps you and he's got money go find Allred lol!! This woman breaks marriages BEYOND repair by airing every dirty little secret, where, when, how often, what position, what he said at the time, in the media thus humiliating wifey and the kids of said cheat!! Tiger didn't break their hearts, but as they all crawled out of the woodwork looking for money these ho's and Gloria Allred put the nail in the coffin of his marriage!!
BTW not defending Tiger for cheating like this, I do think he was crucified in the media for what most men either think of doing or do in the real world!! He had told his wife, what killed the marriage was the spilling of all the juicy details in the press day after day after day!!
They say beauty comes from within, I guess Gloria Allred is a prime example of a black hearted, money grabbing witch - the spot is so perfect lol!! She probably got cheated on and hasn't got laid in years, hence the bitterness and choice of subject matter lol!!

1487 days ago

Mr Baxter    

Gloria "The Fame Whore Lawyer" Allred needs to go away.

1487 days ago


lol Emerald.. your statement is true.... I forgot about CIA tactics when dating a married man. Life just simply isn't simple anymore! No more birds and bees, its high tech gizmo manipulation.

1487 days ago



It is after all the whore she was defending not the wife. She may defend her clients well but its the wrong doer's she's defending not the wronged party. That's the problem. The whores she defends deserve the going rate of any hooker on a street corner, not the millions they get, or the percentage she gets for defending the same.

1487 days ago


For someone who collected a 1/3 or $3.3M of Tiger's money of Ucitel's $10M secret settlment, isn't it odd that Tiger's attorney didn't also request that Ucitel's relatives, friends, officers, representatives also NOT discuss anything TIGER? Odd...

1487 days ago
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