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Lindsay Lohan

Freedom May Be a Day Away

8/23/2010 8:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Lindsay Lohan case will issue an order tomorrow, and it could be Lindsay's ticket to freedom ... TMZ has learned.

Judge Elden Fox will issue an order tomorrow in Lindsay's case ... somewhere between 1:30 and 3:30 PM PT.  This follows a surprise appearance today in court by Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley ... but no one is talking about specifically what went down in the judge's chambers.

As TMZ first reported, the doctors at UCLA have recommended that Lindsay get out long before the 90 days imposed by the prior judge -- Marsha Revel

Sources have told us they expect Lindsay's release will probably come this week, to be followed by outpatient care. All signs point to Judge Fox executing this plan.

We'll be in court.  Stay tuned.


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Wow. I'm 44 years old and I don't have those wrinkles. The drugs have messed up her life, but smoking and sun have really ruined her fair skin.

1521 days ago


batten down the hatches
la la la la la loooohannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn is blowing into a bar near youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

1521 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

TMZ, I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1521 days ago


Leave her there!!! 90 days means 90 DAYS.. it's probably the safest she's been in years.. Here comes the next Anna Nicole...we'll be reading about her OD real..real..soon & have to put up with her sickening parents and raggidy little sister WHO will follow in her foot steps...Blah..Blah..Blah...

1521 days ago


Very soon, a HOT TIME in the old town! Get some snow, booze, pills and let's have a ho down! The failure clock is ticking...

1521 days ago


Straight from rehab to the nightclubs and bars. Dine making excuses for party-animal, and C-List supporting actress, drama queen train-wreck daughter.


Hollywood does not care about this washed-up drug addict bar-hopping nightclubbing has-been.

Lindsay Lohan does not sell movie tickets anymore. She sells website clicks since there is entertainment value in following her self-destruction on the Internet.

1521 days ago


just means her death will be that much sooner. Let her loose to do as she pleases until it kills her as it surely will. Maybe her mother and father will follow in her footsteps to he ll.

1521 days ago


Wonder how long before she'll be shopping for scripts..not for parts but for "approved" drugs. A little from one Dr and a little from another Dr...but honest judge, this comes from my Dr!!! Welcome to the world of Dr shop!

1521 days ago

JungleTails com    

Let's pop the champagne corks!

1521 days ago


It should never have been 90 even the doctors think that disgraceful Judge overreacted and the prosecution aren't opposing her early release.
90 days means nothing when the Judge has to recuse herself with the formal probation likely getting removed.

1521 days ago


Ugh, who cares anymore? They just need to let her hit rock bottom... hopefully that will happen before she ends up dead.

Twitter: @lissa_mercer

1521 days ago


Wonder what she looks like in person since she looks like **** in all her pictures except when she's partying it up. She always appears to be in pain like she's constipated from all her drugs. What a waste of life, but what do you expect when her parents are totally f'kd up!!!! They should all be put away for life.

1521 days ago


Bad idea to let that skank out. They should keep the wrinkled crone locked up until they find a cure for her HORRIBLE DUCK LIPS!

1521 days ago


Let's say Lohan gets out of rehab, have money get breaks.

Let's say Lohan gets wasted, only this time she hurts herself or someone else even if she is not driving.

WHAT'S THE FIRST THING MOMMY AND DADDY WILL DO...SUE. They will sue everyone they can for letting Lindsay out of rehab too early. They have got to make sure they keep getting that money comming.

1521 days ago


S. C. H. ......get her out of jail....get her out of rehab....get her free.....when she crashes and burns won't you be proud to say....look what I did for my client.....maybe you will have a few words to say at her funeral

1521 days ago
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