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Taylor Lautner's Emotional Distress Over Trailer

8/23/2010 8:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Lautner claims he's suffering from "emotional distress" and "annoyance" ... because his RV trailer wasn't delivered on time.


In a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Lautner claims he made a deal with McMahon's RV to purchase a personal trailer for around $300,000 ... a trailer he could use while shooting his new movie, "Abduction."

According to the suit, the deal was that the trailer would be tricked out and delivered by no later than June 21 ... but it wasn't.

Lautner claims breach of contract and fraud and wants unspecified damages.


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Pay the man then.

1522 days ago

Yo Mamma    

Who gives a ****! FIRST!!!!!!

1522 days ago


should have spent the money on a better nose job!

1522 days ago

Yo Mamma    

Second! Damn!

1522 days ago



1522 days ago


I purchased an RV thru them and they are really really bad! Very unreputable! I hope he wins lots of money for all us little guys who could not sue them!

1522 days ago


puh-leeze are pathetic. Grow up.

1522 days ago


Maybe he should have done his homework about this company. Let the buyer beware!

1522 days ago


poor little man. 'my $300k trailer was not delivered on time'. spoiled little douche.

1522 days ago

bring back recent posts must b stressful for him, hang on...I need to get some kleenex..brb

1522 days ago


He's famous, sure. But it's no different than any 'reglar Joe' ordering something, paying for it, and expecting a contract to be fulfilled. I support anyone who tries to right a wrong famous or not!

1522 days ago


You what?! Emotional distress because his super decked out trailer wasn't ready in time for the first day of shooting his new film?! Uh, maybe if you keep your wants a little more basic after all, rather than wanting diamond encrusted toilet seats, a mirrored ceiling for the master bedroom and ooh yes fur for the sofa lol!!
DIVA, DIVA, DIVA!!! No let me rephrase that NOBODY DIVA!!
Jeez, these little I want, I want up and comings need a dose of reality - you're lucky you got a trailer of your own lol!!
It's just his way of not having to pay for the damn RV in the first place, a con! No doubt he'll get whatever he wants to shut his mouth up and stop badmouthing them to other potential clients!! Mind you, since he's already aired their name they've got nothing to lose by going toe to toe with him on have they now lol!!
You want distress? Pakistan is up to it's neck in flood water, very little political funds for rescue work being supplied and the dead are rising daily!! The rescue aide is having to be supplied by public donations to the companies supplying aide!! Haiti was a massive disaster and aide was supplied quickly, Pakistan is drowning in the lack of funding for aide! You want me to give a F**K whether this idiot got his RV on time or not - these people just don't live in the real world, they are pampered, spoilt little brats who occasionally do us all the favor of appearing before us!! Tell him to sell the F*****G RV and send the funds to the Pakistan disaster aide fund, if they can live without food, water and in an f****g tree to escape, Taylor can share an RV with someone else and crap in the portable johns like everyone else on the film set!!!
You may not all agree that saving the millions drowning, dying and in need of help is worthy of more time than this ****, but when I read stories like this I get angry!! I don't normally litter my comments with so many profanities but this story sucks and it just shows how very little grasp on reality these people have and it's about time that changed!!

1522 days ago


Try getting a real job that requires something other than showing your can't act!!! You don't deserve the $$ you're being paid!!! Try working and doing something significant for a change, ie: being a nurse and saving lives, being on your feet and having to use your little brain for 12 or 16 hours to save are so insignificant!!!

1522 days ago


When gets some talent and becomes famous for something more than abs. then "maybe he can complain. So sick of these bunch of crybabys.....try working a 12 or 16 hrs as a nurse...then complain..

1522 days ago

RJ Hunt    

McMahon's RV...Worst RV Dealer in the nation...Should have done a little more research...Hope he gets his money back.

1522 days ago
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