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Woman Tosses Cat in Garbage Can (Yes, Really)

8/23/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman in Coventry, England was caught by a surveillance camera petting a stray kitten ... and then tossing it in a garbage can.


Word is the cat was found 15 hours later in good shape. Let's hope they catch the crazy woman.

(Thanks to Gawker.TV for spotting this)


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Somebody better throw that B!TCH in a garbage can, STAT! She's a waste of a human being, and in my opinion, the cat's life is more important than hers.

She could have at least done the humane thing and let him run FREE or give him to the animal shelter. I hope ASPCA adopted him.

Yes, cudos to the previous comment! She should have been swallowed, not conceived....

1522 days ago


lady..... i hope you get thrown into a trashcan, for like 38473294 days with no food or water. Biiiiiiish.

1522 days ago


I grew up not far from this street, although I don't live there anymore. I can pretty much guarantee that 'someone' will deal with this women - they released her name this afternoon and I could find her address and telephone number within 60 seconds - I'm sure someone else will do the same. Anyone that can treat a defenseless and trusting creature this way, at least deserves to be treated in a similar manner.

1522 days ago


They found her. Her name is Mary Bale.

1522 days ago


what the HELL?!?!?!?!?!?!

1522 days ago


Unbelievable. She's the one the coppers are protecting"

"She has since been given police protection — after sickened animal lovers bombarded her with death threats. Police stepped in today and informally offered the bank worker, aged around 50, protection. Officers are now on duty outside her home."

hahha... So it's ok what she did. Let's protect the inhumane b*tch who committed assault on an innocent animal.

1522 days ago


To respond to some earlier posts. No, cats are not soulless are. If God created them, they are worthy of respect and care. Sigmund Freud said "never trust a person who hates cats" and I don't. I can't stand those kind of people.

1522 days ago


I heard they had guards around her house to protect her from "angry animal lovers." Why?

I think they should wait until the guards are gone and put her in a garbage can...long enough to give her a taste of her own medicine but not long enough to kill her. I would hate to see an animal lover go to jail.

1522 days ago


That is beyond sad :( so glad someone found the cat!

1522 days ago


can you believe the woman has police protection because she is recieving death threats?? just goes to show how messed up the uk justic systems is, she doesnt want death threats then dont do cruel stuff like that.|uk|dl3|link4|

1522 days ago


WTF is wrong with that woman? whats her problem, throwing a innocent cat into a trash can :/ i hope they find her soon.

1522 days ago


that is so ****ED up. this lady should be in a trash can for 15 hours u freaking bitch.

1522 days ago


that woman oughta be horse whipped... i am so disgusted by her.. i hope they find that biatch and toss her in the trash... she was displacing her anger on that cat.. we need to stop animal abuse .. i'm sure they will find that s*** bag... poor kitty ...

1522 days ago


Everyone found out who the woman is, and now she is under police protection because people were making death threats and harassing her. Apparently her name and address had been found out online because so many people have watched the video.

So, apparently, no justice will be done.

For those of you who say, "What's the big deal, it's a garbage can?" Imagine you being stuck in one of those smelly, awful things in the middle of the heat we've been having this summer. Especially considering the poor kitten's nose is so much more sensitive than hours. And it could have starved to death, been crushed, suffered heat stroke, taken out with the trash collection, etc. How clueless can you be to think this is no big deal?

At first, I thought maybe it was some delusional old lady. But the video obviously shows her looking around to make sure no one sees what she is doing. And she looks like she is getting off on what she's doing. Sick.

1522 days ago


They caught her, it was on TV, she should get a hefty fine and in my opinion , do a few months in the slammer. That cat sat in there for 15 hours. before she does her time they should put her in a garbage an like that for 15 hours nd see how she
likes those apples.

1522 days ago
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