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Beyonce -- New Bikini, Same Old Yacht

8/24/2010 9:50 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Even while vacationing on a yacht in the south of France, Beyonce can't help but strike a pose like she's on a photo shoot.


Then again, Bey's life is like living in a music video.


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Beyonce, a 50 year old mother of ten called she wants her big old fat butt back. Girl you look like crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1519 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Her husband is a homosexual she has to advertise. Since it is obvious folks are tired of a seemingly pretentious woman who speaks and sings like and angel and dresses like a hoar and says she is christian. Last time I checked that type of
behavior(s) does not a christian make. She will now get pregnant or pretend she is pregagnat to have a baby or some type of drama to get more frivolous attention to be paid while our children idolize this behavior. Her commercials and MTV videos in this month of August and the latter part of July. It must be leading to something?
Don'y hear about her mama and dad no more either...hmmmmm. How is her new baby brother from another mother?

1519 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

I have 3 coworkers who are hotter. Nothing to see here.

1519 days ago


she did good for her kind....lets boycott the useless spencer pratt and ex

1519 days ago


hahahah...poseurs. I would hit that and so would you. Now Tig might not. He seems to prefer the white meat. And he does get to choose.

1519 days ago


#11 mjfan212

So are you saying that people are only allowed to post comments if it's only positive? You might think they're lame but at least they're not fakers! If you think TMZ is so played out then why are YOU even on here? Your a dumbass! Get an education so you can learn to not contradict yourself!

1519 days ago


Why all the hate for Beyonce?! She's a very beautiful and talented woman who works hard for her money! Unlike the no talent Paris Hilton; Kim Kartrashian; Heidi Montag to name a few. Beyonce does not go out and do nonsense to keep herself relevant in the news. No sex tapes for her unlike the others I just mentioned! You go Beyonce do your thing!

1519 days ago


Yeah, most of us work hard for our money too-at REAL jobs.

1519 days ago

Wanda from S.C.    

Rhianna is much hotter, Beyonce you are old and washed up.

1519 days ago


I have to agree with numbers 1, 2, 3 & 7

1519 days ago

get a life ho    

her videos suck !
she sucks !

she's married to the ugliest camel .,.,.,.vomit

this is news TMZ ? I'd rather see Paris's ugly patio furnature and her in that towel again .

1519 days ago


so many jealous women on tmz. Hating beyonce wont make you pretty, sorry.

1519 days ago


Well honey if you work so hard at your "Real Job," then maybe your boss will give you a raise of a couple of million!

1519 days ago

No Surprise    

I agree, "who goes sailing on a yacht with those big old earrings on.";Mason's who have sold their souls to the industry that's who. I really wish that the media would cover stories that are really worth while. I hate to say it, but I really could give a "F" what Bey and Jay are doing from one moment to the next. A hip hop fan I am but I question most of it's artist who ac***ulate so much wealth in such little time, are tight fisted and vain. One day the truth will all come out. These people "live thier lives like a music video" indeed while serving nothing but the devil.

1519 days ago


Since when is being in your late 20’s old? You may not realize that entertainers, actors, etc. work hard at what they do. Also, she takes vacations just like, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and so on. Sometimes I laugh at all the hate and hidden racism. Because she keeps eveyone out of her business you all hate her. Hi and Bye haters. LOLOLOLOL

1519 days ago
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