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Lindsay Lohan

Released from UCLA Rehab

8/25/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been released from the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital ... TMZ has confirmed.

Lindsay was released after 23 days at the Hospital.  Lindsay will receive outpatient care for the foreseeable future.

We're told the doctors at UCLA were very clear with Judge Elden Fox ... they felt Lindsay should be released from the facility immediately, and the judge saw it their way.

Judge Marsha Revel had previously ordered Lindsay to spend 90 days at UCLA.
A court hearing is scheduled tomorrow, although we've learned Lindsay will not be there.


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I better get the stretch-limo waiting outside the Chateau Marmont.... you know, the one with power cocaine dispensers, built-in shoe rack and Belvedere on tap. I smell a BIG tip!

1485 days ago


Lindasay Lohan's mommy and daddy need money

1485 days ago

Judi Mills    

The justice system in the U.S. is even more f**cked up than Australia. Lindsay should still be in Jail - the tears in Court made me sick, there was NEVER chance of her serving the full 90 days. I expect her to end up like Anna Nicole Smith but with less dignity.

1485 days ago


She got two DUI's one after another and caught with coke both times. Skips a probation violation hearing on purpose and doesn't follow the rules while continuing to drink the whole time on probation. Then only does 13 out of 90 days in jail and 30 out of 90 in the rehab center. I'm sorry but this pisses me off. I had a much smaller charge of DUI, no drugs, no probation violation and I had to serve every minute of my sentence AND I had a $60...0.00 an hour lawyer in Washington state. I'm sick of this spoiled bitch. She has problems and they played it down big time. She must be a better actor than I thought, she snowed them at the rehab. How is she ever going to take any of this seriously if they continue to spoil her like her parents (mom) does. Sorry Linds, you lost another supporter at this point. Go party it up and I guess when you finally kill yourself or someone else reality will finally crash down. You DO have problems that can't possibly have already just been sorted out.

1485 days ago


Jake at #113 said "The only thing I can think of is that they are just taking it one issue at a time. And now that they have her off Adderall they think they need to let her go outpatient to see if that was sufficient."

You might be right on the mark. I was just thinking that maybe they figure she has to learn to cope in her "natural environment", getting her back into it while she is still tethered to outpatient rehab all day and only unleashed at night would be a way to do that (rather than tossing her back into it all after longer inpatient rehab). If the court keeps her on strict probation with frequent drug testing - might work. She needs a strong counterweight to "mom" and "friends" to have a chance to get real control over things. Maybe the short time in jail has scared her enough that she'll cooperate with the probation terms in full this time. The real trick will be to set it up so she can't weasel out of it to allegedly "go to work". She needs to take care of this business first, as she should have originally. She was not a good candidate for informal probation.

My gosh, this sounds like one of those do***entaries about releasing animals back into the wild gradually, doesn't it?!?

1485 days ago

Jade evergreen    

What funny most of nonfans want Lindsay to get help while rabbid hardcore fan are making excues and enablers Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay going back to doing drugs and drinking at club until wee hours in the and she never going to chnaeg since she no wrong what she is doing to her life and slap on the wrist for Lindsay Lohan and she bought her way out again.

1485 days ago


#96 Catherine - Not necessarily "optimistic", but she will be on formal probation for the next 2 years as part of her original sentence (not the one Judge Revel gave her)...
"IF" she survives that, she will surely return to her wanton and wicked ways...She's all too predictable, and still on her path of destruction...These EXCUSES are only buying her time...
I still say within the next 2 years we'll be reading her obituary instead of seeing her name in any relevant credits...

1485 days ago


I bet her release is based on legal arguments and not on therapeutical ones. This girl will be dead within a year...

1485 days ago


1485 days ago


Finally justice has been done Now she can speak out about her ordeal
Posted at 5 :57 PM on Aug 24 , 2010 by Nicole

Yes....she has been SUCH a victim! Lol
Nicole, u are sooo blinded by her celebrity status.
What are we going to see as your first post when she kills herself or someone else?
"why didn't somebody help her?"

1485 days ago


I dont give two ****s about Lindsay. She is just another dried up Hollywood actress. She is old enough to know better. She still chooses to drink, pop pills and do drugs. She better be prepared to deal with the consequences. I'm not talking about jail or rehab (lmao...please why waste her time). She gets special treatment because she is a star. Let me rephrase, she used to be a star. She is a nobody now. Just a broke, dried up, drug addicted, alcoholic, pill popping waste of space. She is NO better than anybody else. If Lindsay doesnt get her act together she will be meeting her maker much sooner than she thinks.

1485 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

#110 "all she's learned so far is how to beat the system. Very sad"
And now she is teaching her kind how to do it too.

1485 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

#110 "all she's learned so far is how to beat the system. Very sad"
And now she is teaching her kind how to do it too.

1485 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

"Dina...wants to fight with you."
Bring that bi&ch on. I'll go a couple of rounds with her.

1485 days ago

LA Native    

wow, am I glad I am out of the country, instead of driving down PCH....hmm.

1485 days ago
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