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Spencer to Heidi -- We Need Couples Counseling!

8/26/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Spencer Pratt still believes there's a chance to save his marriage to Heidi Montag as long as they get some "relationship counseling" -- and sources close to the couple tell us Heidi is totally on board.


We're told Spencer -- who's currently hocking sex tapes starring himself, Heidi and a Playmate -- still "loves" his estranged wife ... and is willing to do whatever it takes to stop the divorce.

In fact, we're told Spencer has finally admitted to having a "fame addiction" ... and wants to seek help for that too.

As for Heidi -- we're told she's down to work things out ... despite all of the public drama he's put her through recently.

Stay tuned ...



No Avatar


counseling by who? Larry Flynt?

1517 days ago


Come on TMZ - They're friggin on vacation together! Would you please stop with this sh*t.
It's all a scam and you guys eat it up. Stop feeding the troll!

1517 days ago


enough already... These two are dirt bags. They are getting way too much attention from this site.

1517 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

I hope these two kooky kids work it out. If not -
Calling Steve Hirsch: allow me 1 week in the gym & 2 tanning sessions, then hire this O.D.B to ‘‘‘PROPERLY’’’ re-bang a few of these video-vixens, starting with Heidi and working backwards.

I'll get these chicks to go ‘RAPTOID’ on me MR., unchain their evil-inner princesses, and forever redefine internet porn impiety. In comparison the Spencer & Heidi video will be about as erotic, and saleable as a grainy, 1980’s, betamax tape of Al and Tipper Gore square-dancing at a Michael Dukakis fundraiser .

I don’t know if I’ve ever met this Heidi chick, but I know this much; I already grasp the mechanics of her vagina better than this Pratt kid EVER will. Also I’d like the song “My way,” by The Sex Pistols to be playing during the money shot. This is where I will turn toward a framed photo of Spencer, point to it like a modern day Babe Ruth overlooking center field, and then release. I need a good porn name though, so I’ve been thinking about going with ***mings. Can you say ***mings here?

Cha-booom!! . . .Is this mic. live?

Old Jewish woman puffing cig from back of dimly lit room: "Get off the stage. . . you’re bombing kid, you’re bombing.”

1517 days ago


What about the Vivid deal? Heidi is getting her breasts reduced so she can have normal breast fed kids...

1517 days ago

Peter Cannon    

All this stuff is very sickening for an American living abroad. How can the public lap up the crap these two put out each week. In reality they should both either be in jail or working for six bucks an hour at McDonalds. For these two to be making a living as they are now is a shameful indictment of American society itself.

I want to bring my kids back home in a couple of years. But not to stuff like this.

1517 days ago

Sad sad    

They have a book. It's all a part of the plan. lol

1517 days ago


spen(d)er looks hotter and hotter every time i see him. i'm looking forward to his naked tapes, yea!!

1517 days ago

Sad sad    

oh gawd

1517 days ago


When will these two fruitcakes just go away?!?!?

1517 days ago


Seriously TMZ?
As if they ever actually split. The fact that you guy give them the attention they're begging you for takes a hell of a lot of your credibility and flushes it down the toilet. Quit reporting on these two, morons. They want publicity and they've made this entire ridiculous break-up/home movie thing up from the beginning. TMZ is becoming a f*cking joke.

1517 days ago

what He said    

Yeahhhhhhh!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy! Wooo wooo

Speidi news!! I hope they work it out.

Spencer without Heidi is like apple pie without cheese and

a kiss without a squeeze.

Spencer is ma man!

1517 days ago


god what a waste of bandwidth these two are
bandwidth, airwaves, time, money, attention
they should be working at a mcdonalds yet here they are again using oxygen that could be put to better use

1517 days ago


Tip #1 - Shave that lame ass beard off. It's a good start -then lose the attitude and extortion approach..try being real..if you can.

1517 days ago


Why do you keep reporting on these two ass hats? Times up on the "fame" for these it's just gotten pathetic.

1517 days ago
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