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Timbaland -- Cops APB: 'Possible Suicide Attempt'

8/25/2010 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Timbaland was the subject of a manhunt yesterday after his family believed he was so distraught over the theft of a $2 million piece of jewelry he might harm himself ... this according to law enforcement sources.

According to sources, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department put out a "possible suicide attempt" APB just before 5 PM PT yesterday.  A helicopter and squad cars went on the hunt for the rapper/producer's Escalade.

Here's what we're told happened ... Timbaland was on the phone earlier in the day with his brother-in-law ... deeply upset about something.  We're told one of the things that was eating at him was a theft at his Malibu residence a day before.  Someone had stolen a crazy expensive Jacob & Co. watch -- valued at $2 million -- and Timbaland suspected it might have been someone he trusted.

Timbaland left his home yesterday and began driving.  Family members couldn't locate him, became extremely worried and called the Sheriff's Department.

We're told the helicopter located the Escalade, ground crews pulled Timbaland over and began talking to him.  At some point they put Timbaland in a patrol car and took him to his residence, where they continued speaking with him and family members.

Deputies called for paramedics to come and evaluate Timbaland.  After the evaluation, paramedics determined Timbaland was not a threat to himself and left. 

We're told the Sheriff's Department is investigating the theft of Timbaland's jewelry and they have possible suspects.

Timbaland's rep could not be reached for comment.

0825_timbaland_small_audioUPDATE: Timbaland just called into Ryan Seacrest's radio show, and confirmed someone stole something from him and that he was upset about it ... but says there was definitely no suicide attempt.

Timbaland said he simply took a drive to clear his head, when someone got a little too worried about him and called the cops.



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Why don't people have insurance on there jewlrey. If he wants to spend 2 million on whatever that is his business.

1483 days ago


Stupid family, waste police time.....for a rapper and producer like him $2 million come and goes.

1483 days ago


Clearly you guys don't know what today is. Today 9 years ago Aaliyah, Timbaland's best friend died. Don't you think his sudden emotional distress may have something to do with his unresolved emotions for what happened to her. His wife looks so much like Aaliyah it's creepy. I think today is a sad day for him and yesterday he couldn't cope with having to face it.

1483 days ago


Hi Profile Celebs value thier money and fame more than life... Us common folk see this everyday. There are so many recent examples. i don't find any reason to insult anyone but its truly sad.

1483 days ago


yall are a bunch of ******* damn, first timbo is not a rapper he is a producer, and most yall cry your ass off if your phone got stolen and get really pissed imagine if your watch worth 2 mill got stolen buy someone close

1483 days ago


For the millionth time a$$-monkeys...IT WASN'T ABOUT THE JEWELRY!!! TMZ just put it that way to give all you clowns riled up. He was distraught about being betrayed!!! Ya'll just wanna dog someone so continue...but it's deeper than that. Someone he trusted and loved betrayed him. That would make anyone upset whether it was a $2 watch or a $2M watch!!


1483 days ago


I think if anyone were going to kill themselves over anything it wouldn't be over a stolen $2 million watch... it would be over the $2 million wasted on a stupid f*cking watch.

1483 days ago


Thats silly I'm sure he has insurance on it ! Like how does his life equal a piece of jewelery sheesh !!

1483 days ago


such a schmuck

1483 days ago


It didn't say he attempted suicide. I can image that it would get you down to realize the person or people you thought you could trust betrayed you by stealing from you.

A normal human emotion even rappers have emotions so why does he have to be a dumbass?

1483 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Celebrities are so materialistic.... Commiting suicide because of a piece of jewelry? Now that is pitiful!!!

1483 days ago


Maybe he was distraught not over just the watch but that someone he trusted stole it from him!!! gees people wouldn't you be upset if someone close to you stole something from you?! I know I would be upset!

1483 days ago


AGAIN!!..He wasn't going to kill himself over the Dang watch! He was on his way to kill the person who stole it, but his wife didn't want to say that to the police so she told them she thought he might be planning to hurt himself...

1483 days ago


why would he commit suicide if someone stole from him? makes no sense… call police or yuh *****z and get it sort out.
on the other hand, no matter how rich you are, thats real silly to buy a 2Mil watch… dats jus' crazy.
deserves to be stolen
asking to be stolen
whoever stole it knows its worth, dats why they took it

1483 days ago


Get a life.

1483 days ago
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