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Kelly Ripa & Hubby: Still Happily Married ... with Abs

8/30/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Showing off their tone and tan physiques together, Kelly Ripa and her hunkband Marc Consuelos cooled off at the beach in the Hamptons this weekend.


After fourteen years of marriage, the 39-year-old couple's relationship is still in amazing shape.


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Are you serious? Kelly looks horrible. Shame on you TMZ. This woman is not normal.

1524 days ago


she looks anorexic. NOT healthy, NOT toned!

A healthy body looks different.

TMZ, I don't know why you "promote" sickly looking people, anorexic like this one or obese like Gabby... Healthy means something else... Honestly.

1524 days ago


If the camera adds 10-15lbs..can't imagine what she looks like in person..too thin doesn't equal healthy..she can afford to gain a few pounds..

To #8 (Sherry Roxy) - take your flippin SPAM-ASS somewhere else..TMZ, block these idiots..

1524 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Wow...she gives new meaning to the term anorexia looking.

What is weird about their family I have discovered watching teh Regis and Kelly show. Regis and kelly had a bet if either of their baseball teams; that Regis lost the bet he would babysit her children. Her child faced the camera and stated " I hope he finds me attractive." Why would a child say that unless they are pimping their children out to further their careers?
That as creepy to hear as her body to see.

1524 days ago


WTF is wrong with her body? How can anyone say that looks good?! Barf.

1524 days ago


Ewww is the first thing that came to mind. So unattractive and even hard to look at, especially the bones sticking out of her chest. So gross, I can't imagine any guy thinking that is sexy.

Hey guys, would you rather have a Kelly Ripa or a bit meatier girl even if she had a bit of cellulite?

1524 days ago


Somebody feed Ms. Ripa a sandwich or something, would ya!

1524 days ago


how is she fit, she looks anerexia

1524 days ago


Hell......I'd hit it.......

1524 days ago


Well I started from the bottom and looked up and she looked fine until I got to the top of her bikini bottoms, then yikes! Far far too skinny! Please don't promote this as healthy TMZ! No wonder we have young girls starving themselves.

1524 days ago


Has anyone noticed? Not one comment about Marc?......................just 'The CARCASS!'

1524 days ago


Kelly you need to stop you look leathered and about 90. It's not right on you and you have to start looking after your weight.

1524 days ago


i am a fan of Kelly but that is not right what has happened to her ? how do you get like that? why do you think that looks good?

1524 days ago


I am sorry to say that her body is NOT beautiful at all. She want to look like Madonna.

1524 days ago


oh wow:( thats bad. a few years ago one of my male friends took me aside and said lay off the weights you have too much definition and starting to look strange. this must have been what he meant, strange indeed! i actually got rid of any weights i had over 10lbs and now i mainly do yoga, i have a much more streamlined look, even though i didn't gain any weight the proportions are better and those concavities, i hope i didn't have that too;{ yucky!!! i still have breast bones that show but no ribs are showing and i have a waist. someone please be a friend to kelly and tell her to ease up girl! wow, and here i was thinking he was referring to madonna!! madonna looks good compared to this.

1524 days ago
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