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Dog-Eat-Dog Victim Had a Future in Modeling ...

8/31/2010 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger -- the 2-year-old Maltese allegedly killed by Sam Ronson's bulldog yesterday -- wasn't just some mangy mutt ... she had a career going for herself as a professional doggy model.


Just last month, Tiger -- 14-years old in dog years -- hit the runway for the "Pattern for Paws" charity dog fashion show in West Hollywood ... but it also appears she hit the bottle.

Tiger, seen above next to a glass of chardonnay sauvignon blanc, had her vices like any up and coming model ... but she also had spirit ... a spirit that was silenced far too soon due to unnecessary dog-on-dog violence.

Last night, Sam Ronson -- whose doggy Cadillac is accused of carrying out the alleged murder -- tweeted the following message, "I feel incredibly sad and wish I could offer more than condolences, unfortunately there are no words to describe how sorry I am."


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Jesse James Hater    

You rotten B A S T A R D. This little dog was a person too.
I hate you for what you have done and I hope you go to jail for a good long time.

1484 days ago


Actually, number 22, the little dog wasn't a person. It was a little dog.

And generally, people don't go to jail when their dog kills another dog.

1484 days ago


# 16 - You are so right - What a sweet little dog! No doubt Tiger's owner took good care of him and is devasted. Ronson should be held accountable as she is responsible for keeping her dog under control. I have trained several dogs under the supervision of professional dog trainers and the human sets the tone for the behavior of the pet. All I have to say is woof...woff!

1484 days ago


i heard neither dog was attended the maltese was roaming the hall on its own..............why? is that where she let it out to go poop? notice the police didn't take sam's dog away. the rest of the building may be celebrating no more un-attended maltese pooping in the halls. i have toy dogs and i think they are really cute but i understand that not everyone does. shocker i know but its true!

1484 days ago


Oh, she's going to be giving a lot more than condolences. This girl is going to be sued big time!

1484 days ago


Sam does not feel the least bit sad and is DOGGING responsibility by whisking the offending dog across the country to keep it from being seized. It should have been seized yesterday after the attack occurred. Another case of starts getting preferential treatment. This dog will attack again. Hopefully it's next victim is not an innocent child.

1484 days ago


Harvey claims to be an animal lover? Sure doesn’t seem that way.

1484 days ago


This is a third offense for this dog. It should be put down. Sam Ronson knew this when she sent the dog to doggy rehab. She should be held crimminally liable just like the couple in SF. Also sending the dog out of state is just plain WRONG! I hope she is held accountable for the grief she, and ONLY she, inflicted on that poor owner and her dog.

1484 days ago


why is everyone so upset about a dog? so it died. its not a person move on

1484 days ago


im sure a dog who is 14yrs old has a modeling career, thats like saying someone who is 75 is getting a fresh start in modeling/acting. i feel sorry for the owner but lets not exaggerate things. i think sam should buy this lady a new doggy and pocket book stuff a few 100's in there and call it a day. seems fair for all the pain and suffering.

1484 days ago


There are no bad dogs...only bad owners

1484 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Hope Sam's doggy insurance is up to date, otherwise she's going to be working for free for the next 10 years.

1484 days ago


What a pack of ****bites you all are. A dog is a dog. Maltese are known for aggresive behavior. Little thing might have gone at Sam's dog and it was just defending itself. If the Maltese was as small as stated, unfortunatly, it wouldn't be that hard for it to have been killed in a fight.

Some of you posters are cruel for the things you say. And yes, Karma is a bitch, I'd watch what you say ****ing morons.

1484 days ago


Poor dog. Was either on a lease? Probably not! Doesn't sound like it or you could have pulled them apart. Maltese dogs are known for being ankle biters/aggressive to other dogs. Sad but true.

1484 days ago


Dang people-sh*t happens like this everyday. Get a damn grip.

1484 days ago
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