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Dog-Eat-Dog Victim Had a Future in Modeling ...

8/31/2010 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger -- the 2-year-old Maltese allegedly killed by Sam Ronson's bulldog yesterday -- wasn't just some mangy mutt ... she had a career going for herself as a professional doggy model.


Just last month, Tiger -- 14-years old in dog years -- hit the runway for the "Pattern for Paws" charity dog fashion show in West Hollywood ... but it also appears she hit the bottle.

Tiger, seen above next to a glass of chardonnay sauvignon blanc, had her vices like any up and coming model ... but she also had spirit ... a spirit that was silenced far too soon due to unnecessary dog-on-dog violence.

Last night, Sam Ronson -- whose doggy Cadillac is accused of carrying out the alleged murder -- tweeted the following message, "I feel incredibly sad and wish I could offer more than condolences, unfortunately there are no words to describe how sorry I am."


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So sorry about the dog. Just have to say something else. I'm working in Chicago with 15 other people. I asked all of them who the heck is Sam Ronson and nobody had a clue. Is this person really a celebrity?

1479 days ago


We have a leash law here... I can't believe she could not stop her dog from killing that little dog. I wonder if even tried.

1479 days ago


Dogs take on the personality of their owner. That says a lot about Ronson.

1479 days ago


Irresponsible dog owners all around here. Why would dogs be running around in the hallways of an apartment building unsupervised?!! I just don't get people - and for those on here that have cruel things to say - YOU SUCK. PEOPLE in general suck if you ask me. Power to the animals!

1479 days ago


Yes the answer is to have your dog put down and you pay the victim millions of dollars. So instead of waiting for her to sue you her offer to pay her 10 million.

1479 days ago


im sure a dog who is 14yrs old has a modeling career, thats like saying someone who is 75 is getting a fresh start in modeling/acting. i feel sorry for the owner but lets not exaggerate things. i think sam should buy this lady a new doggy and pocket book stuff a few 100's in there and call it a day. seems fair for all the pain and suffering.

Posted at 8:16 AM on Aug 31, 2010 by kiki

The dog was 2 years old, 14 years old in dog years

1479 days ago


Both dog owners are in the wrong - you shouldn't let your child run around free in a hallway why would you let your dog (you should always know where your dog is at -take responsibility - it's the poor dogs that suffer)

1479 days ago


Well that tweet just makes everything alright then doesn't it... Stupid B_.
There's no excuse for this. Get better friends Sam or just don't trust people with your responsibilities.

1479 days ago


Actually I suspect she will be offering more than condolences. I'm pretty sure she'll have to offer up a bunch of money too to make this go away.

1479 days ago

No comment    

If that were my dog that was killed, I'd take it on Sam. Flippin troll...

1479 days ago


Why was Samantha's dog loose and on his own to begin with? I am heartbroken this beautiful girl was lost. What an awful way to die. I wish her family much comfort at this obviously sad time. Tiger is beautiful. RIP gorgeous.

1479 days ago


Her wish is granted. Oh, she will cough up more than just condolences on twitter.

1479 days ago


Sadly, the dog needs to be put down. Ronson is a complete moron and she's lucky as hell Cadillac didn't maul a person.

1479 days ago


35. Dogs take on the personality of their owner. That says a lot about Ronson.

Posted at 8:29 AM on Aug 31, 2010 by Fan
That's really not true. Dogs have their own personalities. However, I do think this dog is kept isolated too long away from other animals and people. And it probably doesn't get the exercise it needs.

1479 days ago


There may no be any words to express her sorrow but a BIG cash settlement seems in order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Control your pets and children or pay the price!!!!

1479 days ago
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