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Hostage 911 at Discovery Channel:

Man with Gun

9/1/2010 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A man wielding a gun and possibly carrying an explosive device is holed up at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring, MD -- and now he's been identified by the network as radical environmentalist -- James Jay Lee -- who has had a grudge against Discovery for years.

Discovery Channel Hostage
Lee recently published a manifesto listing his demands to the Discovery Channel ... including the immediate stop to "encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human infants."  Lee also lashes out about Discovery Channel programs promoting war and technology.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... Lee was arrested during a protest in 2008 for disorderly conduct outside the Discovery Channel headquarters.

After the gunman entered the building earlier today ... an employee told a local TV station, "We heard, pop, pop, pop, pop pop."

A day care center in the building -- with 100 kids -- has been evacuated.

The SWAT team is on scene. The drama has been unfolding since around 1 PM ET.

UPDATE: Lee is reportedly demanding to speak with Discovery Channel executives.

Law enforcement officials confirm that Lee is still holding a "small number" of hostages. Officers have not confirmed the exact number of people being held.

Cops also say ... they believe Lee has a number of metallic containers strapped to himself that could be explosive devices.

UPDATE 12:30 PM PST: A source on the scene tells TMZ the SWAT team has just entered the building.

UPDATE 12:55 PM PST: The local police chief is set to address the media in the next few minutes.

UPDATE 1:03 PM PST: Cops say they have not confirmed any injuries so far.

Story developing...

Discovery Channel Hostage


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If you don't like discovery channel, don't see it. Why people think that they MUST change everyone's opinion? Why they think that their ideas are better than everything else?

1491 days ago


Al Gore should be so proud...he finally inspired someone in and around Washington. (this building is maybe 3 miles from the District line)

1491 days ago


I, too, hate Faux Noise with a passion. I muted TMZ's audio feed because of it, and flipped on my TV and watched CNN and MSNBC. When they were in commercial break, I switched to Faux Noise to see what comedy they were presenting and sure enough, it only took a few minutes for that idiot Shepard whoever to link this situation to Al Gore! What an AHOLE!!! Leave it to Faux to make this all about politics, just because James Lee once read Gore's book about global warming! How irresponsible, but then, we ARE talking about the most disgusting media outlet on the planet! And people wonder WHY our country is so divided? Let me point my finger at those Faux cretins who will use ANY situation to inflame the public with their incendiary remarks and the crap they continue to throw out there ONLY to start trouble and bring even more mindless sheep into their fold.

Posted at 2:19 PM on Sep 1, 2010 by Where's KOOKY?
Yeah go ahead and point the finger at "faux" news *rolls eyes, like that hasnt been over played.
For years we have had the same message from every network news station telling us what we want to hear.
How dare a SINGLE news station try and give all points of view and make me think!
Dont they know how angry we libs can get???
It makes me so mad I want to put cuss words in caps and call people nasty names!
Now stop playing fox news and give me my biased mainstream, liberal news station ASAP!

Oh yeah, and what a genius idea, take the babies off the main floor and put them on like what, the 3rd floor? You know thats still low enough to throw them out the window in case of a fire or mass evacuation.

1491 days ago


ONCE AGAIN we have a situation where YOUNG CHILDREN are put in a dangerous situation because ADULTS have not been proactive enough to THINK and REALIZE that PUTTING CHILDREN IN DAYCARE ON A FIRST FLOOR OF AN OFFICE BUILDING ENDANGERS THEM!!!!!
SHAME ON YOU, DISCOVERY CHANNEL! Every one of those parents who work there should pull their kids from that daycare until they are relocated to a safer location within the building!

Posted at 2:09 PM on Sep 1, 2010 by Where's KOOKY?

1491 days ago


This is exactly what the guy wanted. Attention. He wasn't stupid. he wanted to die a martyr. People probably think he was crazy, but if you read what he wrote in his letter to Discovery Channel, he makes some very intersting and valid points. Food production DOES lead to human overpopulation.Statistically, women need to bear 2.7 children (an average, not like 2 kids and a kid missing his limbs) People like the Duggars need to stop being made an example of; they are just psychologically screwed up people. I'm not saying I agree with this guys radical point of view.. but he knew damn sure that he wasn't going to actually hurt anyone when he went into the building. Have you seen Gran Torino? Same concept.

1489 days ago
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