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Hostage 911 at Discovery Channel:

Man with Gun

9/1/2010 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A man wielding a gun and possibly carrying an explosive device is holed up at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring, MD -- and now he's been identified by the network as radical environmentalist -- James Jay Lee -- who has had a grudge against Discovery for years.

Discovery Channel Hostage
Lee recently published a manifesto listing his demands to the Discovery Channel ... including the immediate stop to "encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human infants."  Lee also lashes out about Discovery Channel programs promoting war and technology.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... Lee was arrested during a protest in 2008 for disorderly conduct outside the Discovery Channel headquarters.

After the gunman entered the building earlier today ... an employee told a local TV station, "We heard, pop, pop, pop, pop pop."

A day care center in the building -- with 100 kids -- has been evacuated.

The SWAT team is on scene. The drama has been unfolding since around 1 PM ET.

UPDATE: Lee is reportedly demanding to speak with Discovery Channel executives.

Law enforcement officials confirm that Lee is still holding a "small number" of hostages. Officers have not confirmed the exact number of people being held.

Cops also say ... they believe Lee has a number of metallic containers strapped to himself that could be explosive devices.

UPDATE 12:30 PM PST: A source on the scene tells TMZ the SWAT team has just entered the building.

UPDATE 12:55 PM PST: The local police chief is set to address the media in the next few minutes.

UPDATE 1:03 PM PST: Cops say they have not confirmed any injuries so far.

Story developing...

Discovery Channel Hostage


No Avatar


Why don't they talk about his beliefs on immigration? Are they too afraid that typical FOX viewers will sympathize with him?

1451 days ago


For Pete's sake! Why don't they just get the sharpshooters to blow his CRAZY head off??? JUST F**KING SHOOT HIM!

They said that they could see him through the windows earlier, so why didn't they shoot his @ss then?

Please, God, I pray that no innocent people or policemen get hurt . . .

1451 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Just put a bullet straight between his eyes. That should solve the problem.
No rehab, no mental institution! That's only gonna cost money.

Posted at 12:40 PM on Sep 1, 2010 by Bubba
Amen, Bubba. One shot, one kill.

1451 days ago


Just couldn't wait one more day

1451 days ago


I've heard that this man has ties to the Tea Party. Anyone know Tea Party leaders reactions to this?

1451 days ago


I promise you this guy has active accounts on both dailykos and huffingtonpost.

1451 days ago


Here's the gunman's manifesto website...crazy!

1451 days ago


Looks like Jon Gosselin! He want to be back on Jon & Kate plus 8! That why he holding up the Discovery Channel Building.

1451 days ago


If this man has such hate for humans and love for animals why doesn't he just go live in the wild, with the lions and tigers and let us know how that works for him.

1451 days ago


I think Bill Gates and several other organizations like "Wildlife Direct" are trying their best to help save the mountain gorillas in Africa. This guys is not very informed.

The problem with the gorillas is that the people in Africa are cutting down the trees near the gorillas so they can make charcoal out of them. They use the charcoal for cooking and purifying water, etc. "60... Minutes" did an episode about the mountain gorillas a few years ago.

The people in Africa need super cheap new COOKING TOOLS AND FUEL. They need something else besides charcoal. THAT is what will stop the deforestation and help save the wildlife over there.

Maybe they can start using super cheap solar panels or something with electric stoves. Maybe Bill Gates and his wealthy friends will help get more aid into Africa for things like this. Gates has already done a good bit for AIDS and other diseases over there.

1451 days ago


Some loony is holding people at The Discovery Channel hostage? That's nuts; the Discovery Channel is the most benign channel on TV; most of their programming is about preserving our enviornment & learning more about our natural world. What's next; a hostage standoff at Nickelodeon because some nutjob didn't like the latest Spongebob episode?

1451 days ago


Please don't give updates on the tactical operations of the police or SWAT (i.e. saying SWAT has entered the building). Doing so may give this guy a heads up on anything they try to do and can make this a much more dangerous situation and could cause a loss of life.

1451 days ago


Oh God... Richard Heene is the police chief.

1451 days ago


maybe hes pissed that shark week was only 4 days this year

1451 days ago

John Larson    

This is possibly the most ridiculous thing to happen this year.

Discovery should play this off by having the police use some kind of experimental sniper rifle to take the crazy bastard out, then have Mack narrate in a hushed voice.

1451 days ago
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