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Lindsay Lohan --

Dangerous Liaisons

9/2/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan -- a woman who has been to rehab for alcohol abuse -- is flirting with known danger, and here are the pictures to prove it.

Lindsay was photographed Saturday at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood ... sitting at a table that appears to be littered with a few unknown beverages.

By day, hangin' poolside at her apartment is not a problem -- but by night ... the bar scene could be a very dangerous risk.



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So two days out of rehab and she's in a club sitting at a table with booze on it. Why am I not surprised.... The first thing AA says is do not put yourself in a situation of temptation. It's clear she's not going to ever value sobriety.

1513 days ago


As long as she isnt meeting up with the Baphomet worshiping sadist Marilyn Manson, she should do OK. Watch out ladies and starlets Manson is single and on the prowl!

1513 days ago


Great job, Danesy. There's no evidence of anything other than binging when Lindsay abuses substances and there's no evidence whatsoever of any substance abuse since her testing began on May 24. She's tested negative for illegal drugs, negative for alcohol, one SCRAM alert of .04 that was likely a false reading, and within the limits for the one drug that showed up weekly which was adderall. Dilaudid showed up around her oral surgery and not after Jun 7, and trazodone, zoloft, nexium, and ambien did not show up in her testing at all. This is all before UCLA. After UCLA, what prescriptions she may be taking or not taking or what UCLA truly diagnosed is unknown as it is unreleased to the public. My feeling is Lindsay was a recreational and likely a binge user from time to time and not a habitual user and her behavioral issues, though unknown, lie to factors well beyond the use of any type of drugs or alcohol.

1513 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Wow, her friends look more skanky than she does.

1513 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

Don't mind all the Lindsay suppporters delayed postings, they are all busy logging into their various accounts here at TMZ so it looks like she has more support here than she actually

1513 days ago


It's a ****ing Tradewinds Ice Tea bottle you idiots. Give the girl a break for a day!

1513 days ago


Its funny how people blame her for the fact that she is on this site nearly everyday, yet the only reason she is on here so often is because of the site itself and the people who work for it. And that goes for other famous people as well. Who are you blaming exactly?

As far as I can tell she is just sitting by the pool minding her own business. Did she invite the tmz cameras to the pool or the bar?

1513 days ago

for now    

Beautiful,wealthy,talented Lindsay is not corrupt enough to be in politics
so she'll never be president. She's too busy now earning big bucks for giving interviews
and making movies and modeling and traveling all over the world.

1513 days ago

Al R.    

WTF. STupid bitch. Clearly she wants to die. Just do it already. And **** the Courts too for always going easy on celebrities.

1513 days ago


Is it just me, or is the chick she is with poolside Jennifer Carpenter?

1513 days ago


big deal... let her kill herself as so many past famous people have. She has a problem... and obviously doesn't want help... so in my opinion F'ck her. Stop talking about her and let her go!

1513 days ago


She is nothing but a snotty, trashy brat. She also looks like a washed out 40 year old from her partying. She only looks goos when airbrushed. She will not make it to 30. I only hope she doesn't hurt someone with her car when she is snorting or boozing, since normal, decent working people can not afford the luxury cars she drives and will be hurt by this piece of trash.

1513 days ago


She is such an arrogant little low life. Those lips are so darn ridiculous. She looks like a washed out duck! She is as low life as her parents. Why does anyone care about this waste of skin anyway? She doesn't give a darn about anyone she could hurt when she is drugged or drunk driving around. She is a pointless sleazeball.

1513 days ago


She's the hottest - career comeback in the new movie "Footless" - off wtih her feet!

1513 days ago


What would happen to this poor excuse for a human, if no attention was paid to her! Oh well, I can dream can't I?!

1513 days ago
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