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T.I. Arrest -- Probation Violation Probe Underway

9/2/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... federal officials are "in the process" of determining if they will try to revoke T.I.'s probation in the wake of his arrest late last night.

TI Arrested

As we first reported, T.I. -- who is still on probation for illegally possessing machine guns a few years ago --  was arrested again last night for possession of a controlled substance on the Sunset Strip.

Now, United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates tells us, "The probation office is in the process of determining what happened and will make a recommendation regarding Mr. Harris when they have all the facts."

If officials determine T.I. did violate his probation, he could be sent back to the slammer to serve some serious prison time.

UPDATE: We're told T.I.'s probation officer has asked the rapper to return to Atlanta.


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god he's an idiot!!!!!!! Can't he stay out of trouble ?!?! He's going back to jail for sure........dumb bastard

1512 days ago


T.I. is too smart for this and his wife is too old for this. It is like Chris Rock said, some ****** just like to be in jail. Think about your children T.I. because you are not thinking about your fame, wealth, wife, or your life when you participate in behavior like this. You are my favorite rapper and I do not want to see you continue to make the same mistakes you have made in regards to staying out of legal trouble.

1512 days ago


ecstasy is just the kind of drug that makes a dumba$$ like T.I. feel so good he thinks he's gonna get away with it. oh well, enjoy jail stupid!

1512 days ago


This is truly sad. Take both hands and throw away your future. He should have learned his lesson.

1512 days ago


Book him Dano-----I am just fed up with all the Stars getting special treatment. Set an example please for all us parents who are trying to raise your kids the right way....lock away to bad apples.

1512 days ago


I think it's sad he has abused his talents and his fame. I don't feel sorry for someone who has been given a chance of a lifetime and continues to blow it over and over.

Hope floats...and so do turds.

1512 days ago


Talk about a sorry as bitch!!!!! He just got out of prison and he's still being an idiot. Him and his ugly ass wife need to be locked up!

1512 days ago

who dat    

T.I. stands for Terminal Idiot. Send him back to the cross bar hotel.

btw- he's going to say it wasn't his car. He borrowed it from a friend.

1512 days ago


Have you seen his wife? I'd have to take ecstasy just to look at that thing much less tap it. I guess I understand.

1512 days ago



1512 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Another stupid moron. Why do most criminals think they will get away with it. How freekin stupid. First of all you are in Beverly Hills and you are tupid enough to make a U turn with rugs in the car. Man you deserve to be locked up. Yet another "thug" who thinks they are above the law. If he is guilty, he has proven that prison taught him nothing and he shoould be revoked back to the joint. Happily ity is federal so California justice won't be involved, otherwise he could get sentenced to weekends for 6 months, but the feds wont screw around. Hopefully he will go away for a long time, where he belongs as he has shown everyone what total disregard he has for obeying the law.

1512 days ago



1512 days ago

no way    

T.I.--Hurry up and contact MTV to put on another public relations campaign for you to show everyone what a "great guy" you are. Maybe you can get another lenient sentence. Hope you rot in jail hypocrit.

1512 days ago


How can you just get out of out on probation...see Paris Hilton and her boyfriend get pulled over and arrested just last Friday, due to marijuana smoke billowing out of the car...and then you go and do the same damn thing...not even a week later? Come on...wth? Did you learn nothing? No, don't answer...we know the answer. We know you can't answer that as you are busy right now...going back to prison. I actually feel bad for your new bride though, she knew what she was doing too. She shouldn't have married you in the first place but, she did and now...she'll have to decide to wait for you or to leave you.

I wonder how much time he will have to do now?

1512 days ago

bring back recent posts    


1512 days ago
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