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T.I. Arrest -- Probation Violation Probe Underway

9/2/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... federal officials are "in the process" of determining if they will try to revoke T.I.'s probation in the wake of his arrest late last night.

TI Arrested

As we first reported, T.I. -- who is still on probation for illegally possessing machine guns a few years ago --  was arrested again last night for possession of a controlled substance on the Sunset Strip.

Now, United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates tells us, "The probation office is in the process of determining what happened and will make a recommendation regarding Mr. Harris when they have all the facts."

If officials determine T.I. did violate his probation, he could be sent back to the slammer to serve some serious prison time.

UPDATE: We're told T.I.'s probation officer has asked the rapper to return to Atlanta.


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If you take drugs you may wake up with someone looking like her!!

Arghh!! Scared me straight!

1510 days ago


Hey, in his last interview earlier that day "Well if Hollywood would have me" guess what? you come out here you and your pet, oh I mean your wife! act a fool on our Hollywood streets. We got cha now! and your pet, oh I mean wife.

1510 days ago


He could have thought the Ecstasy was bubblegum?

1510 days ago

The Boxman    

TI is just another ATL thug, that got way to much money way to fast for basically rapping to pilfered music.

Come on guys get original instead of sampling others music

Ya wanna know where TI lives, its right accross the street from my parents house in an exclusive subdivision in Georgia, I have seen him, I have seen his boats and bling in his mansion on the lake that he lives on

He needs to go back to jail and realize that rappin may give you bling, but it aint gonna give you an education or teach you how to behave in society

1510 days ago


Damn....some people never learn!

1510 days ago


hey lets get in our 250k car and role down Sunset...Freakn morons

1510 days ago


she is one ugly woman/ wife..he's weired looking..idiot!

1510 days ago


They are going to take all his money and he will end up like dumb ass OJ

1510 days ago


Then Everyone who has been arrested in the last week better go to prison for a lone time as well. Pa*** Hil***

1510 days ago


Throw this dumbass back in the slammer, this time for ten years.

Once a dumbass, always a dumbass....TO think he had some show on Mtv before he went into the slammer to try and show he has changed his ways....Yeah right!

1510 days ago


Didn't TI get his GED in prison, guess he likes bubba's way of education! TI if your reading this I'm BUBBA and I'm waiting for your ass! " we can do whatever you like"!

1510 days ago

Maurice A. Clark    

Sure he deserve what ever time under the guide line of his probation, if he's guilty; so doe's the rest of those celeb. f--- ups (Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton as well). I see to much double standard.....

1510 days ago


Users report that Ecstasy produces intensely pleasurable effects – including an enhanced sense of self-confidence and energy. Effects include feelings of peacefulness, acceptance and empathy. Users say they experience feelings of closeness with others and a desire to touch others. Other effects can include involuntary teeth clenching, a loss of inhibitions, transfixion on sights and sounds, nausea, blurred vision, chills and/or sweating. Increases in heart rate and blood pressure, as well as seizures, are also possible. The stimulant effects of the drug enable users to dance for extended periods, which when combined with the hot crowded conditions usually found at raves, can lead to severe dehydration and hyperthermia or dramatic increases in body temperature. This can lead to muscle breakdown and kidney, liver and cardiovascular failure. Cardiovascular failure has been reported in some of the Ecstasy-related fatalities.

After-effects can include sleep problems, anxiety and depression.

1510 days ago


Who Cares?

The Guy is a thug loser. No Role Model Here.

He cannot sing or play an instrument, he can just Babble some Mumbo-Jumbo that makes "PlayA's" Throw Da Hands Up in The Air, Like they Just Don't Care"...

Just spend your money on More Fancy Cars that Stand-Out, so more Police can Pull You Over... Mo Cars, Mo Cars, Pull Ova TA Your A$$ is Behind Bars....

1510 days ago


Get your priorities straight! Sell the car and get that woman a face transplant! Beauty is only skin deep but that ugly goes right to the bone.

1510 days ago
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