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T.I. and Tiny -- His and Hers Mug Shots

9/3/2010 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the mug shots taken by T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle -- right after they were arrested on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood late Wednesday night. 

TI and Tiny Mug Shots

As we first reported, the newlyweds were arrested around 10:18 PM after cops say they were in possession of a controlled substance. We're told the substance in question is ecstasy.

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Is it just me or does Tiny kind of look like Snooki???

1511 days ago


T.I. no surprise..,Never did fool me. This guy is so full of himself, he was doomed to explode (and has..only a few months out of jail).Tiny, apparently wants the money, or has the money, I don't know, but the two of them definitely deserve each other...what a mess!

1511 days ago


damn t.i wtf happen man this gurl is fugly lol!!!you can do way better than that u know u can !!!everthing on tiny is burnt out hair nose everything i would imberrested for havin a ugly asss gurl lik that on my shoulder yukkk

1511 days ago


Terrible comments here.

1. "she's fugly" Who cares what she looks like? There is more to a person than looks. She could have a kind heart, be a great mom, etc,.. but you choose to be completely hateful on someone you know nothing about.

2. "lock him up and throw away the key!" Really? You think he should go to jail for possessing a miniscule amount of a drug that harms no one? Yes, he violated probation. By law, he'll probably face something harsh. Kind of a shame, since this is not a serious offense.

3. "they have kids and shouldn't be partying" Spoken like people who truly don't have kids or money for babysitters or both. Parents have a right to (and need to) take a break on occasion. Oftentimes, that break involves drinking/pot. Ecstasy is only slightly different from those two.

4. Shame on you people who hide behind the keyboard and spew out the worst things possible. Try living your life with some character.

1511 days ago


Is Phil Spector tiny's father? Idk I'm just saying.

1511 days ago


He is definitly rolling he has no pupils. Just one huge one. That musta be a major buzz kill. Next time dont pull a u turn in the middle of the road and wait till your out your car to get high dumba$$

1511 days ago


Ecstasy? leave them alone they're married and in love. white skanks always poking around happy black families.

1511 days ago


It must have been a horrible car crash!! Omg, look at her face!!!

1511 days ago


Just plead insanity. Show a pic of your wife and everyone will agree... INSANE!

1511 days ago


This dude doesn't have his priorities straight. Spend the money on you're wife's face transplant and not a car (if you're keeping is... uh, her).

1511 days ago


If your gonna do drugs do em at home not in your car when you just got out of prison!! Think of your kids next time and now both of you are going to spend time in jail who is going to be there for them? My kid went to see T.I. in Dallas in concert before T.I. went to prison. T.I. is an awesome entertainer and rapper and singer. I am 41 years old and love his music and his music videos but it looks like T.I. hasn't changed and is going down the wrong road again. Someone help the brotha out please!

1511 days ago


Good move little lady. Now ,all you're going to have to do is one visit per week and you have the rest of the time off to spend his money and get a good sleep on that huge expensive bed of yours. Make sure you wear that big expensive watch so you'll be able to verify when visiting hour is over and its your time from that point on until the next visiting day.

1511 days ago

Goo Ga Goo Choo    

She looks like Phil Spector.

1511 days ago


We now know what the "T.I." stands for. TOTAL IDIOT.

1511 days ago

april monique    

I said a burger with cheese and fries.

1511 days ago
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