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Jen Aniston -- Dinner or Date?

9/3/2010 8:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Studies have shown ... workplace romances have a pretty high success rate -- so maybe that's why Jennifer Aniston went on a dinner date with her "Cougar Town" co-star Josh Hopkins last night.

Aniston -- who will be guest starring on "Cougar Town" this season -- was photographed riding shotgun in Hopkins' ride after a romantic chow-fest at Madeo in Hollywood.

Of course, Jen was also reportedly spotted at a one-on-one dinner with Lindsay Lohan's ex-BF Harry Morton earlier this week. So, the question is ... is Jen hungry for a man ... or just hungry?


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Life imitating art! Or the other way around in Cougar Town!

1488 days ago


Jen's living her life, period. TEAM ANISTON!

1488 days ago


Ugh... Does anyone really care? Her movie bombed so shes getting some attention. Big deal.

1488 days ago



1488 days ago


I'm available Jen!

1488 days ago


its sad this beautiful lady cant find and keep a man in her life.. thats a fact.. she's going thru the jessica simpson curse.. but hey even jessica beat her and got married from the start!.. jen something is obviouslly wrong with YOU and the guys you're picking...

c'mon now jen.. you're hot as hell and cant settle down for anything.. at this rate you're killing the romantic comedy genre.. we dont believe you anymore... whats wrong?

Doggie style?

something's wrong with jen.. i feel for her.. wish she could find a mate.

Another thing jen.. you cant comment on having kids unless you have a man atleast.,...wake up

1488 days ago


Looks like she's trying to hide behind her hair. If she doesn't want to be seen in public with anyone she could easily have had a restaurant deliver the meal or cook one; she's always saying how great a cook she is. She brought this on herself, so she shouldn't pretend.
I don't think she really wants a serious relationship; she says that because that's people idea of who she is. I agree she should just be left to date anyone, or as many as she pleases, she should just stop being a coward and playing to her 'image'. Since her good girl image is failing her at the box office, her answer is to get naked. She's done it in print and now she will be doing it in her movies; that's not a career choice, that's desperation.
I can understand her playing the field, but I don't get why she let John Mayer publicly humiliate her TWICE. That's too much like someone who has self-esteem issues. She has NO guts. She had to suck up Pitt dumping her because she had no choice; but she's really just a talker, not a doer.

1488 days ago

Big Daddy    

She looks a little loaded in this picture. But, what man wouldn't want to make love to this woman. She's gorgeous, just no fun with a drunken lady.

1488 days ago

not me    

Let her date whoever she so desires. If she really wanted to "settle down", well she would settle for anyone. There is nothing wrong with dating, and having fun. Why the double standard, if it's a man, it's ok to date? But not a woman? She remains single by choice...good for her! Oh and just because she gets a bite to eat doesn't mean she is dating every man she goes to dinner with.

1488 days ago

Donald Ray    

#8, you don't "make love" to women like her, you just screw 'em.

1488 days ago

Donald Ray    

Just ANOTHER one of Jen's one-night stands, is it any WONDER she can't keep a guy these days?

1488 days ago

Marketing $ociologist    

Cougar Town is SOOOO disappointing. It was good for 3 episodes, then it became Friends, which is nothing more than Seinfeld, like Laverne and Shirley was the Lucy show.

1488 days ago


I love them together, they would make the perfect couple.

1488 days ago


I think she's looking for GOOD attention after having a lot of BAD attention when her movie bombed. She should get it by now, WE DON'T like Whiners and sniveling rich people complaining about their lives. Look at Sandra Bullock for how to behave in a way that will make us like you. Also, try going back to your own telvision show. enough with trying to be a BIG MOVIE STAH! it ain't working

1488 days ago

the truth    

Jen is to needy , to materialistic so dont let her fool ya when she says shes a laid back kind of girl. this is nothing but a publicity stunt because shes gonna be on the show. this girl is done and has been for a long time! i dont understand why they call her to be in movies. I'm also sick of reading how she still talks to brad . i dont believe that at all. they have been done for a long time. he has a family now so move the hell on ! enough of the Jen and brad talk. and enough of ohhh poor Jen cant keep a relationship going.I'm so sick of it . but this pic is all for show and tell because shes gonna be on that boring show! and why is it that every man shes with she has to jump on the guys back ? piggy back ride. she does it all the time.

1488 days ago
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