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Beyonce Pays the Price for Bothering Neighbor

9/8/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce Knowles just ended a legal war with a guy who claimed the singer "invaded his neighborhood" for a video shoot -- but it took a whole lotta cash to end the grudge match.

Beyonce Sued By Neighbor

We just spoke with Philip Markowitz -- the guy who sued Beyonce and her production crew back in May for allegedly wreaking havoc in his neighborhood -- and dude told us he just scored a 5-figure settlement to drop the case.

As we previously reported, the trouble began when Beyonce used a home in the Hollywood Hills to shoot a music video for the song "Why Don't You Love Me" ... and the crew allegedly trespassed onto Markowitz's driveway.

Markowitz tells us, "I'm happy with the settlement, but this lawsuit shouldn't have happened in the first place."

He adds,  "They set up on my property without asking and [the settlement] should send a notice to other production companies that they need to respect the rights of property owners."


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Screw that skank, who does she think she is. She cant sing and she's ugly too!!!

1506 days ago

Donovan Sanchez    

Why didn't Markowitz just call the police? He most likely was just seeking some easy bucks! What a crap head!

1506 days ago


" and dude told us he just scored a 5- figure settlement to drop the case."

And THAT was exactly what he was looking for. smh
People nowadays, always angling to get a payout for something.

1506 days ago


another person looking for easy money....

1506 days ago

big nuts    

He should have just called animal control and said he had an oversized ape and a camel faced baboon running lose on his property.

1506 days ago

big nuts    

He should have just called animal control and said he had a yard full of wild apes.

1506 days ago


dang i know Wat she did was wrong but yall got some really rude comments!! everybody makes mistakes!!

1506 days ago


Beyonce! I still like you, but the neighbor is right! The production should've ask him or any other neighbor permission to be on their property. They could've damaged something. But, he was wrong for suing you. If he was at home, all he had to do was tell the production that he didn't want them on his property. He need to know how to use his mouth! Just another non-famous person trying to get money on the slick side. He better hope and pray that somebody don't sue him over petty little **** to try to get his money.

1506 days ago


Ick, no skin care product endorsement coming your way soon, let alone "reduce your saddle-bag's" infomercial...HELLO, Calling Toxic Waste Disposal Co...can you hear me?

1506 days ago


These production companies crack me up. My husband was doing a roof last summer, two blocks away they were filming "Diary of a whimpy kid" one of the crew actually had the balls to walk over to his work site and ask them to stop working. My husband flat out told them he was on a deadline. The guy then went to the homeowner to ask if she would tell the crew to stop working. She asked the guy if the company was willing to pay for her roof and pay the guys off for the remainder of their filming. He turned tail and ran.

I'm dying to actually see this movie and turn the volume waaaaay up on my surround sound system and see if I can hear the roofing crews air guns. LOL.

I also had filming of the t.v. show, "THe Commish" 15 years ago, going on seven doors down from my house. One of the crew came to my door and "DEMANDED" I move my car out of my driveway. I told him to go straight to hell. He also wanted me to take my kids out of the front yard so they wouldn't fcuk up filming, SAY WHAT!!! I told him to get off my property or I was calling the police and filing harrassment charges.

1506 days ago


Petty petty. Oh wow they used your driveway! It's not a big deal, yes they should have told him but he just wanted more money.

1506 days ago


Stop hating on Beyonce, she is very beautiful as well as talented!!!!

1506 days ago

get a life ho    

Petty petty. Oh wow they used your driveway! It's not a big deal, yes they should have told him but he just wanted more money.

Posted at 2:36 PM on Sep 8, 2010 by Michael

.,.if it is so petty why not just get permission FIRST and do things the right way ?

Why is it the homeowners bad or wrongdoing for wanting to be paid if they used his property ?

thosy pesky homeowners should just shut up and take it I suppose according to you.,.,.,

Just because it's a dam celebrity somehow means they can do as they please .,.

He should have sued Beyonce if he had to listen to her crap music .

1505 days ago


what a greedy creep...really repugnant that Beyonce would have to give him money for her crew going onto his driveway...what is this world coming to??

1505 days ago


What a loser he is... Waaaaa , they blocked my driveway today, waaaa, waaa, waaaa, I want money from her... because she is so rich. waaaa, I will never be that rich, waaaa !

1505 days ago
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