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Lindsay Lohan's Mom

'Disappointed' in Snooki's Judge

9/8/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan didn't find it funny "ha ha" -- or funny at all -- when the judge called Snooki a "Lindsay Lohan wannabe" -- and now she's chastising him as if he was her own kid.

Dina tells TMZ, "The family is very disappointed that a judge would say that in a court of law."

Judge Damian Murray ripped into Snooks today during her court appearance for basically being sloppy drunk on the beach.

Lindsay's atttorney Stephanie Ovadia added, "The comments were very unprofessional."

Of course, compared to Lindsay's recent history with judges -- Murray's exchange with Snooki seems pretty lighthearted.


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Oh geez, look, now she cares!

1514 days ago


Dina gets bent out of shape of this judge's comments?

How about Comedian Jerry Lewis? He want to smack her daugher across the face and if that is not enough place her on his lap and spank her. And Dina says nothing? Not one word? Hmmmmmmm.

1514 days ago


So much for LL's lawsuit with ETrade. More ammo for Etrade's argument.

1514 days ago


ha! I love this judge. unprofessional? maybe. but hey, the truth hurts. that whole Lohan family is in denial. Dina needs to be a parent and teach her child to accept responsiblity for her actions instead of blaming everyone else and changing the subject. only then would I think this comment was out of line

1514 days ago


Like Dina Lohan is our friggin moral compass. Think ya got yer hands full "DiLo" go take care of yer own kid!!

1514 days ago


What world does this woman live in??? DENIAL isn't a place of sanity!!! Yeah Dina blasts the judge but not Jerry Lewis who wants to do BODILY harm to her "daughter". Bitch STFU!!! already...You're not helping her!!! you're a douche bag like ur Ex..

1514 days ago

Rent A Yenta    

The judge only said what the rest of the world has been thinking, Dina. You scour these websites looking for any mention of your or Linday's name. You seem to believe it's a 'good thing' when you find your names. But your ego is just too big to let you see the truth, and that truth is that the public is merely caught up in watching the train wreck unfold. Sure, it's painful to watch, but watch we will, all the time just happy that it's not happening to us.

As a side note, Dina…it must be embarrassing for Lindsay to still have a "stage-mother" at her age. Let it go, Dina. She was a fairly decent child actress, but she doesn't have what it takes to transition into a mature actress. If you love your child, encourage her to find work more appropriate to her capabilities. Don't let her demean herself by doing the Linda Lovelace movie or movies of that ilk. That stuff is trash. It's OK to fade from the public's eye and have a normal life like most of the other Disney performers managed to do once they realized they wanted a real life, not a 'reel life'.

1514 days ago

J Poole    

Dina, You dollar hungry, media craving, Lindsay sponging excuse for a parent.

The honorable judge used a camparative which will hopefully keep this "Snooki" creature from suffering through a similar situation as your offspring.
The only picture my 7 year old daughter recognizes of Lindsay is from her Herbie movie. When showm recent photos, my daughter does not believe this is the same LL she looked up to. Most people grow up but LL has grown down and the spiral will continue until LL looks in the mirror ( hopefully will not be reflected)and snaps out of the fantasy her inner circle has surrounded her in. At 24 she should be vie for pix, with Portman, Knightley, Hathaway etc... Montana Fishburne is where she's headed.

1514 days ago


the judge acted unprofessionally. the mother is still in denial.

1514 days ago


I think the judge did some grandstanding for the camera's and it was unprofessional of him to make that remark. But you can't take it back and it sort rings of the truth.

Now Dina, please shut up and go away ! Just count your lucky star's that it wasn't YOUR daughter standing before this Judge because he would then have to compare Lindsay to herself and that would be too funny for words.

Or maybe the Judge would compare Lindsay to Anna Nicole Smith.

The Judge did nothing illegal Dina, so please just shut up and mind your own business, this case wasn't about YOUR daughter !

1514 days ago


The more this woman opens her mouth, the more of an a**hole she proves to be. SHUT UP!

1514 days ago


HAHA yeah this old bitch is sooo delusional! yawn

1514 days ago


Dina Lohan is a VERY sick woman. I wonder how many pills she pops daily just to look at herself in the mirror - this woman needs Jesus - Seriously!!!

1514 days ago


Yeah Dina, I hate it when people point out ugly truths to me, too.

1514 days ago


I've fallen under the spell of Lindsay for some time now and following her around the web. Eversince I'm amazed beyond belief of the stupidity and downright uglyness most people react to her and her mother. If this kind of commentating is a reflection of the american society today i can fully understand why the US is currently one of the least liked countries in the world. On the subject: THIS WAS SNOOKI's TRIAL and her's alone. The judge should be ashamed (and fired) for mentioning Lindsay in this way in a court of law in a case she had nothing to do with.
Lindsay has had her trial and has been sentenced by judge Revel
(and as far i know her sentence was harsh but fair).
Her mother has every right to express her disappointment and come to the defence of her daughter.

1514 days ago
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