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Madonna -- Like a Subway Commuter

9/8/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

New Yorkers are used to seeing all kinds of things on the subway, but yesterday one of the most bizarre incidents ever happened ... Madonna rode public transportation.


The super-fit 52-year-old really does like to train.


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All the haters here are just jealous or resentful for some weird reason. Madonna makes everything she touches a big success, she has created HER OWN industry,and did it challenging every expectation of proper female behavior in Hollywood. She is no body's B...h! A completely, stand, alone successful woman! That is an impressive feat!! More power to her!! She is brilliant and has no need for the approval of losers hating on her on TMZ. I mean what a rebel!

1477 days ago


Madonna hasn't been relevant in the entertainment industry for at least 5 years. This is her way of trying to stay in the spotlight. "I know, I'll ride a train like the commoners! TMZ and others will love me for my environmentally responsible ways!"

Madonna from the block?

1477 days ago


She is actually filming a movie right now,which is why she is there,dressed like that,and riding the subway...just a FYI

1477 days ago


The movie is called W.E. in case anyone cares

1477 days ago


HOW IS AN ARTIST 25+ Years and much more
Concert Sales 2009 -$300 Million
Hard Candy -# 1 album in 30 + Countries
Rock and Roll hall of Fame Inducted
How is she not a living legend and or relevant?

1477 days ago


I guess the guy behind is her bodyguard. Bet she wasnt that exposed... anyway very bizarre indeed LOL

1477 days ago

Cliche Guevara    

Why the hell is the Jet Blue guy standing behind her?

1477 days ago


I really don't understand what makes people say the meanest things about others. It says a lot about how bitterly unhappy you guys all are when you have this desire to totally destroy someone you havent even met. Especially when you are a bunch of nobody's who wouldn't have a shred of courage to accomplish what she has. Get a life people. It's quite sad.

1477 days ago

Pretty LL    

That doesn't really look like her to me. It doesn't look like her nose

1477 days ago


LOL Like any woman- in her 50s, mind you- not wearing makeup, just dressed comfortably is going to look great on the subway. Madonna looked TERRIFIC when she went out recently for her birthday. Maybe those pics weren't posted here. :-)

1477 days ago


Oh- and, also. the woman is the most important female performer of the last 25+ years (and of all time). If she never did another album, it wouldn't matter- the legacy was sealed long ago. And someone who would say she got famous for the reasons they posted- well, apparently that shows a lack of comprehension in terms of what Madonna did in her work (music, videos, stage shows) to challenge gender, racial, religious, sexual and social mores. That's what's made her as important and revered as she is, aside from the template-setting music. It's fine to not like her or be a fan, but let's not lose sight of reality now.

1477 days ago


Super-ugly you mean.

1477 days ago


How is she not currently relevant? What has she done in the past 5 years? Nothing except purchase black kids.

It doesn't matter what she did in the past. That's like saying Beethoven is still a relevant force in the music industry. True he hasn;t done anything in a few hundred years, but look at what he did before that!

I put her firmly in the has-been file.

1477 days ago


Madonna has sold 250 million records and is the most successful female artist in history. Hard Candy sold 4.5 million records and scored her the second most successful song worldwide of 2008: 4 Minutes. In 2009 she broke records yet again for the most successful tour by a solo artist in History, Her Sticky and Sweet World Tour which grossed 408 million dollars. Far from irrelevant.

1477 days ago


She's been famous for so long, she probaly just wants to start letting go and become "normal" again. Good for her...And she doesn't look bad at all. She's 52 years old, what is she supposed to look like? She's made her mark on pop culture and the world, she did what she wanted to do, so good for her.

1477 days ago
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