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Slash's Wife Gets No Credit at Toys'R'Us

9/8/2010 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Slash's wife didn't get credit where credit is due -- at least that's what we're told she's saying ... but we've also learned Slash ain't to blame.

Perla Ferrar went to Toys"R"Us Monday to buy school supplies for the two boys.  But there was a deal-breaking problem at checkout -- her credit card was twice rejected.

We're told Ferrar claims her estranged husband -- who filed for divorce last week -- deactivated her credit card, but our sources say she's just plain wrong.

Slash, we're told, has not touched her 5 credit cards and is footing all the bills while their nasty divorce is pending.


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Slash probably has enough old Guns n Roses money to last several generations.

1317 days ago


I seen slash at circus circus in Las Vegas, His wife was talking to him about some bull ish im sure. I walked up to him and asked if I could get a picture. Be for he could even open his mouth, That bi*ch said "CANT YOU SEE WE'RE TALKING" so I replied "oh I can wait" but I didn't get the picture. but Wayne Brady was there in the same spot and he took his time to take a picture with me. So im not a fan eeefff u slash!! and especially your ex wife. CARMA? I THINK SO!!

1317 days ago


everyone says she's a real piece of work and a b@tch. She does sound way out there. I don't know how any man could put up with that kind of crap and I'm a woman! I could NEVER be that way or treat any or woman that way. Not my problem and not really my business.

I just don't like TMZ being all in your face about it and then not say what's up with it. Just teasing us about it and yet hiding the facts. Big ugly divoce but, we can't tell you anything about it. WTH?!

Perla...a little kind to people. It'll get you a lot further in life and you'll be a much happier person and a more loved person...inside and out. Money isn't everything. Then again, I guess you don't have to worry about that anymore, do you? Yet, you do have two boys to worry about. YOu want them growing up to be like you or Slash? Teach them about love and morals. I know, something you know nothing about but, never too late.

I know, she's not reading TMZ. I can only hope.

1317 days ago


*points* HA HA!

1317 days ago


This is just mean. I'm a big fan of TMZ but it doesn't get any lower than this. Who cares about her credit card getting rejected. I'm sure Slash's business manager just cancelled all the cards etc. It's embarrassing that some jack-off actually filmed this. Pathetic. Not Perla, but you.

1317 days ago


@21, nothing embarrasses Perla. She posts nude pictures of herself and talks about giving blow jobs on twitter. Something her kids will be proud to read about when they're older, I'm sure. (Though I wonder what her kids' teachers would have to say about it at those parent-teacher conferences) LMAO

1317 days ago


this stupid whore bitch needs to get used to being a nobody. now that she got dumped by her rockstar husband she is a nobody.
I bet if this happened to slash he could have paid with an IOU.

1317 days ago


How's come this woman set this up? You can tell cause she glances back to the camera as if to say, did you get all of it? Trying to make it look like Slash is a dead-beat dad not taking care of his kids' school needs? Get a job, lady.

1317 days ago


Sorry #7 but ONLY "stupid bitches" go to Wal-Mart. They've put many, many businesses bankrupt and ruined the economy! But most people aren't smart enough to figure that out, and keep shopping there because it's cheap for the short term.

1317 days ago


It's odd that tmz or whoever filmed just happened to be at toys r us in the valley..Does anyone know the reason for the split between these two? They seemed so well suited for each other and the kids are adorable.

1317 days ago


Slash is going to be on the road for the next 5 years to pay for this. She is going to walk away with not only half but future revenues from all the work Slash did while they were married. Slash needs to get this overwith and hope to god GnR does a full blown reunion and new album so he can make his fortune back.

1317 days ago

carol skuletich-vetter    

Actually, Slash was madly in love with Perla, If you read his Autobiography, they were definitely a couple who stuck together through highs and lows... I wonder what happened...? Relapse for both or just everyone's favorite IRREC Differences.....

1317 days ago

Ms. L    

This is so staged....!

Why is a camera in ToysRUs following her?
Why is she purchasing school supplies at TRU?


1317 days ago


I am inclined to believe she was cut off! If she wasn't cut off, those machines routinely deny people for no reason. I work in retail and I can't tell you how many times the machines have declined people, locked up, or simply failed to initialize. It happens with checks too, you just have to keep pushing it through till it goes.

1316 days ago


I can't believe TMZ put this nonsense up. You guys obviously don't know or understand how this woman operates.

She had her friend shoot that footage and send it in to try and stir things up.

I mean seriously, WHO in a Toy's-R-US would know who this woman is. She is not a celebrity, so it's ludicrous to think this was legitimately captured. Just completely asinine!

Crap like this stunt is EXACTLY why SLASH left her sorry ass, albeit years too late.........

1316 days ago
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