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50 Cent: Mayweather's Baby Mama Just Wants Money

9/9/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

50 Cent is already in Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s corner -- the rapper, who just spoke with Floyd moments ago, claims Mayweather's baby mama is making up domestic violence allegations for a quick payday. 


Fiddy just posted the following message on his Twitter -- "Another case of angry baby mama wanting money. Police are looking for [Mayweather]. I just got off the phone with him."

50 then added, "She's claiming he hit her but has no bruises. Floyd went to see his kids last night if a fighter of floyd caliber hits u, u would b bruised."

As we first reported, the Las Vegas PD are looking to speak with Mayweather about the domestic violence allegations made by his baby mama Josie Harris ... and will decide whether to arrest him.

UPDATE: 50 just added, "I talked to him before and after the situation he wasnt even upset. He said he asked her why was the house so dirty she started trippin."

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I suspect as much. Guys like Money shouldn't get married. Especially to no Vegas hoes.

1504 days ago


50 makes a point these chicks out here these day are just lazy. get a damn job.

1504 days ago


if a female ever tryes to talk back or fight back ill say,," hey u better go down stair and keep on making babies" and bring me some cheesepuff!!!!

1504 days ago

Isabella Aguilera    

soooo, as long as a guy doesn't leave bruises, it's okay to hit her? really?

getting abused doesn't mean a payday. EVER. child support is based on the best interest of the child. not whether or not the woman or man got beat up during the relationship. so either the writer of this article has no experience in family court, 50 cent is again talking out of his lower orifice.

1504 days ago


When 50 did an interview talking about the time he and Mayweather got into an altercation (the one where he said Mayweather was not still undefeated) he said it was over money did her not?
Also, he talked about how extremely tight fm was wound.

1504 days ago

Y do he got    

A double punk drunk worth...50cs

1504 days ago


I don't think 50 was saying its ok to hit a woman. I think he is saying that something about this scenario is fishy. You can't sit there and tell me that woman can't be vindictive as well as a gold digger.

1504 days ago

Pearl Jr    

Bull crap! Simple Black woman hatin--claiming the house was dirty and she is a gold digger--everyone knows who the REAL gold diggers are and it certainly isn't Black woman.

This type of slander is why the Black celebrities that once sold a lot of product no longer do because Black woman just ain't taking the put downs anymore and giving them our money to give to others.

It is and has always been Black woman who paid these Black celebrities bills.

Now when 50 doesn't understand the dismissal of his talented filth, he'll know he pissed in the face of his buying public.

Stop the Black woman hatred--we've been hurt enough!

BlackWomenNeedLoveToo. com

1504 days ago

Isabella Aguilera    

men are just as vindictive. even worse sometimes. "i won't pay child support unless i can beat you and treat you like trash".

why do so many men refuse to assist in the wellbeing of their children? to get back at the "babymama".

1504 days ago


Moral of the story: Be careful of who you stick your ding dong in.

She just might be a tad bit crazy - Even crazier when she knows she has you by the balls for 18 years.

1504 days ago


I think, since she's cried wolf once already, there needs to be signs of abuse and/or video for me to believe this chick. Is Floyd still with this woman or did he just go by to visit his children? If he's still with her AFTER the first incident of her falsely claiming abuse, I don't feel sorry for him. A man should NEVER put himself in a position to be alone with a woman like that. If you're going to see your kids, TAKE A FRIEND or a VIDEO RECORDER. Gold digging skanks are around every corner!!

1504 days ago


men are just as vindictive. even worse sometimes. "i won't pay child support unless i can beat you and treat you like trash".

why do so many men refuse to assist in the wellbeing of their children? to get back at the "babymama".

Posted at 3:46 PM on Sep 9, 2010 by Isabella Aguilera

I think it's because they they don't see them as "their" children. In most cases, they wanted the woman to have an abortion, but she didn't, so it's really "her" child since she made the decision to have the kid and what he wanted didn't matter. I think poster #12 said it best about being careful where they stick there ding dong. Men need to wake up and realise that the system is geared against them and once they bust a nut, they've lost all control of the situation and IF a child results, what they want won't matter and they are hooked for the next 18 years.

1504 days ago


So if Floyd isn't guilty, why did he leave? Another point and case the DA will bring up. Second, who the hell cares what 50 thinks anyway? Another point and case the DA will bring up, why did Floyd call 50 (who isn't a lawyer) to tell him his side of the story instead of the police. Third, no bruises huh? I can show you how to beat a man/woman and not leave a mark...they are called phone books. Last, why the hell would you go to your baby's mamas house at 3 AM instead of 3 PM? I smell crack or meth... Hmmmm, is that why you don't want to fight Manny right now? Again, another point the DA will bring up if this case goes to court.

1504 days ago



1504 days ago



1504 days ago
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