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Tiger Woods Mistress -- Fired from Hooker Gig

9/10/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... one of Tiger Woods' mistresses was fired from her job as a "working girl" at Nevada's most famous brothel ... all because she opened her big fat mouth.


Devon James -- mistress number 20ish -- is still featured on the website for the world famous Bunny Ranch in Carson City, where owner Dennis Hof confirmed Devon was employed as a sex worker for "a while."

But Hof tells us he recently fired Devon's ass after she injected herself into the Tiger Woods media circus because she "broke the code -- which is privacy and discretion with all clients."

Hof continues, "She is a disgusting excuse for a working girl ... she's a scumbag and a snitch."

As for Devon's rate during her stint at the ranch -- Hof explains, "It's negotiable depending on what you want ... but it could get into the thousands."

Hof ended with this parting shot -- "Now that she doesn't work here anymore ... I wish nothing but the worst for her."

A rep for Devon tells us, "She worked there one time before the Tiger thing."

The rep also insists that management at the Bunny Ranch continues to call Devon because they want her to work there.

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"She's a disgusting excuse for a working girl"??? Like those girls are to be respected??? Hillarious!

1510 days ago


You people are IDIOTS! The women that work at the ranches in Nevada are doing so by their choice. They are not being forced to work, so if they find it demeaning or scuzzy, they can quit Don't blame Dennis because he happens to run the place. Yes, he is a pimp, if you insist on using that word, but he is a business man as well.....a very successful one. And, as far as all the "Elin better get checked for diseases" bull, the working girls here are all checked on a regular basis. If they are not disease free, they do not work in the State. Hard to find a guarantee like that with a non-working girl! It is a legal, regulated (not to mention taxed)PROFESSION. And no, I do not work at a ranch or house, I am just a life long Nevadan who is tired of idiots who rather judge and bash than learn facts about one of the oldest PROFESSIONS in our state.

1510 days ago


Oh yes ... another bulbous-nosed Jew having his way with the daughter of some hapless Gentile father. Sorry Heimi, but this doesn't work anymore. In fact, it never did. Read your own stupid bible !

1510 days ago


Since the Bunny Ranch is legal it's hardly the same as him being a pimp, he's not out bashing them over the head and beating them for their takings like some pimps, they work there by choice and earn damn good money it seems!! Men have been using ho's and hookers for years, it's been going on for 100's of years and it's not going away anytime soon!
Have to say the guy no matter how you feel about him has a point, men go to these places expecting to be anon and not to have to worry about the ho's telling their story to wifey, blackmailing them etc etc! Still perhaps he'd better write it in their contract so if they snitch he and customer can sue lol!!!

1510 days ago


You people have no clue how it works in brothel if you have never been there.
1. Tiger Woods was NEVER there. Dennis Hof just wants media. Without that hat on he is just a fat guy with a bunch of hot chicks. He has NO identity without it. And believe he acts like a pimp. Just a new generatin one. no external bruises. The brainwashing is worse trust me.

1509 days ago


Oh Brother!!!!. Me Think's Doth Protest Tooooo!!!!! Much!
Mr. Hoffman keeps company with snitches from many walks of life. Just follow the trail to all his silent interest business's!!! Many of the people that run those outside interest business are in fact just that snitches!!!! moved around from other parts of the U.S. to run Motorcycle Shops & Pot Club's.

1508 days ago

"Working Girl"    

These are some personal facts I believe are true I'd like to bring to light to this interesting thread. One fact I can tell you that probably all of you already know is that ANY type of sexual encounter has at least some risk in an STD. It doesn't matter if you are a paid professional, "whore" as some of you put it, girl friend, wife, husband, one night stand, etc. Obviously we have ways to diminish these risks and ANYONE and EVERYONE is encouraged to wear protection and use condoms, get regular doctor check ups, practice monogamy if that's what works for you, etc. I can tell you from experience that safe sex is always the best way. No matter who we are. Also, sex is a basic NEED and desire in all of us. The need to be held, the need to be intimate with others. etc. Some of us might have more active sex drives then others (haha) but who am I to judge? I understand that we are all very unique in our personalities and lifestyles, etc. but I want to say that sexual encounters between 2 consenting adults is their CHOICE. The truth of the matter is, a lot of women and men are indirectly paid for sex in relationships. It's just not as upfront and 'business like' as it is in bordellos or other forms of prostitution. When a man courts a woman (this may seem old fashion) but he usually will spend money on her and take her out to dinner (etc) to impress her or show her that he wants to take financial burdens off of her shoulders. Like she is not in the world alone and she will have a way to provide for her children (if she has any) and herself. About the comment earlier that you felt sorry for Devin's child. I ask you this, is a woman that goes and makes money to provide for her child or herself less of a women then a traditionally married women. I'm not exactly sure of Devin's situation (if she is married and does this solely as a profession) or if she prefers to stay single, or if she just hasn't met the man that she wants to live with and share her life with. I just want to say that I feel prostitution should be decriminalized and that women should be able to choose that as profession and not feel ashamed. After all, it's been around since before we had a formal way to write about threads on the internet :) I hope this doesn't discredit anything I've shared so far but I also want to say that I have been a 'working girl' (that's what I prefer to call myself) for almost a year now. I LOVE my job. I choose to be in this profession and I'm proud to say I am. I'm very good at what I do and I always try my best to give very good service to my clients. Like any other professional. I also pay my taxes. I love humanitarian service. I vote every election. I love gardening. I love to learn and become educated. I don't feel like I am any less of a human or 'class' then the wonderful women I get meet from all professions. I am human just like you. Anyway, I just wanted to express my feelings about a profession that I take great pride in. My ultimate goal is to get a house paid off, have money invested, stay healthy (SAFE SEX) regular doctor check ups (just like most people). I also wanted to add that many jobs have risks involved with them. Maybe different kinds of risks. My dad is an ansthestiologist and he deals with a lot of blood in surgeries. He is taught to protect himself by washing his hands throughly and always wearing gloves :) I know that's a funny anology of condom use with professional sex workers but I find it to actually make a lot of sense.

Anyways, I best be off to bed. I hope whoever reads this might find something of interest. If not, I'm sorry to have wasted 7 minutes of your life :)

Best of luck to the readers and Devin and Dennis. I hope everyone finds what they are looking for in life!

1508 days ago


Seems like she needs storage too!
(with Steve, Lindsay & Tiger)


1505 days ago

edward stengel    

Even her own mother said all she did was lie, cheat, and steal, and try to get Tiger's money. I know she was a whore at heart, but in this case she was literally one. She's probably lying about the tape too.

1493 days ago


All big mouth Hof did here was to confirm all the rumors.
We know it all to be true now, we didnt before.

1490 days ago

not a fan of Max/Samantha    

Samantha you can come here and say what you want, you did heavy drugs while you worked at the ranch, i just heard you on Ellis show admitting to doing drugs at the ranch. You say Dennis trashed your life and called you an addict, and you say he lies? Everyone now knows the truth about you. Your the one who has been lying. Keep living the way you are, it will come back on you and you won't have no one to cry to. Take some of the money you earned on your back and knees and fix your eyebrows, you look hideous.

You say you don't want nothing to do with the Bunny Ranch, but you sure worked your ass off representing the ranch on the Ellis show trying to get the bunnies to fight each other. And now your on there peddling yourself and saying your going to **** any guy there that ellis wants? Hmmm seems your still practicing prostitution but thru sirius radio. Making a bet and putting your body up for the prize is considered prostitution and you know this.

The ranch is better off without a two-faced bitch like you. You are only nice to everyone until you get what you want and then you dump them like yesterdays garbage. You should be ashamed of yourself. As far as Dennis you should go back to offering to suck his **** like you did on Cathouse, cause you trying to peddle your lame ass e-cigs is just sad, oh and good luck on your catering truck idea LMAO.

1464 days ago

not a fan of Max/Samantha    

let me say a few more things, in no way am i defending that fat bald puss bag Hof. What Devon did was wrong in talking about a client, but Max what you did was even worse, after you got fired, and no you did not quit or retire, you got FIRED, you went running to your little blog and then started to squeal like a little b@tch on the women about their personal lives who were good friends of yours for no reason.

Do you ever wonder why not one person at the ranch came to your side and defended anything you said, cause all you said were lies. Just like someone said you burned alot of bridges with your immature, childish temper tantrums, and you keep on burning them, one day you will burn your last bridge and you will be standing alone, crying and screaming for someone and there will be no one left. Grow up, quit living like a teenager and start acting like a woman.

1464 days ago

not a fan of Max/Samantha    

quote from #76 "Dennis Hof is a piece of S#@T media whore who will do ANYTHING to get traffic to the bunny ranch website."

Sure didn't bother you when you worked there and he made it possible for you to get clients and make all the money. What about all the times you praised Dennis for being the best at what he does? How many times has he taken you back after you learn you have no other skills than to spread your legs for a living.

Samantha everyone knows what you do when you "travel" for 1-2 days at a time. Hopefully the men you travel too get caught as well as you. Your east coast visit didn't go unnoticed, seems the gentlemen you visit can't keep their mouths shut, just like you.

1463 days ago


Hey if you not a fan why are you bothering. Remember this Radio Shows have what they called "bits" i am not having sex with anyone for any reason unless I am dating them. Maybe no one at the ranch said a word to YOU or me in public.
Oh and have you forgotten where so many of those drugs came from? Does the saying : treat it as a treat, not a treatment" ring a bell? Is your drug drawer low these days?


If you don't like me so much stop following my twitter and listening to the show. But thanks for being a fan. Are you still fat and miserable up there?

1463 days ago


One more thing Suzette, yes we know it's you Madam Chubette, did you know Florida is on the east coast? Miami?
It was you on my website too and I loved it.

Do you self a favor and forget me and focus more on stepping away from the happy meals. Now shut the F@#K up before I really start telling people things none of you want out there.

1463 days ago
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