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DJ Pauly D -- Rollin' On Really Expensive Dubs Too

9/9/2010 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "Jersey Shore" kids are single-handedly saving the luxury car industry -- TMZ has learned DJ Pauly D just dropped a frickin' fortune on a brand spankin' new 2011 Mercedez-Benz S550.

Our car sources tell TMZ ... the fully-loaded ride cost the blowout baron upwards of $120,000 ... his first major purchase after wrapping up the third season of "Jersey Shore."

We're told the car is so sick it has seats that massage you while you drive ... which, when we think about it, sounds like a terrible idea.

As TMZ first reported, The Situation recently bought a ridiculously expensive Bentley.

Your move, Snooks.



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Oh Please, the stupidity lies in the people who support these no talent loosers. Look at your comments, uneducated, barely litterate, mostly knuckledraggers that find material things immediate and successful instead of education, and having a tad of morals. These people are scrubs with nothing but their 15 minutes to look forward too. Oh, I forgot, he's a DJ.. well, that makes him legit as **** now don't it...

Instead of calling out "haters" call out yourselves for being so shallow and insipid that you actually find these half intelligent people worthy.

1505 days ago


It's just a bit amusing. Without talent, and when the show is over, he can sell it to remain relevent till the cash runs out. Insipid and tasteless people.

1505 days ago

Daisy Dooks    

Only in America can you get paid to party, lol
gotta love it

These kids arent that bad. They do the same thing other kids their age are doing. Partying, having a good time, etc... and why not?
Yes, they get drunk, but so do college kids, as well as adults for that matter. I dont see why they are hated by everyone. What have they done? Nothing.

I have outgrown that phase in my life and even during that phase I still didnt act that way while drinking. But that still doesnt mean I see the need for all the outrage over their actions. Lol, its a bit ridiculous.

Bottom line every one of you commenting negatively would sign up in a hearbeat to get paid to party for the summer. If you deny this, then you must be a very boring person.

**now Im sure those same boring people will reply back to my comment saying that I am an idiot and all sorts of nonsense for defending these kids** typical

1505 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

I doubt any of these idiots made millions of dollars.
That is all a load of BS put out by them and their PR people.
I will believe it when I see their FILED IRS returns.
It is like Vegas's BS lies that they pay $100,000 for someone to attend a party.
I own businesses, you know how long it would take and how many people would have to show up just to cover that cost, plus your other expenses?
You would have to clear over $400,000 in one night.

1505 days ago


I agree with post #48 pua - Those who adore these creatans and call those who don't like them haters and jealous are probably a bunch of young knuckleheads who don't have any idea what real life is all about. If you sit and watch these idiots for an hour, let alone three minutes, you are the ones who need to get lives. Why anyone would sit through an hour of crap is beyond me. I'd rather sit and watch my front lawn grow than watch those nuts.

1505 days ago


Maybe if people didn't watch the stupid ass show than they wouldn't have money to blow on cars.

1505 days ago


To #50, Pauly D is 32 years old. At that age, people have graduated college and are establishing themselves in a career and earning money legitimately, not hanging around with 20 somethings getting drunk every day.

1505 days ago


DOUCHE........nuff said....

1505 days ago


I hope that car is nice and roomy inside...that's where he'll be living when he blows through all his money and ends up broke.

1505 days ago


They just finished filming what will become season #3 at the Jersey shore.Season #2 was filmed during the winter in Miami and is airing now. G.T.L rules M.V.P rules

1504 days ago


Congrats, Pauly D. You worked for it and deserve it! Nice ride!

1504 days ago


Hope he leased it, Those big sedans really depreciate.
In my opinion more a car for a older person or a doctor,lawyer,diplomat etc.
He should have asked Jay Lenno to come car shopping with him
the end result would have been a real unique ride that would really turned heads.
Come to think of it he could have got a cheap ride a Suzuki x-90 I had one that car really was a head turner. The good thing is I donated to a charity and it is giving its new owner plenty of attention (loves it)

1504 days ago


LOL - the snooki buying a fully loaded twinkie truck - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1504 days ago


Did he mention where he bought it? If so, then you know he didn't pay that much for that car.

1504 days ago


dont worry his net worth is 200,000, so he just blew half his networth on a car. hahahaha. very smart

1504 days ago
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