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Vinny from 'Jersey Shore' Hey Kim, Free Mike!!!

1/23/2019 6:23 AM PST

Vinny Guadagnino made his pitch that fellow "Jersey Shore" star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino could do way more good if he weren't behind bars ... and he made the pitch to Kim Kardashian.

We got Vinny Tuesday at LAX, and he said his buddy is doing fine behind bars. He was worried, but he's been assured by Mike's wife, Lauren, he's doing great.

After some talk about getting jacked in prison, Vinny makes his pitch to Kim, who's batting 3-0 in her effort to free certain inmates

We're guessing Mike shouldn't hold his breath. 

Mike 'The Situation' Officially Starts Prison Sentence I'll Be Back and Better Than Ever

1/15/2019 9:13 AM PST
Breaking News

9:12 AM PT -- The Sitch is on his way to lockup, and just posted a video to all his fans. He promises to be a better version of himself once he gets out and also makes a few plugs for his social media account. Sorrentino will likely be booked within the hour. 

Time's up for Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino ... the "Jersey Shore" star is surrendering to begin his 8-month prison sentence.

Sorrentino's attorney, Kristen Santillo, tells TMZ ...he will turn himself in Tuesday to start serving his time at the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York. We suspect he'll have lots of contact -- written, anyway -- with the outside.

Before reporting to prison, Sorrentino urged friends, family and fans to write him while behind bars ... posting the prison mailing address for his 1.3 million Twitter followers.

As we've reported ... Mike was sentenced to 8 months back in October for tax evasion. Mike's brother, Marc, got 2 years behind bars. The sentencing being pushed to October really helped The Situation. 

He was originally supposed to be sentenced in April, but with the extra months of freedom, Mike married Lauren Pesce at a fancy shindig in November. He also got to spend the holidays with friends and fam ... including Thanksgiving.

This Valentine's Day is gonna suck -- no GTL or TLC, we're assuming.

On the upside ... he could run into President Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen, who will also do his time at Otisville, and he'll be out for Halloween.

Originally Published -- 4:46 AM PST

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Leaves Club Bloodied ... After Alleged Ashtray Attack

1/5/2019 1:00 AM PST

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro walked out of the club dabbing his face with a tissue after Jen Harley allegedly nailed him with an ashtray ... this according to surveillance footage.

In the video -- obtained by TMZ -- you see Ronnie leaving the Hustler Club in Vegas just a little before midnight on New Year's Eve without his baby mama. You can see the "Jersey Shore" star dabbing his face in the clip, which sources at the club tell us was bloodied.

We're told the two arrived together in good spirits ... so it's clear something went down.

We broke the story ... Ronnie filed a battery report with police against Jen over the incident, alleging she hurled the ashtray in his direction during their argument and struck him in the face, cutting his nose, lip and forehead.

When Harley arrived home later, she discovered someone had broken in and smashed the place up ... breaking glass, flipping furniture, destroying artwork and punching a hole in the wall.

Ronnie's been named a person of interest in the ransacking.

There's also video proof he destroyed her security camera during another violent altercation earlier in December.

Ron's a suspect for destruction of property in that case too.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Smashed Jen Harley's Ring Cam!!! She Claims He Did NYE Damage Too

1/4/2019 1:00 AM PST

Jen Harley's convinced Ronnie Ortiz-Magro ransacked her home this week because there's video proof he destroyed her security camera a month ago during another violent incident no one knew about.

TMZ obtained this Dec. 4 Ring security footage showing Ronnie hauling back and smashing the camera at the front door of Jen's Las Vegas home. Law enforcement sources tell us the "Jersey Shore" star showed up around 10 PM that night and also threw an object through a window when she refused to let him inside. We're told she filed a police report, and Ron is a suspect for destruction of property.

The incident is highly relevant, considering Jen says someone broke into her house and trashed it on New Year's Eve after she and Ron got into a fight at a Vegas nightclub. Sources connected to Jen tell us these pics show the utter destruction that was left behind.

As you can see, someone went to town. The entire place looks like a complete mess ... there's a huge hole in a wall, shattered glass everywhere, toppled furniture, destroyed artwork, overturned tables, broken kitchenware, and a smashed flat-screen TV.  

As we reported, Jen's blaming her baby daddy and he has been named a person of interest.

We also broke the story that Ronnie went to cops too ... claiming Jen hurled an ashtray at his head during their NYE nightclub clash. 

Despite the Dec. 4 and NYE incidents ... Ronnie and Jen smiled and posed together for a family Christmas photo.

Still, there's no denying the extensive history of violence between these 2 keeps growing ... and it's kinda scary.

JWoww's Ex-BF Busted for Extortion Allegedly Tried Shaking Her Down for $25k

12/19/2018 2:01 PM PST
Breaking News

JWoww's dealing with more drama from her ex, but this time it's not Roger Mathews.

The "Jersey Shore" star's ex-BF, Thomas Lippolis, was arrested Wednesday and charged with extortion after cops say he called JWoww's publicist and threatened to leak tons of secrets about JWoww if he didn't get $25k from her. 

Cops say JWoww's publicist told the reality star about the alleged extortion attempt and she called cops Monday. JWoww and Thomas dated for a year about a decade ago.

It's been a rough year for JWoww. She's in the middle of another legal mess with her estranged husband, Roger. She claims his harassing her is the reason why she's got a restraining order on him. Remember, the harassing is what got him booted from her crib.

TMZ broke the story ... JWoww told cops Roger began to record her without her permission, and that's why she called cops back to their home to get him removed. 

JWoww Claimed Husband Harassed Her ... That's the Reason for a Restraining Order

12/17/2018 1:00 AM PST

JWoww told police her estranged husband, Roger Mathews, was harassing her by filming her without consent, which is why he got kicked out of their home ... sources close to the couple tell TMZ.

As we reported ... cops hauled Mathews out of the family home early Friday morning per a restraining order JWoww got in the dead of night. Roger claimed the 2 had a disagreement earlier in the evening, but he did nothing wrong and was blindsided by police when they demanded he leave.

We're told the 'Jersey Shore' star waited until later in the night when Roger went to bed to contact authorities to claim he was harassing her ... which was enough to get him booted.

Surveillance video from inside their home during the incident shows JWoww telling cops Roger's "not a bad dad" and presumably wants the restraining order to only cover her. But, apparently cops said the temporary order bars Roger from contacting the entire fam, and if she wants it limited she'll have to take it up later in court.

Snooki hinted at harassment allegations when she claimed Roger was taunting JWoww by recording her with his phone to get a rise out of her. Mathews admitted recording JWoww on his phone, but only because his attorney advised him to do so.

We're told Roger is hoping more surveillance footage from the incident at their home gets released because he has nothing to hide and believes it will vindicate him.

Our sources also say the 2 have been doing couple's counseling for the past 3 months and Mathews was hoping to work things out, but JWoww told him recently she had no intention of reconciling ... and was only trying to keep things civil for the kids over the holidays.

We're told Roger's in the same boat now -- it's all about the kids ... not saving the marriage.

JWoww & Roger She Gets Him Booted from Their House ... Both Recorded the Incident!!!

12/14/2018 10:09 AM PST
Exclusive Details

10:09 AM PT -- Roger tells us he did record Jenni on his phone, but only because his attorney advised him to do so. He also says he's trying to level the playing field with her -- because he says she has 5 Nest cameras around their home recording at all times, but she's the only one who has access to the footage. 

He claims Jenni throws that fact in his face, threatening to edit the footage and using it to disparage him. 

8:35 AM PT -- Snooki posted surveillance video recorded in JWoww and Roger's home, showing JWoww speaking to police. The audio is low, but from what we can make out ... Jenni is making the point to officers that she wants Roger to be able to see their kids.

She flat-out says, "He should be allowed to see them ... He's not a bad dad."

The officer tells Jenni she's going to have to make that distinction -- keeping Roger away from her, but not the kids -- to a judge when she gets a court hearing in 3-7 days.

In her IG post, Snooki claims Roger was taunting Jenni by recording her on his phone "trying to get a rise out of her to use it for court."

JWoww's estranged husband is out on his ass after cops hauled him out of their home early Friday morning ... for absolutely no reason, he claims, other than Jenni blowing things out of proportion.

Roger Mathews says the 'Jersey Shore' star got a restraining order against him late Thursday night after they had what he calls a "disagreement." Roger got his side of the story out quickly by recording a video -- from the back of the police car -- describing the night's events.

Roger claims JWoww got "completely, uncontrollably emotional like she always does" and threatened to call cops -- but he went to police first to file a report, preemptively informing them about their argument. 

He says he went home, went to sleep and was awakened by cops at 2:30 AM ... telling him he had to get out of the house due to the restraining order. Roger wasn't arrested, cops just drove him to a friend's home. 

Roger continued pouring out his emotions from the friend's couch, and ripped into Jenni for not being able to see their 2 kids. He claims she exposed them to their fight, saying things like ... "Your father's a piece of s**t, he's out of here. I'm sorry I ever had children with him."

He maintains he did nothing wrong, and Jenni was so out of control he feared she would beat herself up and accuse him of abuse.

Remember, JWoww filed for divorce back in September ... but Roger said he wasn't giving up, and wanted to save the marriage. That seems like a tall order now.

Originally Published 7:10 AM PT

DJ Pauly D 16 Shows, $$$,$$$,$$$? Oh Yeah, More Residency, Yeah

12/14/2018 12:40 AM PST

Pauly D is doubling down in his love for Jersey by committing to another 2 years of melting your face off with epic tunes.

Sources tell us that PD -- who, if you've forgotten, is a world-renowned DJ -- has struck a deal with Caesars Entertainment to continue his residency at The Pool After Dark at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City ... where he's been behind the turntables since first signing with them in 2012. 

The extension is for two years, and we're told it's valued in the 7 figures. There's more ... Pauly is signing up for 16 shows total -- 8 in 2019, and another 8 in 2020.

Pauly tells us ... "The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort continues to be 'the' place in Atlantic City to party." He adds ... "I could not be more excited to continue the tradition of providing guests an unforgettable experience. The past six years have been surreal and I couldn’t have asked for a better family than Caesars Entertainment."

It's kinda perfect timing for Pauly, seeing how MTV just reportedly renewed "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" for a third season following season 2's strong ratings. 

Pauly D Check Out My New Bling ... $500k Mirror Image!

11/28/2018 12:30 AM PST

Pauly D is shining brighter than a summer day on the Jersey shore, now that he's immortalized his mug with an insane custom piece of jewelry.

We're told Pauly co-designed a custom DJ Pauly D face pendant with Avi, the owner of Pristine Jewelers in NYC ... and it took about 3 months to create!  

Check out the gallery ... the 36-carat pendant is a direct copy of Pauly's famous look, complete with his blowout and diamond earrings! The face bling hangs on a tri-color Cuban link chain, dripping with more than 48 carats of rose, yellow and white diamonds. 

Pauly didn't stop fist pumping there -- he also got a matching tri-color Cuban link bracelet, bringing the total value of his new accessories to $500,000.

No doubt about it, PD's jeweler gives good face.

Pauly D & Alesso Step Up to Help Celeb Photog Nearly Killed in Hit & Run

11/13/2018 12:30 AM PST

Pauly D and Swedish DJ Alesso are among the celebs banding together to help the celeb photographer battling to overcome brutal injuries suffered in a hit and run.

The "Jersey Shore" star donated $2k to help cover Corentin Villemeur's extensive medical bills after he got run over last week outside Avalon nightclub in Hollywood. As we first reported, YouTube star Lele Pons witnessed her friend enter a crosswalk and get hit by an Acura she says ran a red light.

Alesso dropped a whopping $14k into the GoFundMe account for Corentin, and took it a step further by putting the call out to his 5 million followers on social media. DJ Marshmello donated $5k directly. Soccer star Jozy Altidore, "The Fosters" star Maia Mitchell, Bad Bunny's team and creator of Halo Top Ice Cream Justin Woolverton each donated $2k.

Corentin was left with 10 broken ribs, bleeding on the brain, bruised lungs, a ruptured spleen, broken shoulder and a broken leg. He remains in the ICU, and police haven't arrested the suspect yet.

Mike 'The Situation' I Said 'I Do' ... Fancy Schmancy Wedding

11/2/2018 6:10 AM PDT

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Lauren Pesce tied the knot Thursday ... and gotta say it's a stunning contrast to the situation Mike's about to face.

Mike and Lauren took their vows at The Legacy Castle in Pompton Plains, NJ as friends and family looked on. Notables in the crowd ...  Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Deena Cortese, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Jen Harley, Vinny Guadagnino, Angelina Pivarnick, and Pauly D.

Jenni’s daughter, Meilani, and Snooki’s daughter, Giovanna, were the flower girls.

The official Jersey Shore Instagram account gave the couple a shout-out ... “On the Jerzday of all Jerzdays, we have ourselves a #Hitchuation! 💍❤ Congratulations to @mikethesituation and @lauren_pesce!”

Before the nuptials, 36-year-old Mike said, "Today I marry my best friend, my college sweetheart, my everything."

Sitch is getting hitched around 2 months before beginning an 8-month federal prison sentence for tax evasion.

Mike 'The Situation' Rollin' with My Best Man Ronnie ... The Night Before My Wedding

11/1/2018 6:41 AM PDT

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino had a heart-to-heart before his wedding ... but the sit-down wasn't with his soon-to-be wife. It was with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

The 'Jersey Shore' stars had a powwow Wednesday night at the Westin Governor Morris Hotel in Morristown, NJ ... one day before Sitch weds Lauren Pesce. You hear Mike talk about Ronnie being his best man at his wedding and hopes one day Ronnie reverses the honor.

Mike and his fiancee rolled up to the hotel in an SUV and they beelined it for their room. Ronnie was already there when the couple checked in ... and a few hours later, Sitch and Ronnie had their chitchat in the lobby.

Mike just posted this ... "Today I marry my best friend, My College Sweetheart, My everything.  Together as a team we can accomplish anything ... I promise to be my best self everyday & make you proud to call yourself Mrs. Sorrentino."

Mike and Lauren are getting married just months before he heads off to serve an 8-month prison sentence for tax evasion.

There's a tough road ahead, but Mike's keeping it positive ... with the help of some baller wedding gifts.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Black Eye Mystery Solved ... Jen Allegedly Punched, Hit Him With Phone

10/30/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro suffered a nasty black eye after his baby mama allegedly hit him with a phone and punched him in the face, and this is a DIFFERENT incident from the one last week where cops came rushing to his home.

TMZ broke the story ... cops were called to the 'Jersey Shore' star's Vegas home Thursday night for a custody dispute over the couple's 6-month-old daughter. Law enforcement sources tell us during their visit, Ronnie told cops about Jen's history of violence toward him.

Now we find out ... this was just the latest incident of strife and violence. Back on October 5, Ronnie was allegedly brutalized by Jen ... he says she punched him and struck him in the head with a phone.

As we reported ... Ronnie posted a pic of his injuries on Instagram, but never disclosed what caused the shiner.

We're told officers in Vegas informed Ronnie he needed to file a police report in New Jersey -- where the alleged attack went down -- if he wanted Jen arrested. Sources close to Ronnie say he has not reported the incident ... at least not yet. 

The couple seemed to be on good terms this past weekend, boating with friends in Miami.

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