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Vince Neil's Accuser -- He Bruised Me Bad

9/9/2010 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claims Vince Neil roughed her up in a Las Vegas elevator is taking her battle public -- releasing a video statement in which she says Neil threw her against a wall and bruised her arms.


In the video, Jessica Radovicz -- who recently filed a battery report with the Las Vegas Metro PD -- says she was in an elevator on her way to her room at the Las Vegas Hilton on Sunday night when Neil got in.

Radovicz claims she recognized Neil and asked him if he was "on TV" -- at which point Neil flipped out, grabbed her arms and then threw her against the inside of the elevator ... bruising her arms in the process.

She also claims Neil was accompanied by a couple of young women that night -- and recalls, "As the elevator doors were closing ... [Vince] lunged at me and tried to push me out. One of his lady friends said, 'Get out, bitch!'"

As we previously reported, the matter is currently under investigation.


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What was the reason behind asking him if he was on TV? I don't get it.

1503 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Wow!!! Her arm should be amputated with that damage.

1503 days ago


I think she got that bruise from dropping a donut.

1503 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

sounds like bullsh*t to me.

1503 days ago


The douche was probably drunk AGAIN. She did what she suppose to have done...file a police report.

1503 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Snooki isn't looking so orange today!

1503 days ago


Why would he go for such a fugly bizatch like that?

1503 days ago


Hey Superman, cry me a river you little Bit-h. You would probably do the same thing. Get over it wimp. She is a money hungry fake and should be stoked if he even looked her fat way.

1503 days ago


Lol, she probably reads about all the stupid lawsuits against anyone with money and thought $PAYDAY$!
Come to think of it, I wouldn't want that in the same elevator as me either.

1503 days ago


She is likely the one who was drunk and was trying to force herself onto Vince. It was likely the other women he was with that pushed her and not him. This woman is looking at this as a meal ticket. Not that she couldn't afford to skip a few meals. Most high end hotels have cameras all over the place. I'm sure it will come out that she instigated the entire ordeal and got shoved out of the elevator by the other women.

1503 days ago


Sorry peeps, but if I was in an elevator and anyone did that to me, I would file a report, too. No one has the right to attack anyone like that. Why are you blaming the victim? I don't give a hell if he's famous or not. I believe her because he sounds like a drunk from everything I've heard. What, she's not supposed to say anything because he's "Vince Neil"? I don't give a #@%.

1503 days ago


What is his problem? Nice people he hangs with too.

1503 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

civil lawsuit to follow? cha-ching

1503 days ago


Fat people bruise easier. You should have been taking the stairs anyway, honey. Give me a break. She's just looking for "free money". Disgusting. In more ways than one.

1503 days ago


I believe her, I was watching her body language very closely and at one point in the tape she actually gets a little emotional but catches herself. As if reliving the moment and wanting to cry but not wanting to do so right then in front of everyone. That there speaks volumes in itself.

1503 days ago
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