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Vince Neil's Accuser -- He Bruised Me Bad

9/9/2010 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claims Vince Neil roughed her up in a Las Vegas elevator is taking her battle public -- releasing a video statement in which she says Neil threw her against a wall and bruised her arms.


In the video, Jessica Radovicz -- who recently filed a battery report with the Las Vegas Metro PD -- says she was in an elevator on her way to her room at the Las Vegas Hilton on Sunday night when Neil got in.

Radovicz claims she recognized Neil and asked him if he was "on TV" -- at which point Neil flipped out, grabbed her arms and then threw her against the inside of the elevator ... bruising her arms in the process.

She also claims Neil was accompanied by a couple of young women that night -- and recalls, "As the elevator doors were closing ... [Vince] lunged at me and tried to push me out. One of his lady friends said, 'Get out, bitch!'"

As we previously reported, the matter is currently under investigation.


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@Wanda People on this site are extremely shallow. That probably include you and me to some extent too. I'm here to hate on celebrities others here like to hate on everybody.

1472 days ago


I'm trying to understand what her weight has to do with being attacked by a washed up hair band looser. What a bunch of azzholes.

1472 days ago

meme to be    

She said "this past Memorial weekend" - did she mean to say Labor Day weekend?

Vince should own it and be held accountable for his poor actions.

1472 days ago

Jarvis DeJuice    

@ Wanda. Perception is reality. Her lack of self control from food automaticly makes her a psychopathic stalker and possilble murderer. I suggest electroshock treatment and 50mg of lithium 2x's daily and a guest spot on celebrity rehab.

1472 days ago


I had noticed TheMachine1.
Still annoys me.
I think the anonimity of the internet really brings out the worst in people.
I think that maybe only 5% would truly behave this way in real live.
Maybe I'm being optimistic...

1472 days ago


Why is everyone calling her fat?
He's a ****ing lard ass himself.

1472 days ago


No doubt that old douchebag was drunk...again. I bet the "two young ladies" with him were his granddaughters!!! Yep, time for an intervention for old alcoholic, has-been, Grandpa Vince.

1472 days ago


I bet she really got that bruise from fighting someone over a chicken wing at the hotel buffet

1472 days ago


For once, I'd like to see a woman who isn't afraid to put up the hands, when grabbed by one of these celebrities. Every bodies a victim, boo hoo hoo.

1472 days ago


After watching and listening to the video, I believe she would also have bruising on her back and shoulders as well. She states he "threw" her against the walls of the elevator twice, doesn't mean she'd *definitely* would have bruising there but a very good chance. I would think that depending how she hit the wall, there could possibly be bruising on her hips and buttocks. He's not a huge guy, but who knows how strong he is.
I, as well as some others commenting, do not believe her weight has anything to do with this. Because she is chunky" ( I wouldn't say fat, because I've seen WAY worse) does not mean it couldn't have happened. I'm basing my opinion on physical evidence that I personally don't feel were caused by what she states happened. But, also as others have stated, there should be security footage from that day.

1472 days ago


she probably got that HUGE bruise from tripping over a bucket of chicken.........

1472 days ago


What a douche!! Who does he think he is? If anyone did that to me he wouldn't have been able to walk off that elevator.

1472 days ago


Bull****. She wanted to blow him and he said get away from me. Hence, the lawsuit.

1472 days ago


If this is true, this guy better lay low cuz it sounds like he's on a downward spiral.

1472 days ago


I confess I don't know who this Vince Neil is but do notice he always appears to be in trouble and appears to have a drinking problem. Mr. Neil has no self-respect or any respect for women. Does he have children and does he teach them to act in such a manner?

1472 days ago
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