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Playboy Model -- Popped After In-Flight Freak Out

9/10/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Name: Tiffany Livingston
Age: 21
Likes: Trying to exit commercial airplanes mid-flight ... allegedly!


Livingston (32C-22-33) was placed in federal custody last night, after, according to the NY Post, she allegedly suffered an anxiety attack aboard a JetBlue flight bound for Newark ... and people on board believed she tried to pry open the door at 10,000 feet.

Livingston -- who was featured as a centerfold in the debut Singapore edition of Playboy -- was immediately detained and now faces federal charges.

A source close to the model tells the NY Post, "She said she's gone through this before, but never this bad, and didn't have . . . her medication."

UPDATE: TMZ has learned ... feds interviewed Livingston after the flight and determined that she was not trying to open the door. Instead, officials believe she was trying to stabilize herself during a panic attack brought on by turbulence.

We're told several passengers saw Livingston touch the door ... and did think she was trying to open it ... but ultimately, officials aren't buying that story.

A rep for the FBI tells us Livingston is no longer in custody and they are not pursuing this as a criminal matter.


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this is why i take a xanex before i fly panic, attacks suck

1471 days ago


Wait ... we're not buying that story of her possibly trying to open the door, because she's a nice piece of a**... so no further questions on this one ... lol

1471 days ago


#14 Once the cabin is completely pressurized you could not open the doors. Cabin pressure slowly builds in the plane and at 10,000 feet it would not be fully pressurized. It would be very hard to open the door at 10,000 feet but it would be possible.

The instances of doors being opened in flight occur at low altitudes. One such instance I can think of was an Airbus in the Philippines flying at 6000 ft allowed a hijacker to open the door & jump.

1471 days ago


omg i hate panic attacks , it is the mose awful feeling
to bad she forgot her meds. they should have something there in case that happens ....... cause it is serious i have to feel for her.

1471 days ago

anna maria    

This is not funny-it happened to me. You think that you're ok to fly, you take your medicine, and you are ok until you hit turbulence or a storm-then you get really scared and a snowball effect is in full swing. Medication like Xanax doesn't always work. Plus it is very dangerous to mix meds with alcohol. BTW this summer I had a panic attack on a plane-except that it happened even before we were airborne-when the last of the passengers were finishing boarding. I didn't scream or anything I just literally got off the plane after speaking with the flight crew. So I didn't freak anyone out, didn't yell etc. but I missed my vacation and left my husband to go on our trip without me......needless to say I will now be taking different medication and have gone to therapy-I hope it works. Other than this phobia I am totally normal--::))) Good luck to Tiffany-I hope she can beat this phobia.

1471 days ago


You cannot open an aircraft door inflight, as long as the plane remains pressurized.

1471 days ago


under no cir***stances should others die because one knows of their panic issues and doesn't take a pill..... and normally, I don't like pills or big pharma

1471 days ago


what a bs story. She was high and freaking out! Anyone who has an anxiety disorder ALWAYS have meds with them. she could have had a few drinks as well to calm her down. im not buying this bs story.

1471 days ago


People that don't have panic attacks or have never witnessed someone having a panic attack will never understand this story and will call BS. Do some research please, maybe then you will understand what happened here.

1470 days ago


Muppet, we don't need to understand anything except that this girl endangered all of the other passengers and the crew because she's irresponsible.

1469 days ago


Btw, there's no need to "panic" when you have an abnormal/inappropriate release of adrenaline. Yes the symptoms are very uncomfortable, but there's no need to freak out like this girl did. THINK LOGICALLY. There's a chemical chain reaction going on in the body. If the symptoms are so unpleasant or out of control you want or need to take meds to mitigate them, then seek out the ones that work and take them when you need them. It's really that simple. I swear, people watch too many fantasy shows on TV, it warps their minds.

1469 days ago

united not denial    

I have always had panic attacks and benzos. Detox stinks especially in the air with no pharmacy(or refills). Anyone else would have been on a eval hold, prescribed or not. There is a solution, and it is not out that plane door or in that bottle of pills... Good luck!!!

1469 days ago
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