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Britney Spears -- Queen of Disneyland

9/11/2010 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears played the easiest card in the parenting book today -- she took her little munchkins to Disneyland -- and we're told she had her run of the place.


Our spies tell us the Dumbo ride was shut down so that Britney and her little ones could have the ride all to themselves. Notice how the people are waiting patiently for their turn.

We're told Britney -- who was there with both kids, plus boyfriend Jason Trawick -- traveled throughout the park with lots of security around them.

Britney's a great mom after all.


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HEY, Nothing against her but I'm sick of hearing about celebs getting special treatment in public places. Your either public or not! If not, it's a damn photo op!

1473 days ago


How is it a publicity stunt when someone who was there sold the pic to TMZ? You wouldn't know she was even there if it wasn't for that. This is also the boy's birthday weekend, of course she'd take them out.

I don't agree with stopping the ride for everyone, but it's also not like Disney didn't have a choice. They allowed it. Contact them if you have an issue with it.

1473 days ago


Nowhere does it say SHE asked them to shut down the ride. I bet management or the operator of the ride used their discretion. If there's anyone who ISN'T a celeb snob, it's britney spears. That's the one genuine thing she still has left. In her last do***entary she stated "I just want to be a part of the people"

which is sad if you think about it. Yeah, she's rich. Yeah, she knew the fame would follow. But she can't do everyday normal things that us people on this blog do without it being a big deal.

Guess she's trying to break that mold by going to Dinseyland. I'd piss my pants if I was on a ride with Britney Spears, plain and simple. And don't act all cool like it would be no big deal to you! ha! peace out. be nice to each other, guys! geeze!

1473 days ago


**** her, how do people on other dumbos 10 feet away from her infringe on her? i hate her, what an *******....ya shes a great mom, great post, teaching her kids to do what ever they can to get their way, again, **** her

1473 days ago


110: STFU! What are you, the nanny? Why special treatment for celeb kids? Look at the diverse the crowd...waiting. Cruise did the same thing. The rich rule at this place for their kids. Disgusting!!!

1473 days ago


im not suprised of her
i mean she shaved her head once in public

1473 days ago


If she wants an entire ride to herself, she should do a Michael Jackson and build her own theme park. If she wants to enjoy a public ride, Disney shouldn't make PAYING CUSTOMERS suffer by shutting down a ride for a psycho overweight 90's pop has been (or anyone else).

Some people plan their itinerary within Disneyland including ride order DAYS in advance. This is disgusting.

1473 days ago


I believe its all for the Media .... her Kids dont seem happy when they are with her ... and even in Disney Land spoiled little rich ,,,,women, are treated better then everyone else

1473 days ago


Oh and for those who said to check Mousewait for the real picture...I did. You're right, she's not there by herself- her boyfriend is in the dumbo behind her, with another of her kids. I don't see how you are using that as an argument that the ride wasn't shut down for her. The ride was shut down for her, even people on Mousewait, the site you sited, said so. She's not alone, you're right, her boyfriend and other kid are there too, but I don't see how that means the ride wasn't shut down for them, heh.

1473 days ago


How is it a publicity stunt? She always takes her children out and has been to Disney Land lots with them? Plus it's her children's birthday so maybe she was just doing a mother thing with them. I think Britney Spears is the person who least needs extra publicity!

1473 days ago


JEALOUSY IS VERY UGLY LIKE SO MANY OF YOU GUYS!!! Britney is the only one in L.A. who are the most simple personn!!! if rihannah or madonna was there the entiere parc will be close for them!!! britney just hanging out with her son for the birthday! why people always need to talk and trash her about how she lives???? JEALOUSY JEALOUSY!!! they have things more dramatic in the world and people can't stop talking and be shocked because a poor little singer one of the big popstar in the world and her son have a special treatment! You're so stupid seriously!!! MY GOOOOOOOOOSH!!!

1473 days ago


oh my gosh people are so stupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! she's not tryin to sent any message!!!!!!!!!!! she just want to have fun with her children coz' it's HIS BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! so SUYFM! ignorant stupid people! i don't like but you are so boring damn'it get a liiiiiiiiiiiife!!! GET A LIIIIIIIIIIIIFE!!!

1473 days ago


Very Very Ruing her children?de. What is this teach

1473 days ago


She is a product Disney. So why not get the royal treatment? Those people don't really care. They were probably taking photos and fighting over who would get that seat on the next ride.

1473 days ago


Why in the world can't she ride with other people? This world has gone mad.. Just because she is a celebrity doesn't make her ANY better than any of us.. Ok, she has alot more money tham most if us, but if I paid to take my family to disneyland and had to wait just because of her I would be furious

1473 days ago
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