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Britney Spears -- Mommy Dearest

9/11/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears acted completely appropriately yesterday when she took her son, Jayden James, to Johnny Rockets for lunch.

Britney is still sporting that engagement-esque ring we've seen her wearing lately. 

If any conservator objects to this union, please speak now ...


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I will ask again...why have I never once seen her carrying her son Sean Preston or holding his hand? She seems to favor the youngest one. Sean Preston is just a tag along.

1474 days ago


Hamburgers or wieners? Did she have the tube steak?

1474 days ago


Do you know which one of my Uncles went to prison? Well the youngest , My Grandmother refused to let My Grandfather discipline him. The other ones didn't get even a speeding ticket, Because they got their behind spanked kicked whipped with plow lines water hoses. I don't believe she beat her children. I do believe the person who is making false allegations is no different from the others who live off frivolous Law suits.

1474 days ago


In all her kiddie pictures, the boys are pulling away from her. There is never any real emotion or smiling - only on her part.

1474 days ago


Sean P was actually at his new school that is why he is not in any of the photos. Don't worry about which kid she is or is not carrying, she carried Sean P all the time before JJ was even born.

1474 days ago


I wonder how long it took for him to con****ed this lame ,old typical story, He said "I am doing the right thing I need to sue because there should be no one else standing in the unemployment line, "I want to be famous ,Go down in histroy The one who set brittney stright. I knew it would not be long before yall started fu++++G with her again. L E A V E- H E R- A L O N E. I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE. YALL SENT THIS WOMAN THROUGH SOOOOOOOO MUCH. SHE IS FINALLY HAPPY AND YOU START AGAIN.

1474 days ago



you're an idiot. are you so ****ing clueless that a child who has strangers invading his mother and his own personal space might feel uncomfortable?

did you think of that? no you didnt. so sit down and shut the **** up you ****.

1474 days ago


she did beat the kids and harass that up britney

1474 days ago


The child looks healthy and adorable. I'm sure that all of the hatemongers who rant against EVERYONE in comments will show up to bash Britney, but ya know what? That is one beautiful and glowing and well cared for little boy.
So, those of you who use comment areas all over the internet to vent your venom and disappointment with you lives...go. You always show up.

1474 days ago


Does Jayden James have autism?

1474 days ago



You obviously haven't seen many pictures with her kids. Besides, if you had photographers and people screaming at your mom and you wouldn't you be a little unsettled?

Plus what kid doesn't move and fidget in the arms of a parent?

1474 days ago


@Missy I still think you divide your affection equally among your children whether they be the oldest or the youngest. Take Jen Garner, for example, she's not always just holding the little one, but you see her being just as affectionate with her older daughter. I only see Sean Preston in the arms of a bodyguard or nanny. To me, that says a lot.

1474 days ago

solar panel    

Can Britney put some peace, love and understanding in her choreography so the world gets fixed up? She's still in high school, isn't she? Looks like it. Sounds like it. Can't she take some time out from the warped junkie pretend sex she sells in her songs to do something almost slightly relevant for a change, or would that void her recording contracts with Purgative Records?

This is the anniversary of **** Cheney's pals in the Pentagon and the Carlyle Group roasting NYC for massive Halliburton profits. Raise your hand and be counted!

1474 days ago


YES she will be getting married again...the bag needs some publicity.

1474 days ago


Do you even know what choreography is? It's dancing. You want her to put peace and love in her dancing to save the world? It's entertainment, not politics. Those entertainers who are so egotistical as to think their little musical offerings matter so much to world peace and understanding are delusional. At least her stuff is not full of Hate America, like your post.

1474 days ago
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