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Lady Gaga -- Proof She Stole From Dead Friend?

9/11/2010 4:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of Lady Gaga's deceased friend is taking the singer to task because she feels Gaga stole her daughter's style -- and she's put together a video to try to prove her case.

TMZ has obtained the video made by Lina Morgana's mother made to show the similarities between the two singers. The video is set to a song Lina recorded before she committed suicide in 2008.

Lina and Gaga were friends before Gaga made it big, according to Lina's mom, Yana -- who claims the two worked together back in 2007.

Yana tells TMZ she just wants the recognition she feels her daughter deserves. She's also trying to secure the rights to several songs Gaga and Lina did together before her death.

Sources say Gaga feels awful that a woman died at such a young age -- but, we're told, they barely knew each other.


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DAMN are people NOT ORIGINAL ANYMORE??? She is not all that; I dont know why people like GAGA.

I've the 'lady gagas' before. she is NOT THAT creative that she is inventing something new..PUHLEEZE!

The similarity are there, but many artist have done the same things. I can't say GAGA copied, but I can definitely say she is NOT THE FIRST to do it. It has been done before.

1473 days ago


It looks like they enjoyed the same kind of style in clothes and both hand many pictures of themselves taken. The signature styles that gave Gaga so much attention are not seen in the other person. And they sound nothing alike. I think the mother is just reaching so she has something.

1473 days ago


There is a few similarities. Lady Gaga takes every similarity to a new extreme though. If they were friends as you say they were. Friends often become a lot like one another if they are close. They experiment with each others personalities. Lady Gaga had Talent before this. She has wrote songs for many big artist. She also is a piano genius. She has a stage presence that had to come naturally. No one is going to learn to be that creepy. If this woman really cared she should have said something BEFORE all the money started rolling in. Why does it not matter to these people before money is involved.

1473 days ago


I cannot believe this topic has surfaced! There are a couple of photos in the video where Lina Morgana is posed the same as Lady GaGa, but I don't see any resemblance. It's a shame that Lina died, but I believe Lady GaGa when she says that they barely knew each other. I think Lina's Mother is just wanting money or wants to have her 15 minutes of fame, because Lady GaGa is doing so well financially. I'm all for you Gaga. I think you're great!

1473 days ago



1473 days ago


I suppose every generation has a "Gaga." K, here we go;

Gaga is a crook. She is not original, except for the lobster hat. She copies everyone. She can't sing that great. Have you seen that she-man up close?? Yikes! The epitome of white trash...(I'm also so white so not a racial bomb)I think she proved that atthe ballpark in Seinfelds box.
She must dress in costumes because she can't get attention otherwise. Her songs are written well, butI don't know if SHE actually wrote them herself.

Madonna is the original. Love her or hate her, she sat the bar for all the others behind her. She opened alot of doors for women in the 1980's. Just like everyone knows where they were when MJ did the moonwalk....every girl knows where she was when Madonna sand like a virgin on the 1st MTV a wedding dress...on the floor...grinding!! Great piece on this on Innovation TV past few nights.
Just my opinion...and no I'm obviously not a Gaga fan. I can liten to just not watch her clown @$$.

1473 days ago


The real crime here is that although this chick has blatantly stolen the looks of Grace Jones, Madonna and others (to the displeasure of some of these artists), this young generation who thinks she's so great praise her first and foremost for her "individuality". That is such a joke, and a real insult to those who know better. That's why I have no respect for her.

An artist with the kind of talent she supposedly has (who can see it through all the fluff and garish crap she wears?) can create their own look and make their own mark without having to overtly steal other legends' styles. "Inspiration" is one thing, this woman has taken it too far.

1473 days ago


Oh puleeze! I'm sorry for the death of her daughter but that is simply ridiculous! I'm embarrassed for the mother.

1473 days ago


yeah Madonna,Benetar,that "girls just wanna have fun" singer too... they all blazed a trail.My very first thought was all gaga is doing is ripping off madonna

1473 days ago

St. Louis    

I have to agree with most posters here that Gaga & the unfortunate Lina have some similar styles but so does Christina, Madonna, etc., etc. I watch Lady Gaga and I see hints of various female pop stars as well as moves that remind me of both Michael Jackson and even Marilyn Manson. I know the mother is grieving. Understandably so. But more than a rip off perhaps like all of Gaga's schtick it is more of an homage...imitation being the most sincere form of flattery and all that.

I don't agree with the haters. I like Lady Gaga and I like her because her songs are fun pop songs. I have and alwsys will love a song that makes me want to dance. I don't know how autotune works but I saw her sing alone, no music during part of her set on the Today show a few weeks back. Her voice was strong as hell.

1473 days ago


Friends usually copy each-other's style, nothing new here.
But we also all know that Gaga is far from original.
In her video Alejandro she did a Madonna style video, even the vocals on this song is sounding like a young Madge from back in the day. Gaga is the queen of copy, taking bits and pieces from extravagant artists from around the world. Every time she is on tv I spot something that was already done before. If Gaga just focused more on just making good music and little less theatrics she'd be more respected in my opinion.

1473 days ago


Lina Morgana was a beautiful girl. Her voice was surprisingly soothing to me. I didn't expect that. So sad. If that was in 2005, Lisa was way ahead of Gaga.

Hey Gaga,
One thing is true...about everything;
What you do big or small; good or bad will come back to you.

Gaga should become her own person and hop off everyone's coat tails...IMHO.

1473 days ago


I'm not really a fan of Gaga but I find this whole thing utterly hilarious. I bet I could search the facebook of any 20 something "out there" girl, raid their photo albums and make the same montage. It'd called specious reasoning.

1473 days ago


Interesting vid with the mom & daughter,

1473 days ago


So their styles were similar. It is part of that whole genre. Would Garth Brooks sue Clint Black because he also wears a cowboy hat...??? pleeasee...sounds like the mother is just trying to make a buck off her dead daughter. The only one who should be ashamed is the mother. The girl did not hit it big and the mother is trying to cash in any way she can. The girl probably met Gaga a couple times and all of the sudden the mother is trying to make it seem like they were best buds...yeesh..And FWIW, I am *not* a Gaga fan, but this is obvious someone is just trying to make a buck here....:/

1473 days ago
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