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Lady Gaga -- Proof She Stole From Dead Friend?

9/11/2010 4:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of Lady Gaga's deceased friend is taking the singer to task because she feels Gaga stole her daughter's style -- and she's put together a video to try to prove her case.

TMZ has obtained the video made by Lina Morgana's mother made to show the similarities between the two singers. The video is set to a song Lina recorded before she committed suicide in 2008.

Lina and Gaga were friends before Gaga made it big, according to Lina's mom, Yana -- who claims the two worked together back in 2007.

Yana tells TMZ she just wants the recognition she feels her daughter deserves. She's also trying to secure the rights to several songs Gaga and Lina did together before her death.

Sources say Gaga feels awful that a woman died at such a young age -- but, we're told, they barely knew each other.


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I totally forgot about Benatar. I always thought she was odd looking. Good artist though. Wow, Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, Lita Ford...
...okay no climbing fences here! Ha!

I've been rocking Tesla for abt a week in the car.

Wow...does this mean I'm just old cuz I remember that stuff??! Scary!!

1501 days ago


I do see a slight resemblance, as one would with any set of good friends. However, I think this mother is being ridiculous. If anything Lady Gaga is helping her friend's spirit live on through her music, not stealing it. One big difference is that Stephanie has talent!

1501 days ago


if gaga was her friend, then the parents should be flattered in a way. any tribute to a lost loved one is better than none. some aren't exactly accurate, others more in line..the pics used in this one were perfection no one could top them, LG or anyone else xo

1501 days ago


I'm not really a fan of Gaga but I find this whole thing utterly hilarious. I bet I could search the facebook of any 20 something "out there" girl, raid their photo albums and make the same montage. It'd called specious reasoning.

Posted at 4:42 AM on Sep 11, 2010 by rei

Excellent Point!! Way to rock the other side of the opinion.
Interesting...very possible.

1501 days ago


Go to sometime and youll see dozens of people who shot modeling pics that look like those pics. Nothing unique

1501 days ago


Some of the pics look a bit a like, but not enough to say she stole her style... But I can deffinately hear some "paparazzi" in the last bit of the song though!!

1501 days ago


Ok i said it before. Some things are gonna be alike. You can't possibly have everything in the world be completely different. geezzzzz So what they are alike. People attract their own kind. People who have same likes become friends. get over it, your not gonna get rich on lady gagas tail

1501 days ago


pinky tuscadero from happy days

1501 days ago


I think she is a horrible person for trying to steal lady gagas shine. lady gagas style is all her own! let her daughter rest in peace!

1501 days ago


what a dumb broad!! way to remember ur daughter, by making some crap up! im sure a law suit will follow shortly! its a shame this mother is ruining her dead daughters name and image with her s***bag antics!

1501 days ago


Could this possibly mean that Gaga isn't so original after all. Using a dead friend's idea's as her own without a bit of guilt. I don't like Gaga, her whole act is just plain weird. And is it that this nobody suddenly bursts on the scene and is instantly famous? How is that possible? She's garbage to me, nothing more than smelly garbage.

1501 days ago


Styles evolve over time and all kids dress with what is IN be it grunge, big hair 80's, stirrup pants, shoulder pads...

This mother is just grasping for someone to connect with her daughter. I am sure by now all this girls friends are going and have started to fall away from the death and funeral as life moves on.

How sad for this woman who might have nothing in her life that she has to gain attention to herself by slamming one of her friends.

1501 days ago


OMG! How awesome... My brother had the Evel Knieval and I had Pinkys motorcycle! We would race them down the hallway's wood floor!! Flashback! That's crazy!


Hey...since Harvey can afford thatawesome ride...did he send a crew to the Koran burning dude or to NY today??

Just wondering cuz the world is watching.

Sorry to get off topic people!

1501 days ago


I'm not keen on Lady GaGa and it seems like a coincidence to me, but all I will say is...
That song is beautiful, it actually sent shivers down my spine, way better than Lady GaGa.

1501 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Too sad this gifted young woman took her life. God bless the mother for having to deal with the horrible pain she has to live with. Are there similarities, yes, but many artists choose to take on various personas to express their music. Lady GaGa is basically Madonna 30 years later. It would be nice for this grieving mother to have her daughters talent recognized.

1501 days ago
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