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Lady Gaga -- Proof She Stole From Dead Friend?

9/11/2010 4:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of Lady Gaga's deceased friend is taking the singer to task because she feels Gaga stole her daughter's style -- and she's put together a video to try to prove her case.

TMZ has obtained the video made by Lina Morgana's mother made to show the similarities between the two singers. The video is set to a song Lina recorded before she committed suicide in 2008.

Lina and Gaga were friends before Gaga made it big, according to Lina's mom, Yana -- who claims the two worked together back in 2007.

Yana tells TMZ she just wants the recognition she feels her daughter deserves. She's also trying to secure the rights to several songs Gaga and Lina did together before her death.

Sources say Gaga feels awful that a woman died at such a young age -- but, we're told, they barely knew each other.


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Jill Conway    

If they were good friends, it only makes sense they had similar ideas on style. Although someone can originate/introduce style, they certainly do not have a patent on it. I feel sorry for the mother who appears to be "stuck" in the grieving process, which must be especially difficult since there was a suicide involved.

1400 days ago


Lady Gaga should give credit to her and help the mother out too! Because this video is proof that her friend had the looks first. May she rest in peace. Lady Gaga has embellished her own style too so her friend's style and her own style are incorporated together. Gaga had to have talent to even surpass her friend's talent, therefore her friend passed the torch to Lady Gaga somehow spiritually. It's not a bad thing, this mom should be proud of her daughter and of Lady Gaga!

1400 days ago


when gaga kept reiterating that she was always was high fashion ,i didnt see it,in any of her younger before famous picts,having been an original dresser myself,i looked and looked for her young original style and couldnt find it,hinky hinky.

1400 days ago


is it for certain lina jumped to her death? gaga has admitted being pyschotic,desperate and was willing to do anything for her monster fame,in my hood a monster is a badguy.doesnt bad romance depict someone being pushed from a roof?

1400 days ago


is it for certain lina jumped to her death? gaga has admitted being pyschotic ,and she said was absolutely desperate and willing to do anything to be a fame monster.

1400 days ago


A new twist in the methods to milk celebs!

Man, these extortionists are coming out of the woodwork...but it's never about the money!! LOL

1400 days ago


#7.. I put up both videos of lady gaga and ace of base and played them at the same time.. they DO sound too much alike to not be a rip off, IMO.

lady gaga has done nothing original at all. IDKW people think she's so amazing and unique. she's completely the opposite! Not that she can't sing and perform. she can and it's interesting and fun to watch/listen to. but she's NOT original at all.

1400 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

It is already known this Lady Gaga is just a rip-off artist of other people's ideas. Just one more to add to her collection.

1400 days ago


Sorry for this mother who lost her child, but there is nothig orginal abouther hphotos, every swimsuit model, gay man and stipper uses those poses. Everyone at Marti Gra uses those masks, women have been wear scarfs over their heads for centuries and Cindi Lauper had that hair color long before her daughter.

I'm not a fan of Gaga's, but lets be honest, nothing her daughter or gaga has done in any of the photos is orginal.

If her daughter had a bubble dress or wore kermit the frog, then I would say yeah, but nothing new here

1400 days ago


Madonna and Dale Bozzio, from Missing Persons, have a much better case than this poor grieving mother grasping at straws.

1400 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Lady Gaga is simply extending and bending and creating her own twists on hair and make-up and what not, something the pop-culture ladies have done for decades. Her eyeliner frolicks harken back to Edie Sedgwick and that Factory scene of the Sixties.

1400 days ago


I want to tell that mom something that will make her feel better, but i can't. Your daughter had a beautiful voice and was obviously talented. I'm sorry. Seeking attention in this way won't bring her nearer to you. Unfortunately you just have to accept her decision. Nothing more, nothing less. Just move forward, and what you are doing now is not moving forward.

1400 days ago


This mom is in pain very sad. Lots of performers have put on a bathing suit and draped a red scarf around them...really lady, let it go.

1400 days ago


Yep she is definitly ripping off that girls look and sound. Except that girl sing WAY better than Gaga could ever dream to and looks WAY better than her also. Gaga is nothing without the people she has screwed to make herself what she is now. Her ex bf and now this dead lady. Its all good though b/c what goes around comes around Gaga. Enjoy it while it last b/c in 5 years no one will give a crap who you are.

1400 days ago



1400 days ago
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