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Lindsay Lohan

Reunited with Fam

9/12/2010 9:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is back in New York -- and for the first time since she got sprung from jail/rehab ... she spent time with her family.

Lindsay hasn't seen her sister Ali, mother Dina or brother Cody since she's been a free woman. We're told Lindsay is in town for Dina's birthday, which is next Wednesday. 

She posed for this pic -- which we got -- on Friday after she arrived from Los Angeles.

Missing from the family reunion photo: Lohan, Michael (father).


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Joe Blow    

Is that supposed to be her kid brother on the far right? Really looks like a girl with one of those short lesbian haircuts. Ali is looking older and more worn out than Dina, which isn't good since Dina is looking about 60-something here. And Lindsay's lips are getting bigger than all their heads combined. Yup, they look so wonderful, healthy, and talented with this staged photo they sent into to the media sites that Dina is claiming are the one's responsible for Lindsay's drug use, alcohol use, thefts of clothes and jewelery, car chases, missed court and rehab appearances, partying to 6AM every night, and general erratic behavior. Yay Lie-ho's!

1502 days ago


OMG, I thought Ali was an aunt in her 40's.

1502 days ago


Ali and Lindsay should star in a movie together to help add an energy boost to both of their careers. How about . . .

"Girls Get Naughty on the Farm #29"
- or -
"Oops, I Had No Idea That Was In There #37"
- or -
"You Want Me To Do What? #23"

Of course, it would be necessary to wait just a little while, for obvious reasons, but, it never hurts to plan these career opportunities in advance!!!

We all know, that Miley Cyrus has this type of a "Film" menu in her future, as well.

1502 days ago


Dina made a tactical error in allowing herself to be photographed in bright light. Looks like she's celebrating her 60th.

1502 days ago


Dina dosent act like a Virgo at all.

1502 days ago


long island trash at it's finest folks!! lindsays face looks WAY too botoxed. SHEESH. that poor little boy having to listen to these lunatics in that big empty house!

1502 days ago


Ali looks like Angie Harmon .. and I'm digging the mother daughter matching hair extensions!

1502 days ago


TMZ is showing class, poise, and restraint on this one . . .

(There is no "Who'd You Rather", thank goodness!!!)

1502 days ago


Well I think that's actually a pretty good photo, glad to see Michael isn't there as that creep is the LAST person Lindsay should be around right now, and obviously she did get permission to leave LA, anyways I wish her and her family well and hope that she can mkae a comeback.

1502 days ago

There's a problem here    

It's hard to tell if the mother is Ali or Dina. That poor brother is doomed.

1502 days ago

Miss Kathy    

Whoa, Ali and Lindsay look older than Dina -- "unlikable bunch" (smb) is the perfect description. They need to go away. I see no upside to their continued exposure. Desperate and pointless.

1502 days ago


Well, Lindsay, you look a little stressed in that picture, but that's understandable. It's a good sign, it means you are thinking. Well, good luck on the Awards thing, I can't imagine why you think it's a good idea to go there, but I am not going to try to talk you out of it, just encourage you to learn from it. It's a pretty good choice for sticking your foot back into the social pie,if you are driven to do so... due to the fact that New York (it's NY, right?) is full of very callous people, and the music industry (was that it?) is full of people who are tolerate of deviant behavior. Look around tonight, past what these people are wearing and see if these people are truly the kind of people you want as FRIENDS. I don't know if they are "good" or "bad" for you, that is for you to DECIDE. But LEARN TO MAKE YOUR OWN DECISONS. You have to "think" things through before you make good decisions. Your impulses just tell you what your Ego WANTS. Ego will screw you over, every time. Learn to make wiser choices by CHOOSING the things you really want(and will still want tommorow,) IN ADVANCE, and NOT just accepting whatever you are offered.
Ali, holy smokes, I have never seen a picture of you before. Stunning. You watch yourself, or AuntieMommy and her switch might be coming after you. PREVENT crisis, don't wear yourself stupid having to constantly manage them. PAY ATTENTION ALI, you will know what to do with your life, when you are aware of WHAT is really happpening in it. Love your sister, but try not to follow in her footsteps. At least, what she has done in the PAST. Look at this picture, Lindsay is in PAIN. It is an essential part of recovery for her. Please don't try to take her pain away, try to help her THROUGH IT.
The only way out, IS THROUGH!
Dina, just try to leave her ALONE as much as possible and DO NOT mention Michael. You stick hot prods in her belly everytime you do that. Don't ADD to her pain. You don't know how to HELP her, so just try to BACK OFF as much as possible. Learn to LOVE out of COMPASSION, get your frickin EGO out of the way on this one.
Lindsay, good luck. I don't think it's going to turn out like you are wishing, but I think you are capable of making strides in your healing, by LEARNING from whatever happens.
I don't think that world is partically "clean and sober" and I don't see a sucessful life for you unless you are. Just be aware: You always end up wearing the sand from the sandbox you are playing in, OK?
Wear something MODEST. Keep your mouth SHUT. You are guest there, tonight, young LADY, don't LET THEM make it all about you. It won't favor your goals.
OK, I got ta go.
and Ali, really want me start talkin' to you?

Dina, I'm not going to pick on you. I don't think it would help. I don't know of anything I think can help you, not to be mean, just not my arena.

1502 days ago

Alan Carver    

The little brother is a cutie! Too bad that DINA-LING has her screwed up life and hands in these kids lives as their manager, not to mention as MOTHER!!! Although you have to give DINA-LING credit for getting rid of Michael, before he could get his CLAWS into these kids (i.e. Father Culkin). Another PHONY attempt at 'positive' PR for Lohan. Now that she is in NY will she just stay their and go away! HELL NO! Taking meetings in LA with CAA - silly! They are not one bit interested in Lohan and she knows it! Just go away - ALL OF YOU! ESPECIALLY LOHAN! The whole reason why the LOHAN name conjures up laughter, jokes and just plain out - BASHING! You are all a joke due to Lindsay! LOL! No credibility! And deserving-ly/rightfully so! :^)

1502 days ago


what beautiful woman

1502 days ago


#91, writing a book or just strung out on adderall.

I am not pointing any fingers, but it must suck to be the ugly one in that picture and Lindsey is in it!.

1502 days ago
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